5 Ways Being Independent Can Strengthen Your Relationship

June 27, 2016 at 6.58pm by in Online Dating


couples think that the best way to strengthen their relationship is to be together, all the time and anywhere. Some couples even came to a point wherein they isolated themselves from their friends. Their friends often wonder if they have moved to another country or worse is that their friends don’t even know if they are still alive. They usually miss a lot of fun activities and important events which is not a good sign.

Spending quality time with your special someone is a beautiful thing. But if the relationship affects your normal routine and even your social life might be a sign of obsession. Obsession is different from love.

If they spend too much time together, they might lose their sense of identity. They tend to forget that it is also important to draw a line between your personal life and their relationship goals. Even as a couple, it is also important to maintain your separate lives.

If you are one of those obsessed couple, then here are a few things you can do to encourage a little more space and strengthen it in the long run.

Keep your friends close

It is alright to keep in touch with your friends but keeping in touch with your friends just to ask how your ex has been doing is not acceptable. We make friends as we go along and we should keep in touch with them whether you’re single or in a relationship. Do not call them only if you need something or if you are having problems with your current relationship because if you do, they will feel used and the connection will surely get lost.

They will surely put the blame on your boyfriend or girlfriend if they don’t get to see you as often as before. If this happens, your friends will surely dislike your partner. Remember, the main role of your friends should be to support you and not to break your relationship.

Go out solo

Always have your girls or guys night out even when you are in a relationship. You also need to have fun on your own. This will help you acknowledge your identity. This will also serve as a way to enhance your confidence and it will have a positive effect on your relationship.

Choose your separate hobbies

Remember when you were kids; your parents used to enroll you into sports, ballet, dance or singing lessons? Why? Because they want you to find out your interests and build your self-esteem.

Most people believe that opposites attract because they sustain each other’s strengths and weaknesses while still maintaining each other’s individuality. Most people fall in love with someone because they can do things you can’t do. As a partner, it is your role to let them do whatever they want. Give them space and allow them to be independent. If you make him or her your world, you might run out of things to talk about, and eventually get bored with each other.

Agree Upon a Degree of Independence

Talk to your partner about your desired independence. A relationship might fail when one is more dependent to the other. Draw a line between wanting someone and needing someone.

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