9 Things Couples in Healthy Relationships Do

couple in a healthy relationship

Having a healthy relationship doesn’t require your relationship to be perfect. Sometimes, all it takes is just hard work. Whether you’re married or merely starting out your relationship, it is important for both of you to do your fair share of building each other up, as well as  build a relationship with a rock-solid foundation. 

They find time to always compliment one another

Most happy couples maintain their happy relationships by giving sincere compliments to their partners. It could simply be complimenting their new haircut, their talent or just how hot they look like in that new dress. The moment they receive these simple compliments, they unknowingly build more spark in the relationship. Don’t overdo this tip though, as it might sound too fake and they will notice. 

They always say those three little words 

Strong, healthy relationships are maintained by saying the three little words. Say ‘I love  you” to your partner a couple of times each day and mean it. You could start the moment you wake up, before separating for work, in the middle of the day, and before you sleep. And while you’re at it, say it genuinely to make sure it is composed of real love and goes deep in the feelings bay. 

Saying Thank You is part of their routine 

Make your partner feel extra loved by showing gratitude even in the littlest things. Appreciate them for the goodness they contribute to your life and mean them well. Express your gratitude even in the purest and sincerest way of saying thank you and end with a kiss. The last thing you want is for your partner to feel taken for granted in the goodness they do. Kindness and appreciation- that’s what they need. Also, there’s a good chance they’d like to please you even more in the long run and that’s definitely a healthy relationship signal. 

PDA is part of their lifestyle

These public displays of affection are not just for teens and newly-weds. Most happy and content couples show their affection for one another in public and they’re not ashamed about it. Intimacy and slight touch keeps you connected with your partner. Just make sure not to overdo it and do too much obscene moves out in public, as other people may not be comfortable about it. Sure, they have to mind their own businesses, but maintain a decent image for your relationship when out in public. You can go get a room when too much PDA becomes steamy of sorts.

They constantly check in with each other 

This doesn’t mean you have to update your partner 24/7 when you’re not together. It might actually lead to a toxic relationship when you bombard your partner with too much updates and asking them to reciprocate it. Healthy relationships don’t require it, but rather only minimize to simple updates about the whereabouts of each other a few times a day. It will only serve as a reminder that even when away, they remember you despite the busy schedule they have for the day. 

They’d laugh together

Happy couples make it a habit to do fun things together. Laughing while doing these fun things keeps the joy and spirit alive in most relationships and keeps misunderstanding at bay. Whether it’s simply by watching your favorite TV show or comedy movie, when you laugh out loud together, it creates a definite bonding moment that keeps your relationship happy. 

They share common interests and enjoy the same hobbies

When couples share the same interests and hobbies, they are bound to a healthier relationship as they jive in most things they do. Even if you can’t quite think of a common interest or hobby, you can start learning what your partner loves doing and who knows, you might be just as interested! Including your mutual hobbies in your schedule moving forward, can build you a happier and healthier relationship. 

They commit to each other

Even if you haven’t exchanged marriage vows yet, value and respect your commitment with your partner. When infidelity comes into the picture, your relationship is bound into a wreck and it is harder to sustain a healthy marriage. Remember that marriage is an investment to your relationship too. So when you’re thinking about tying the knot just for the sake of it, having one is not really for you. 

They learn from successful relationships

Take advice from the couples you’ve witnessed a happy marriage and committed healthy relationships. These will set as an example to your relationship that a happy married life is possible. In the long run, if you’re marriage is happy, it’ll set as an example for your kids too. 

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