Anxiety Before A Date: Read These 5 Things To Help You Keep Your Cool

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Dates, much like job interviews, will give you an unnerving feeling of anxiety. Most people get cold feet or hands, but this isn’t a reason to hold yourself back. It’s a very common thing to experience a bit of anxiety before a date. However, you shouldn’t let this hinder you or you shouldn’t hold yourself back.

Think about how many dates you could’ve made better without your anxiety kicking in. Or maybe, you could’ve been a nervous wreck. Although that’s all in the past, these experiences can help you in the future. Check out these 5 things to help you keep your cool before a date. They will surely help you have a better time with your date than your last before reading this.

Being nervous for a date is like being nervous for a job interview, a presentation or even a riding a roller coaster. But hey, that’s something totally normal as the body naturally has a fight and flight system that gets triggered when we get into situations where our brains feel like it’s needed. So, besides this being a totally normal thing, you can trick your brain to thinking differently. The brain is a beautiful organ that even scientists don’t know a lot about. So, let’s thank the people who study the brain as well as take the time to study psychology to find ways on how to control this beautiful organ of ours. Are you ready for the five things that you will you the next time you’re feeling nervous?

1. Pretend you’re making a new friend.

Have you ever heard of the popular phrase, “fake it till you make it?” Well this is similar. Pretending that you’re just making a new friend will help lessen anxiety levels and make you more comfortable. Once you’re comfortable in your own skin, your date will surely see this as a sign. So, if your date is nervous as well, you’ll help her lessen her nervousness too!

2. Go out on an many dates as you can.

We’re not saying for you to play around with anyone’s feelings or anything. But, when you go out on dates, then your brain will get tricked into thinking that your big date will just be like the other dates you’ve been to. This will lessen the nervousness on your end. Beyond this, you’ll also get a healthy dose of communication. Plus, if you feel like you did anything wrong, then you can fix that up on the next date.

3. If it helps, drink.

Yes. A lot of people actually do this. It helps keep the nerves calm in the process. But, don’t drink till you drop or till you reek of alcohol. Drink just enough to help calm your nerves. If it only takes a sip, then just take a sip. To some people, they drink a glass of wine if they aren’t in a hurry for the date. Others though, they drink a shot of whiskey before brushing their teeth to go out on their date. Only you will know how much you need. But again, please be wary of how much you drink and make sure you don’t drink yourself to near non-functioning levels. That wouldn’t look good on your or your date.

4. Pump yourself up for the date.

If you don’t know how to pump yourself up, there are a few tricks up our sleeves that have worked. One of them is blasting feel-good music. What type of music makes you feel good? You could try Happy by Pharell. That song works wonders. Plus, it’s a really catchy song. So, try blasting a song that you like and dance to it. It’ll help you get into a happy mood.

Another thing you can do is send messages to your friends. Send them photos of what you’re going to be wearing to your date. It’ll help you gain more confidence when you wear something others have approved of. Plus, you’re the one who picked the outfit, you just wondered which one you should wear for the night.

If the first two suggestions doesn’t help you out, well ask a friend to come over. Not just any friend. A friend you know will give you words of encouragement before your date. Don’t pick someone who pokes fun at you all the time, find a friend who can give you advice or you can ask questions to. Perhaps, someone you’re really comfortable with, so that you get very comfortable in your date too.

5. Think ahead of time.

If you’re the guy who doesn’t plan, it might be time that you start planning for a date. The first date with a girl only happens once. If there are more to follow, you’ll surely be less nervous to see her by then. So, plan all the things you could talk about with this girl. However, make sure you aren’t like an open. Don’t just go spitting out words on a whim. You could also think of things to talk about just so you can fill it any awkward silences at any time. That’s a true classic, to not let any “awkwardness” ensue for too long.

Once you’ve gotten things done for conversation, have a plan right after the dinner date. Some people find it easier to go through a date when they know at a certain time, you will have to go somewhere else. So, if the date isn’t going too well, at least you can cap the night off with another thing. If the date goes well, that’s something you can look forward to the next time you two get together. According to experts, when following up for the second date, it’s best to follow the three day rule. This means that you will send them a message about the possibility of a second date after three days of the first date.

As mentioned earlier, it’s understandable that everything you’ve read here is easier said than done. Plus, the results will and always vary. So, don’t be afraid to try out things that will help you too!

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