5 Souvenirs to Get on Your Trip to Ukraine

May 5, 2016 at 12.07am by in Slavic Women

Every you travel or visit a new place, you always want to grab a few things and keep it as a souvenir. Sometimes, photos are not enough to preserve a memory. So we are giving you the top 5 things that you must get on your trip to Ukraine to make sure will always remember how beautiful Ukraine is:

Poltava Whistlers or svystunetsj

For your little ones or for your nephews and nieces, you should give them Poltava Whistlers. This is a Ukrainian toy which is made up of clay. It is usually shaped in different cute creatures like animals or funny characters. But you don’t have to worry because it is ecologically clean and is painted with natural dye so it is safe for your little ones.


For those chocolate lovers out there, the Lviv chocolates are perfect for you. The city of Lviv was known for its delicious confectionery ever since the Medieval Times. And even up to this time Ukrainians and their visitors are still enjoying the delicious Lviv chocolates that melt in your mouth to satisfy your sweet tooth. These chocolates are handmade by the creative artists. Lviv Chocolate Factory still uses the same traditional production technology so their chocolates are still as delicious as with the Medieval Times. You can also share this to your friends and family as a gift.

Motanka Doll

Motanka Doll is a popular knotted or handmade reeled doll in Kiev. It is also an ancient household item. At first, it was designed as a symbol of procreation and fertility. But now, it serves as a symbol of family bounds and women’s wisdom. These dolls are made by winding only. No needles are used to make a doll and it has no seams. It is said that these dolls keep the warmth of people’s hands, care and love with which they were made. Motanka dolls has no face or there can be a cross in the place of the face to represent the sun. The doll also signifies strength, charm and well-being. Each doll is dressed lavishly to represent the connection between old and young generations, protection from any evil things, assurance of prosperity and happiness within the family. You should buy one for yourself and for your loved ones to wish them all the luck in the world.

Woolen blankets from Yavoriv

Lizhnyk or hand woven woolen blanket is a nice souvenir to have as you go back to your home. The wool used in each blanket is from the sheep that were raised in the high Carpathian mountain pastures. To make this, the wool is washed and dried, then they use a special comb to create a fluffy ball that looks like clouds. The combed wool is twisted into threads and that’s how these blankets are made. These blankets are very comfortable and cuddly, plus they are perfect for the weather. It is also known for its health benefits and it could treat colds and radiculitis.

Cheese from Selysjka Cheesefactory

Ukraine is also known for its delicious cheeses from Nyzhnjie Selyshche cheese factory. They use the Swiss technology which uses 10L of milk to make a kilogram of cheese. Their cheeses are made from ecologically clean milk and do not have additives and preservatives. They make 3 types of cheeses which varies in its maturation period: Khust, Narcissus of the Carpathians, Selys´kyi. These cheeses are perfect for your meal or match it with your favorite wine.

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