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A word from Kelly

June 19, 2014 at 1.00am by in General information

We have many men visit their ladies in Ukraine and we have never had a negative comment from men who make the trip.

This is because we ensure that all you are promised happens. You will not be disappointed.

We currently have Kelly visiting and he has posted the following on our blog:

Just an update about Ukraine. I am currently in Zaporozhye as i write this. I wanted to see more of Ukraine so i took a taxi from Kiev to Zaporozhye and the country is beautiful. Do not worry about the roads at all i have seen far worse in Australia! However they are mad drivers. Lane rules mean nothing and i would say to you use the taxi service offered by the agency. I was quoted $300 by the agency and i ended up paying $450 from the motel. The only reason i did not go with the agency was i decided to go business class not economy so i went the other way.

Anyway i write this on the first day and do not know how things are going to turn out but our fist meeting was at the restaurant in the motel i am staying at. how much did it cost? a whole $10 dollars. So do not believe what you here about these girls scamming you! My girl even tried to get me to catch the train to save money. Yes i know there are scammers about, but not as many as you think. Be yourself, be honest about your self and you should have no problems. As for me next week we shall know all and i hope to post good news. Guys if only 3% of the blokes who write ever bother to visit how do you think you stand out from the rest when you turn up and are exactly the same in person. The only thing i can say is that my girl is so much better in person than on chats. Do not worry about the Ukraine, i feel safe and very much cared for here, all of the people are wonderful and you can make such a difference in their lives. I gave a girl who brought room service to my room a $5 tip and she almost passed out! Just be yourself, turn up and trust your girl.

Thank you Kelly – we could not have said it better.

If you are thinking of visiting your lady – do it. That is why you joined the site in the first place.


  • Frank

    Kelly you are so right these girls are the best anywhere this is why i am here and looking for a wife in Ukraine they are the most beautiful honest hardworking traditional girls anywhere. i will be leaving next week to visit my girl in Zaporozhye and she is so wonderful, loving caring and considerate. she will not let me go far from the city if she does not feel its safe, she is always worried about how much i spend and is willing to just sit and talk if that is all I guess from all the other sites men get fearful of scammers and become suspicious but this site is one of the few i have seen that i feel very safe in Keith and his team do a great job of making sure it stays this way so you can find the girl of yoru dreams I have,, just remember these girls are very polite, honest they are trusting and are very grounded traditional girls dont play games with them ever they dont deserve it go to another site.. men always think about scammers but i have been told by some girls the t some men just want to play games… grow up and give the ladies the respect and consideration they deserve. I have talked to many here met a few and i found every one of them kind and caring ,any girl you find an marry here is going to be a treasure treat them as such and they will make you very happy.. i am going to meet my girls parents this trip and also ask her to marry me so i hope we can be the first in Keith’s success stories…..


    • keith

      Thanks Frank
      Nice to hear your story.
      We will wait for more great news

    • Kelly Maybury

      HI Frank

      thanks for your comments to my little blog. I have just had another great date at some very nice restaurant that overlooks the main river. Please forgive me but i forget the name i was laughing to hard with my Sveta. She works so hard i worry for her, then she has to go home and look after her 5 year old son. I looked over and i asked if she was tired and she said yes so i said lets go and you can go home. So she has tomorrow of and i do not know what we are going to be doing but you know what Frank i really do not care i just love this lady Sveta so much it hurts and i have seen photos of her son and today she showed me the pics on her mobile of her son. This is think is a good sign. You know i love her so much Frank i can not even get up the courage to hold hands in case she thinks I am only after one thing.

      Anyway i can not speak highly enough of the site and the local agency and their taxi driver Yuri. Guys if you come here get Yuri to be your driver and if you interpreter is anything like Stanislov ( Stan) you could not ask for more. I actually spent the day with him seeing some sights and having lunch as my Sveta had to work. You know lunch only cost 184 UAH and tonights meal was only 429 UAH. So all up it cost me for today $A62 for two meals for 2 and 3 people and another 450 UAH for the taxi or $A45. So it is really nothing if you really want to find a wife and a good wife from Ukraine. Now i must say this Sveta is still to say yes to me and she still might say no. That is life but that does not mean the either Keith, this site or the local agency has done anything dishonest. I will always support this site regardless, but i pray to God that my search is over and together, with our son we can build a good and successful home life together as a family.

      • keith

        Thanks again Kelly
        we read your feedback with great interest
        take care

      • Frank

        Don’t worry the lady will let you know what she is ready for holding hands hugs kisses on the cheek seem to be ok and not to aggressive let them take the lead they will let you know what they are ready for just be open honest and talk to them, let them know how you feel they are very understanding and very straight forward.. as for eating well let me tell you this the Santa Fe cafe in Zaporozhye is great right by the river good food and reasonably priced.. if you go to the island go to Korchma – “The Tavern”. Ukrainian cuisine. great traditional Ukrainian food .. let me know what you would like to do i have been to the city and spend a lot of time there with my sweet girl Mariya.. i would be happy to point you to the fun places good restaurants its a beautiful city and great people.. the agency and Marina are great they will get anything done.. why did you take taxi? i fly in to Kiev and then fly in to Zaporozhye its only 150 one way and takes only an hour and 15 minutes after that i take trains to where ever i go but this time will stay in Zaporozhye … i rent apartments there they are cheaper than hotels and much nicer and i can cook if i want to the girls love that i can cook Ukrainian dishes 🙂 i hope all works out for you the women of this country are so amazing i wish everyone a beautiful warm traditional Ukrainian girl they are truly the best…. best of luck to you .. Keith and staff do a great job with this site and making sure it is safe for everyone….

