7 Signs That You Are Ready for Marriage

May 29, 2017 at 6.00am by in Online Dating

If you are wondering if getting married is the right decision to make, one of the very first things you need to do is think if that is really what you wanted in your heart. The decision to marrying a person is something that only you should make, and you should not feel pressured by anyone, not your family, friends, especially your partner.

Being ready for a married life requires more than just being in love with the person. It is about accepting who they are completely, their strengths and weaknesses, their good habits and the bad. That’s because you will be spending the rest of your life with them. It is being ready to commit your whole life completely to the person with the willingness to grow with them. If you want to make sure that you are ready to face the rest of your life with your partner:

Here are the signs that will tell you how ready you are for Marriage

1. You know exactly why you want to get married

When you think about getting married, you don’t just imagine a picture of yourself being in that long, white dress while walking down the aisle. What you imagine is a future with your partner, the life that you will be spending with them. If this is something you cannot think about yet, ask yourself about the things you really want to get from getting married.

2. You are preparing for a married life and not just a wedding

If you think about your wedding day, you don’t just prepare for the day itself; you are also preparing for a lifetime with your partner. You would know that you are ready for this phase in your life if you are preparing yourself in all aspects to be the best wife or husband that your partner will ever have. You don’t just plan for one day. You are carefully planning out the rest of your life with the person that you love.

3. You have lived your own life

It is better to wait until you are mature before you finally decide to get married. If you have lived your life, that means you have grown mature and ready for a lifetime commitment. Living your life means you have achieved the things you want for yourself, and you have figured out what you want and don’t really want in your life.

4. You have built a deep relationship with your partner

If you are already getting married, you should have already built a deeper relationship with your partner. It means that your relationship is more than just having fun, but it should have a foundation that is strong enough to withstand the trials and challenges that you will possibly encounter in the future.

5. You know your partner very well

It does not really matter how short or how long you and your partner have been together; the most important thing is that you know each other very well. You don’t necessarily have to get married simply because you have been dating for five years or so. Get married because you know your partner, and you have accepted everything about them. You know their dreams and aspirations, and despite knowing all of these, you know that you can still love them and will continue to love them.

6. You can trust your partner completely

Any relationship needs to have trust as one of its most important foundations. Without it, a relationship is only set up for failure. Before you get married to someone, you need to know deep within your heart that you trust them completely, without a doubt. That’s because starting a married life with trust issues will eventually destroy your relationship.

7. You can resolve conflicts and issues together

When you have problems as a couple, the best thing to do is talk about it and resolve it at the right time, when anger and emotions subside. It is not ideal to just let it go and forget about it because chances are, the issues will just keep on repeating. If you and your partner find it difficult to work out on issues, then that means you are not able to communicate effectively and that is something you have to work for a healthy marriage in the future.

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