6 Stages of a Healthy Relationship

July 21, 2017 at 6.00am by in Dating advice
Healthy Relationship

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. However, there are many ways to make one healthy and make it last. And while all relationships are different from one another, there are some things in which they can be similar.

Each and every relationship go through certain phases or stages That’s because relationships evolve. They don’t remain stagnant. And while the time that each couple stays in a certain stage vary, everyone passes through the same timeline. All relationships will have to change and grow.

If your relationship is a healthy one, here are the stages that you are most likely going to go through or have gone through.

1. Interest and infatuation

This is the stage where you became interested and attracted to a person. This is when you feel butterflies in your stomach because you are excited and you can’t explain why. However, infatuation should not get mistaken for love because these two are entirely different things.

2. Reality of love and relationship

After the part of attraction and infatuation, you will eventually move on to know what real love is. This where you officially begin the relationship and that you officially commit to someone. You will get really close to each other and you will feel like you are partners and best friends. This is also a happy phase because you will feel so loved and cared for by the person who matters a lot to you.

3. Conflict

Going through conflicts and misunderstanding does not mean that your relationship is unhealthy. In fact, these things are very important so that your relationship can grow and you can be mature individuals for your relationship. However, in order for these conflicts to work in your favor, you should know how to handle conflicts well. Otherwise, it could be a reason for the failure of your relationship. Conflicts are healthy when you get to listen to each other’s opinions with open mind, and then learning from it. You don’t necessarily have to agree with each other and that’s okay. You just need to know how to respect each other’s differences and varying perspectives.

4. Second honeymoon or marriage

After getting to know each other well and accepting each other’s differences and flaws, your relationship will evolve to the part where you feel like you are on a new level of intimacy because you have surpassed the obstacles and trials. This could also be the stage where you both will realize that you are ready to take the relationship to the next level which is marriage. That’s because you have grown to love this person more and more and you have accepted them for who they are. This is also the part where you realize that you are ready to face more of what life has to offer with no one else than your partner.

5. Seven-year itch

Most couples who reach their seventh year while staying unmarried go through the so-called seven-year itch. It is called the seven-year itch because this is normally the time when most relationships fail and couples drift apart. This is when the couples feel a certain feeling of depression and emptiness or they feel that the relationship is meaningless. However, it does not necessarily mean that you surely will break up with your partner when you reach seven years. There are still a lot of couples who managed to survive, and some still get back together after passing through this stage. All it takes is a lot of patience, maturity, and commitment to remain in love with the person no matter what it takes.

6. Mature relationship

After surpassing the challenges, especially the seven-year itch, this is a time when you can finally say that you have grown mature in your relationship together. If you have not gotten married yet before you turned seven, then this would be the best time to take your love to a whole new level. You are both ready to face a new phase in your life, and that is to commit your lives each other, and start a new family you both will build and fill with love.

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