6 Signs She’s About to Say “I Love You”

December 7, 2016 at 1.48pm by in Dating advice
Slavic Beauty

Ukrainian women, their bodies are oozing with stunning Slavic beauty, their skin radiates with optimism of a summer-like intensity, and their hearts simmer with passion and wisdom that can thaw a man’s heart that has been trapped in an eternal winter.

In spite of the ugly affairs that have caused the rest of the world to pay attention to this beautiful country, Ukrainian women remain as beautiful and never run out of love. Men from foreign countries who fly to this Slavic country, drawn by the promise of finding romance, are a testament to the attractive characteristics of Ukrainian ladies, which are unmatched by girls from different parts of the globe. One British media outlet has taken note of these characteristics, writing that Ukrainian women conquer the hearts of a million men, thanks to their spirituality and values, in addition to their captivating beauty.

But if there is one thing that Ukrainian women share with other girls, it’s their playfulness when it comes to the game of love. Does she love? Does she love you not? If she hasn’t said it yet, here are six signs she’s about to say “I love you.”

1) Her body speaks a different language when you’re around.

“Actions speak louder than words.” “The eyes are the window to the soul.” “Hips don’t lie.” These may be clichés, but the thing about clichés is that they’re anchored in truth. Love Signal author and anthropologist David Givens says that in everyday situations, communication is sixty to ninety per cent nonverbal. However, when romance is thrown into the mix, the number rises to ninety-nine per cent.

While nonverbal cues can be a little tough to decode, it’s worth the effort. When you talk to her, does she lock her gaze deep into your eyes? Does she blink as if she were convincing herself that she’s not dreaming? Is her voice softer and her pitch higher compared to when she’s talking to her friends? Is her smile as warm as your morning coffee?

If you can answer these questions with a “yes,” you’re in luck. She’s just one nudge away from saying “I love you.”

2) She pours her attention on you.

In a room full of men, if she turns her back on all of them just so she can see more of your face, then you are definitely the man whom she has set her eyes on. However, it’s much more than that. Women are legendary when it comes to their attention to detail. The reason she focuses on you is because she’s studying you. She wants to memorize what ticks you, your likes and dislikes, et cetera.

It’s easy to mistake her action for mere curiosity. But if she remembers a story you shared to her two months ago, what you wore on your first date, or what your favorite desert is, it only means that you have become more than just the object of her curiosity.

3) She makes time for you.

Women these days are busier than ever. They are no longer the same women from a century ago. They pursue higher education just like men do and work just as much as men do. One obvious advantage of this change is that conversations become more interesting and fulfilling. Unfortunately, this also means that, just like men, women may not have as much time on their hands.

But if she loves you and is ready to make the commitment, she will make time for you just as you make time for her. If you ask her out to have lunch with you on a weekday, chances are she might not give you the most encouraging answer because of her swamped schedule. But she will make it up to you. On the weekend, instead of sleeping in, she will invite you to her place and cook your favorite for you. The secret ingredient, of course, is love.

4) She goes out of her way for you.

If the woman of your dreams could move heaven and earth for you, she would. That’s another sign that she’s about to verbalize her feelings for you. She might not be so stellar in the kitchen. There’s nothing wrong with that. But she will call her mother or search the Internet for a recipe, so she can make your favorite dessert, making your dates more special than if you dine at a restaurant.

It doesn’t just stop there. She will cancel her appointments. She will watch sports with you instead of shopping. She will be there for you. You can count on it.

5) She isn’t happy when you’re in the presence of other women.

Women are infamous for their burning passion. Among their wide range of emotions is jealousy. Jealousy can be good depending on the circumstance. If she displays this emotion when girls are flocking to you like bees to a flower, jealousy is absolutely a good thing.

She might not admit to it because she’s afraid she will come off like some possessive vixen. But the message jealousy brings with it is clear: She wants you and she wants you to want her.

6) She wants you to meet her family.

So, she has introduced you to her friends. And all of them have given you glowing reviews. The next step is introducing you to her family. Why? Because Ukrainian tradition is deeply ingrained in Ukrainian women. Come what may, they love their parents, and respecting them is one way of expressing this love. She wants to know if her parents and the rest of her family will approve of you.

Show her family all the reasons she has fallen in love with you. That surely will earn you their approval. On that day, just before you leave her parents’ home, she might kiss you and finally say those three words you are dying to hear.

Sometimes, however, the only reason that she hasn’t said “I love you” yet is simple. She’s waiting for you to say it first. So, muster enough courage to express your heart’s content to her. Who knows? She’s also probably looking for signs you’re about to say “I love you.”

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