Advice for gentlemen looking for love: How to attract a Ukrainian bride

March 23, 2020 at 11.47am by in Slavic Women
Ukraine bride

When you meet Ukrainian brides, you should be a high-energy guy. That is an effective way to make a great first impression. Remember: You only have one chance to make a good first impression. And you usually look high-energy when you are sociable!

On the first date, you should make the Ukrainian lady feel very comfortable around you.

A date is an opportunity to build a genuine connection with someone special. When the lady begins to pay attention to what are saying, focus on you, talk more & askyou questions, she feels comfortable around you.

My advice is you can make the lady feel that she has known you for a long time. For example, if at some point the Ukrainian woman says something along the lines of, “I changed my job in 2015.” You can simply ask her, “Since then, how have you been?”

This question immediately makes the lady feel that she has known you for a very long time (perhaps even before 2015) in her subconscious mind. What’s more, this strategy can be utilized even when you start a conversation with a lady: Instead of saying “Hello”, you can directly ask, “Hey, how have you been?” – This question makes the Ukraine bride feel that she has already known you.

Besides, you would be well-advised to be an active listener. Most men mainly talk about themselves when they go out with women; consequently, when they talk with ladies, they are just looking for opportunities to jump in constantly. Yet if you’d like to have a great first date, you must listen carefully and actively by encouraging the lady to keep talking as you maintain eye contact and nod your head at times. Now the woman from Ukraine will feel the emotional connection fast.

Once you’ve built the emotional connection with her, you can begin to use less gestures. (At the beginning, you should use more gestures so as to be more engaging. However, after you’ve built the genuine connection with the lady, you can reduce gestures so your movement matches the way you communicate – now you are relaxed and confident.)

Become an alpha male.

Most normal women like alpha guys. Now please ask yourself this question, “Do I possess the following qualities?”

  1. The ability to re-calibrate in conversations;
  2. The ability to be a leader in a romantic relationship;
  3. True confidence which is backed up by real competence;
  4. A confident physical presence without taking up too much space.

When you possess all of these four traits, you look like an alpha male.

First of all, the ability to re-calibrate in social dynamics means you should cultivate great social intelligence. A lot of women are socially savvy because women like building relationships with people, so you should know how other people around you feel at all times and re-calibrate accordingly.

In order to navigate any social interaction successfully, you must have a good understanding of calibration and human dynamics.

Second, alpha men are decisive leaders in relationships. If you are married to a Ukrainian wife, you should be the leader in your marriage. It’s time to practice your decisiveness and masculinity. 😊

Next, core confidence has to be backed up by true competence. The fact that you are reading this blog regularly means you are honing your dating skills and becoming a better version of yourself. Apart from that, you can also affirm your worth by having a strong sense of self-belief.

Finally, when you enter a social interaction, you need to own the room, but you would be ill-advised to have big movements. That’s how you can have good physical presence without taking up too much space. For example, when you sit down on the sofa, you may spread yourself out (think Don Draper); when you stand up, stand with your feet a bit wider apart than is natural. Now your legs feel totally rooted. Talk slowly and move your head slowly – this can make you look high-status as well.

Invest in your fashion.

Most Ukrainian ladies are very fashion-conscious, so they probably also expect their husbands to be fashion-conscious (or at least presentable)!

Maybe it’s time for you to invest in a good pair of shoes because you spend almost 16 hours per day in your shoes – why not wear good shoes? Note that good shoes can make your outfit look great. Even if you wear cheap clothes, a good pair of shoes can upgrade your look by making the entire outfit seem to be more expensive.

Also, remember to buy a high-quality jacket which is particularly important in the winter. In my opinion, your pants and shirt are not as important as your jacket. As long as your jacket and shoes look good, your fashion is fine.

Moreover, please do not wear generic clothes. That is to say, your outfit needs to have some funky touches or details which can make you stand out from the crowd. Having said that, you shouldn’t over-accessorize either.

Further, get a good haircut as your haircut is usually the first thing that a Ukrainian lady will pay attention to. And of course, every day you need to wash your hair, brush your teeth, remove the dirt under your nails, use aftershave or cologne in the right way and shine your leather shoes.

You may try unbuttoning your top buttons &rolling your sleeves up.  This will make you look more fashionable. When you go out with a Ukraine bride for a date, you must be well groomed & dress for success!

Read a lady’s body language.

When you are on a first date with a lady, you should assess her attitude before she starts to talk. Actually, psychologists discovered that the first impression is usually made even before a person starts to talk – people literally judge others according to their face, hair and clothes within several seconds when they meet each other.

Therefore, when you meet a lady for the first date, you can have a look at her fashion. The way a lady dresses herself indicates her viewpoints about herself, guys and relationships.

For example, when a lady wears a red bodycon dress, it means:

  1. She is a confident woman;
  2. She enjoys male attention;
  3. She is probably quite outgoing.

By contrast, when a lady wears a boring outfit, it means:

  1. She doesn’t highly value herself;
  2. She doesn’t want male attention;
  3. She probably lacks some confidence.

A Ukrainian lady’s appearance is also a part of her body language.

Psychologists point out that men are usually more visual than ladies, which has been seen among baby girls and baby boys: baby boys are more stimulated by visual colors and motion than baby girls. Adult guys are still interested in colors and motion because adult men like toys such as electronic gadgets and cars!

Now if a lady shows you colors and motion through her body language (e.g. she touches her big earrings while talking to you; her red fingernails are organizing her hair on the first date), you know she is probably quite attracted to you.

“Never underestimate the power of the first impression.”

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