7 Signs You Love Her, Not just the idea of Online Dating

August 25, 2016 at 9.04am by in Dating advice
online dating

Online dating provides amazing opportunities but it also makes it a bit difficult to determine whether you have the real thing. For some people, online dating has an addictive nature. It’s not about the person, it’s about the experience itself.

If you’ve been doing online dating for some time, chances are that you’ve come across a special lady. Is she the one? Are you in love with her? Here are seven signs that will help you answer the important questions.

You Know a Lot of Personal Information

You know everything there is to know about her and you’ve also shared a lot of information from your biography.

Online dating becomes serious when you feel relaxed and confident enough to open up about your past, your struggles, your hopes and dreams for the future. When the conversations start getting deep, you know that you’re communicating with a special someone.

You Want to Communicate Solely with Her

In the beginning, online dating is a lot of fun because it gives you the chance to chat and flirt with many intriguing ladies.

You know that you’ve found someone special when you lose the desire to send messages to other women. This one person is enough to make you feel special and excited about going online.

You Want to Meet Her in Person

Chances are that you’re in love if you’re already making plans about meeting her in person and taking the relationship to the next level.

This is particularly true for individuals from different countries. You know that you have something special when you’re willing to spend a lot of money and do hours of traveling just to see her and hold her in your arms.

Making Plans Together Seems Like the Right Thing to do

It’s nothing but natural to make plans about the future together.

She already knows your dreams and goals. You know hers. Eventually, the two of you will start making plans about bringing those to reality… together.

Talking about the future is indicative of a deeper level of connection. You can’t have such conversations with just about everyone. Chances are that you’ve come across a special lady.

It’s Easy to Imagine the Two of You Sharing a Life

Thinking about living together or getting married doesn’t freak you out. In fact, you dream about putting a ring on her finger. You can imagine what it would be like saying “I do,” moving in together and choosing furniture as a couple.

While some men are capable of doing this after a few dates, most guys are guarded and reluctant about commitment (due to past experiences or failed relationships). If you are willing to look past the fears, chances are that you’re in love.

You Share with Her More than You Share with Anyone Else

You can’t wait to talk to her. You tell her about your successes. You tell her about your disappointments. You tell her things that your friends and relatives don’t know.

You can’t Imagine a Day Going by without having a Chat

The evening conversation you’re going to have with her turns into the highlight of your day. You can’t imagine a single day going buy without having an intellectually stimulating chat, laughing together and exchanging something a bit steamy.

If you end up being excessively busy and you’re not capable of communicating with her on that day, you feel empty. Something’s missing. The day feels like a lost opportunity. Now you can’t wait until the next evening.

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