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March 6, 2014 at 2.04am by in Online Dating

Reggie Oglesby has over 15 years experience with internet dating sites and we have invited Reggie to contribute to our weekly emails to introduce himself and to promote his book on internet dating tips. Reggie also offers consultancy advice on VISA’s into USA. This is Reggies contribution this week:

I get many questions from men wondering why it is I recommend the Ukrainebridesagency.com website over any others. My 15 plus years of experience has given me a unique perspective regarding dating websites that very few men have.

Why do I recommend it? There are over a thousand dating sites and the undeniable focus of all of them is making money however you can. That is NOT how you run a quality dating website. The main focus and attitude is to get men and women married, then the money will come.

Few people in the industry understand that, but I believe that the people at Ukraine Brides Agency do make that effort.

I have worked with Keith since I joined in late 2011. He has been gracious to give an ear to my complaints and suggestions and implemented a lot of changes since that have helped make his website more credible and I believe in an honest attempt to only put forth the best quality of women for men to consider. It is a vast improvement since 2011 and yes, still has a ways to go.

But, compared to all the others a man has a choice to use, I still feel that the dollar value and quality of women (meaning legitimacy, honesty and sincerity) is much more than any others out there currently.

It does not mean some insincere women don’t find their way there, we are only human and imperfect at best. I have had several women removed from Ukraine Brides Agency over the years, which is unusual from any website, as women are the bread and butter of most dating agencies, so the majority are unlikely to lose their money makers. I can say that Keith at least attempts to correct any problems brought forth. I give him credos for that.

For the most part, I only use Ukrainebridesagency.com and yes, I also have devoted a lot of financial resources and no, I have not found my second half, but feel I have a much better chance with this site than any other.

Keith and I have our moments, please do not think we are all simpatico, but I am thankful he keeps an ear open for me. I told him long ago, build a quality website that always keeps the focus on the consumer (meaning you and me who pay for it all) and as the old movie adage says “build it and they will come”, and apparently they have!

I am not saying this is a perfect site, but I am saying you will have a much better chance utilizing this site over most I have ever seen or even used myself. You will find love if you are honest, sincere and committed to your search while also being SMART!

I suggest any men who use this site as a “play” site, not serious for love or marriage, PLEASE GET OFF! You ruin our chances in an already challenging environment.


  • Abe

    Charging by the minute for text and video is a true sign of a scam organization.

    While Reggie and Keith may have a good relationship, the business model is wrong for honest men.

    • Glenn

      Good call. Keith’s prices may be moderate by comparison with others, but none are cheap. Very annoyed to find that women don’t pay anything. That’s just wrong.

      • keith

        Hi Glenn

        Thank you for your comments.

        Every serious dating sites charge by the minute to pay the minute for chats. This is to cover the cost of the host chatting system (yes we must pay for this – it is not part of our site. You transfer to a chat site while chatting and revert back to us when you finish). Sites that offer you a monthly package for unlimited chatting dont care what happens from the point. Money is their main concern.
        Also, agencies have fees that they must cover and if you get unlimited chatting each month for a set fee are you dealing with a reputable site or agency?

        Check our prices – no joining fee, no monthly subscription, no recurring fees and the least expensive letters and chat costs.

        The average salary in Ukraine is $400 per month – PER MONTH! if we charge ladies to use the site they simply cant afford it and will leave. That would be sad as these are the exact ladies who are genuinely searching for a foreign husband.

        The only ladies who could afford to stay on the site and pay to use it are those ladies who see the site as a money making venture – scammers. They will work as hard as they can to earn an income from disreputable agencies.

        We have considered many different options that allow us to provide the service and stay in business. We must pay the chat system providers, hosting company (server costs), design and maintenance, office costs, wages, internet fees, .bank fees, etc. If we can arrange a better package that suits all stakeholders, including men, we will implement it, no problem.

        Thanks again

    • keith

      Hi Abe

      Thank you for your post.

      All serious dating sites charge for chats by the minute as we costs to cover to provide the service. This includes:
      Paying for the chat system on the site and using it. The chat system is a product that we must pay to use – it is not part of our site.
      When you enter chat status you leave our site for the chat and go to a chat programme that is not ours.
      We also have costs ourselves to cover, including offices, staff, internet fees etc.
      Any site that gives you an unlimited chat service for a monthly fee do not offer the same care, support and guarantees that we have – they just take your money and dont care what happens from there

      Thank you again

  • Kelly Maybury

    Hi Guys

    I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth about prices charged. I have never meet Keith in person, i have no relationship to him in any way and i receive no payment in kind or otherwise for these comments. I have just spent 2 1/2 hours chatting to my lady through this site using just text chat. now I am charged 0.40 credits a minute for this service. which includes an automatic translator which sometimes gets things wrong. I cannot speak russian well enough yet to ring her and if i did i a charged 30 cents per minute to ring her. So 0.40 credits seems very good to me. Having read some of the comments on other posts I asked her about her experience and she tells me that she has had two men talking with her and one was a nasty man and one said that he did not write letters to the ladies. How arrogant can you get? She also had one bloke visit her in the Ukraine and because she could not spend all day everyday with him as she in a sole parent with a 5 year old he was not pleased with her. This is just life. If you think a mother of any child would ignore the child for what is in fact a stranger you have rocks in your head.

    If you do not want to pay the price to use the service than do not use the service. I hope that you guys who whinge about the cost stay on line with your profiles because when a decent bloke with serious intentions comes along you make it so easy to sweep them of their feet it is like child’s play. As for the women paying. Where do the get the fund to pay it with. Do you research on the cost of living in the region you girl lives in and add up all of the costs involved and then tell me how they could afford to pay a site such as this. You know they get about $US400 a month. I make more than that in 8 hours because i am lucky with my own business. i do not know about what you guys would rather but I would rather use this site where i pay for chats or video for as long as I want as opposed to paying for some sites where you can chat for free for a set fee per month. What is the point in chatting to a girl who is not interested in you. Also guys you do not know what the girls are told about the charges. my lady was told that the reason men pay for chats and letters is because of the professional translator services. i told her in UAH how much we pay for chats, video and letters. She could not believe that we were paying that much to simply chat with her and it made her feel uncomfortable knowing how much money it costs. She suggested that we could just have a short chat for say about 5 mins to save money. Does that sound like a scammer to you? I also told her how much it would cost to bring her back home. It works about to be about 2 years of average wages in Ukraine. She could not believe the cost. If this is your future wife you are talking to you are you are worried about costs, have you thought about what it will cost to keep them when they arrive in your country until she gets on her feet. For the love of God guys this is supposed to be you life partner or your soul mate so money should not matter to you. If she is not worth a chat to you or a letter of the occasional video chat ever fortnight or so is she really worth anything to you at all. I wish you all well in your search. Thanks Keith for a wonderful sight


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