A birthday two weeks before Christmas!

December 12, 2012 at 7.16am by in Online Dating

I always felt sorry for my friends when they had a birthday so close to Christmas. It usually meant that they only got one present that covered both occasions unlike the rest of us who enjoyed 2 presents each year.

I am sure that their parents more than made up for this at these special times.

There are a number of lovely ladies who have their birthdays this week and will fall into this category.

You can make this time very special for them by sending them a message. I am sure you will get a wonderful reply.

AllaVin 12/12/1959
Innochka 12/12/1985
loralorik 12/12/1987
AngelDarya 12/12/1990
Marinaruchoylo 13/12/1958
Irina Romashko 13/12/1986
AngelMaria 13/12/1988
Hot_Angelina 13/12/1989
InnaDesire 13/12/1991
AnnaSkarbunova_1 14/12/1984
Shining_Star 15/12/1979
kusturica82 15/12/1982
Vikusi4ka-dream 15/12/1991
inna048 16/12/1982
SvetlanaZhaboruk_1 16/12/1983
Berezka 16/12/1985
Katerina Ivanoa 17/12/1982
Svetlana2 17/12/1982
Desire-Lady 17/12/1983
Liliya573 17/12/1985
Irina Shum 18/12/1983
Shurochka12 18/12/1987
Pinakolada 18/12/1990
FlyingLove 18/12/1992
Yanina 18/12/1992
Svetlanaben 19/12/1988
Zlobina1 19/12/1991

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