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November 7, 2013 at 2.02am by in Online Dating

Last week I mentioned about a man from Norway who visited some of our ladies and made such a bad scene that we had to calm the ladies down with flowers and apologise to the agency for his behaviour. This created huge interest and I have never has so many messages back from men over comments that I have made previously in our weekly email.

Men were shocked that this fellow could act in such a way and they said that no ladies should have to put up with such treatment – ever. The man should be immediately terminated from the site (which he was) and his profile published as a man to avoid, just like the ladies and agencies that scam are similarly publicly listed.

As the owner of an Ukraine dating site, I see many things that I would prefer not to see and have emails and messages from men that are most unpleasant and unreasonable. The ladies see the same – often.

Many of the men that wrote to me after the email said they had never considered that this was happening and they were disturbed that Ukraine ladies are subject to some unpleasant situations when searching for a foreign man. It is a side of the Ukraine marriage site industry that is overlooked.

It is very common to label a Ukraine lady as a scammer and that label can be very difficult to remove – if she is innocent. I have also had instances of misleading scamming labels this week that is another unfortunate aspect that the ladies must put up with.

I often get emails from men saying that a lady on my site is listed as a scammer from a Russian dating site and that I should be very wary. I always investigate the facts before I take any action and have found that it is common for other scam sites to steal real profiles of ladies and use them to attract men and write letters to earn money. Of course when the man wants to visit her she is either not available (as she does not exist) or she does not turn leaving him stranded in Russia, alone.

The lady is labelled as a scammer and I receive an email warning me. I contact the lady and she is totally oblivious to the fact she is listed as a scammer and most have never been to Russia in their lives.

I intend to publish articles on the ladies side of internet dating as too many people, men especially, don’t realise just what they may have been through or could be accused of at any time. Yes, there are genuine scammers who need to be exposed and removed as soon as possible, but there are many instances where ladies are labelled unfairly and without any investigation. It can be the agency or the site at fault rather than the lady, who has been used in a scam process.

When ladies register with agencies that work with us, we insist on having copies of their passports and all contact information. We verify this before she is loaded onto our site. Also, once her profile is listed, we call her and ask her questions about her profile and we do this periodically to ensure that they are still active on our site.

We removed an agency last week and this agency is listed on our exposed scammers page, because they were using stolen profiles. We have no hesitation in doing this as they hurt men, the ladies they use and our site. There are no second chances. This agency was alerted to me by a man who had suspicions after he was communicating with the real lady at another agency in another city.

I was pleased to receive so much feedback as it showed to me that the email achieved its purpose, to raise awareness of another side of Ukraine dating. I thank all those that wrote back to me

  • Zan

    Hello Site Owner,

    There is one thing that has been bugging me, that is most of them in their profile mentioned that they are bad or not really good with English but when they send a message to me it seems the opposite. I do understand that they probably have an interpreter. If so, they should have mentioned it in the message or else it just looks like a “copy and paste” scam, in fact most of them just do copy and paste method which just don’t convince me in any way. If you know what I mean, this just simply deters me to further chat with them.

    • keith

      Hi Zan

      Thank you for your comments – we always appreciate feedback.

      The agencies have professional translators to help write letters for the ladies and to ensure that even the ladies who have reasonable English writing skills send a well worded message

      If you want to know how good a particular ladies English skills are you can write and ask her – I am sure she will not mind.

      Thank you


  • aijazz

    You say that Ukraine ladies do not prefer men from India.
    From my experience in your site, (letters mostly) the ladies do not seem to have a preference. Your site does not allow registration from India and yet pictures of the ladies are all over your Instagram and Twitter. What message are you trying to convey with this behavior..?? The company is registered in UK and Ukraine laws as far as Internet is concerned seems wierd bcoz a lady from Kherson told me that she cannot see YouTube videos. When it comes to video, they always have an excuse. If I try to measure what % of data on your site is truth I get a sense that it is tilted more towards false. If you restrict access to the ladies and allow MORE communication towards the ones we are actually interested, you would do a lot better.

    • Keith

      Thank you for your comments.

      You are incorrect, we do not say that ladies do not prefer men from India. In fact, some of our success stories are between our ladies and Indian men. However, we know that almost all our ladies do not want to relocate to India and for that reason we dont allow residents of India to join the site and use our services. We find it unethical to allow a man to pay to use our services when we know that he will not find success because he lives in a country that our ladies do not wish to relocate.

      We have no restrictions against men of any race or religion from using our services.

      You also have the ability in your personal settings (on your profile) to block all ladies except your favorites. This will enable you to just communicate with whom you wish


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