5 Things to Change to Attract Love This Year

December 13, 2016 at 9.37pm by in Online Dating

The new year season is a time for people to write down such a controversial list called “The New Year’s Resolution.” This list is a number of things people would like to change about themselves. It has been a tradition in all corners of the world, simply because a lot of people believe in the notion that a new year is a new start for everybody.

While having the vision to change for the better is important, it is also of equal concern to have the courage to take these plans into action. If it had been years and you still doesn’t have a lovelife which you can show off to the world, then 2017 may be the best time for your love to bloom.

Below are five things you should consider changing in order for you to attract real love this year!

1. Love yourself more

The only way for you to love is to know how to love yourself first. It is true that what one does not have, one cannot give. If you are not sure of how to love yourself in the first place, chances are, you also won’t be able to love another person.

Knowing how to take care of yourself first too, would help you take care of your partner. It also doesn’t make you much vulnerable to pain as you know exactly how to deal with your own attitude and personality. Loving yourself more means having the capacity of loving another person even better, because you know what it feels like to love, that it overflows and you’re ready to have it shared with other people, too.

2. The Past Should Guide Your Future

Think about what you’ve done in the past 365 and a half days of your lives. Were you open to love or have you kept shutting people who tried to show you what it feels like to be loved out of your life? These past mistakes will only guide you to a better future and the only way you could accept the bitter truth about the past is to acknowledge it by believing that you are not defined by the wrong things you did, instead, you are defined by who you are now and what you are to be in  the future.

The past can hurt sometimes, but remember that pain only makes you stronger. Welcome the new year with an open heart to forgive yourself from all the wrong things you’ve done and embrace the will to change into a better version of the person you were yesterday.

3. Try Something Different Each Day

Being able to try new things everyday, no matter how small or big it is, can change the way you look at life and love. Love is scary and people may have told you that falling in love will hurt you more than you could imagine. If love is something new to you, then you should be able to start trying out new things each passing day in order for you to be confident about love. Simply trying a different route to work, or a different way to go home, would eventually perk you up and allow you to learn new things without having to do life risking activities.

Shy away from fear and believe in what you are capable of doing as a person. You should be able to believe that you are capable of loving another person. You should be able to believe that you are capable of trying out new things because you are a strong person, and a strong person would do whatever it takes to see the full potentials he possess.

Be brave. Do not be afraid to try and get hurt, to try and succeed, to try and believe.

4. Always Feel Good About Yourself.

You may have those “I don’t feel good about myself” moments very frequently in the past year that went by, and this year is the best time to change that mindset. One of the best ways to attract love your way is by being confident in your own skin, and being proud of who you are as a person.

The new year should be your motivation to be a new person, a new person who thinks highly of who she is and what she does. It doesn’t matter what your age or race is. It doesn’t matter what you do, the only person who will boost yourself the best is just you. To attract love, you should always acknowledge the good things you have as a person, because these are the strengths that you could share with your potential partner in the future.

5. Stop the waiting, play the chasing.

A lot of people believe that good things come to those who wait, but love is a different thing. While a lot of people would also agree that love should not be chased and should be waited upon, there would be no harm in trying to chase love. If you keep sitting there, waiting as patiently as you could for love to come your way, you might already be missing the ride.

Don’t just wait there for love, it sure will come your way, but if you won’t make the first move towards someone or something you like, then what are the odds that these will be yours in the future? What are the odds that the person you want most would come up to you and tell you that he or she likes you first? True love waits, yes. But it is also true that true love won’t easily come to you, you sometimes have to chase it yourself.

Love is a beautiful thing, and in fact, it is one of the most beautiful things on earth. If the last year wasn’t your lucky year when it comes to loving and being loved in return, then the new year is a new start! Do not be afraid to keep trying. Do not be afraid to change for the better.

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