  • Bill

    I really like this blog entry. It is encouragement for me! Kelly, I hope this trip turns out AWESOME for you!! I myself was skeptical when I first found this site. I have come to see that it is one of the very few true and honest sites for meeting ladies of Ukraine! Thank you to all the great people who keep it real and honest. The women that I have communicated with are like a breath of fresh air!! If you have had dealings with American women lately then that statement makes perfect sense to you! My problem here is not finding a special lady,,It is trying to decide on just one lady!!!That is a very nice problem to have. Thanks again to all involved for a great chance to meet a truly great lady!! I will be anxious to hear more about your trip Kelly. I truly wish you the best of luck.

    Thank You,

    • keith

      Hi Bill

      Thank you for your kind comments. It heartens us to read your words


    • Frank

      Hey bill yoru right in Ukraine it is not who but which one they are all beautiful, educated, traditional and very smart if American men all know of them there would be a mass travel to |Ukraine 🙂 i know they are the best wives and mothers in the world and i am so glad for Keith and this site …. i have chosen mine it wasn’t hard she is very amazing and i hope everyone that visits the site walks away with a wife they are really the best women to marry….

      thanks again Keith!!!

  • Kelly Maybury

    Hi Guys

    thanks for the encouragement! Today we spent the afternoon on the main river touring around to see the sites from the river. It was the first meeting with my little man Renat who is all of five years old and his mum has even taught him to say thank you in english. This is a good sign in think? Sveta’s mum also came with us and you know what she tried so hard to communicate with me using what english words she knows and i did the same. I know you will probably not believe this but i really felt like I was among old friends! I also invited the interpreters wife along for the afternoon. She is a doctor and she had a good time as well. But i must say a great big thanks to stan our interpretor. Who spent all morning makiing things for the meal we took with us and did all the shopping. All i had to do was pay him for the food $A20 and that was that.

    Tomorrow we are off for the day to Dnipro as Sveta said in one of her chats that she would like to spend the day there. So we are going but she does not know. Anyway i had a victory of sorts as she has run out of vases for the bunch of flowers i got her the other day. I also got her mum a bunch of flowers today as that is tradition i am told. Her mum asked me about Australia and when i had finished she looked at my Sveta and said Australia sounds really nice. Good on you mum in law!

    I even got a phone call from the agency to go and see them on Tuesday to discuss things and to see if there is anyway they can help with things. SO a special big thanks to Karina from Jasmin agency and of course Keith as always and to the guys for your support. If i have my way Keith you can use my story any time and publish all of my details. I have nothing to hide. Well thursday is the day so wish me luck guys and here is hoping and praying!

    • keith

      Thanks Kelly
      We are all following with great interest
      Best wishes

  • Kelly Maybury

    Well i have just got back to the hotel after about 10 hours with Sveta, her mum Galina and my main main Renat. We spent the day in Dnipro. We went for a walk along the waterfront and then i offered to take them to a cafe for a coffee and they refused so we went and played 10 pin bowling for a while while Renat played on the games machines. We went and had lunch and when Renat sat down he wanted me to sit next to him so during lunch we played games. His mum could not get him to eat his lunch so without words, just pointing i got him to eat all of his lunch. On the way home he played with his actions figures all over my shoulders and arms in the taxi. Galina was asking a lot of questions about Australia and the life style etc. I hope this is a good sign. Yesterday stan brought his wife and when he got home he asked her if she was in Svetas position if she would marry me and she said yes without a doubt, i am friendly, kind, can sing the house down and i am well off. So that was also some positive feed back.

    So tomorrow we are going for another cruise on the river and i am going to get Galina aside and ask her directly what she thinks of me as a future son in law and what advice she would give to Sveta. I am sure that if i can get Galina on side that is half the battle done and i think i have past the test with Renat. So tomorrow will be a serious day starting with a talk with Karina from the agency Jasmin. More news tomorrow

    Wish me luck guys and thanks as always for the support!

  • Robert Wheeler

    Congratulations Kelly!! This is outstanding news.
    I have purchased my ticket to Ukraine and will be making my way to Nikolaev in NOV.
    I cannot wait to get there and finally have my lady in my arms. We are both super excited about the visit.
    My little secret is,,, and she doesnt know this, but I to will be asking her the big question.
    I can honestly say I have never met a more beautiful woman in my life. I look forward to having her by my side from here on out.
    Will keep you updated once I arrive and let you know what the outcome is.




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