Are you motivated enough in the internet dating era?

internet dating

Internet dating is very mainstream currently and is fortunately not a taboo topic anymore. It is said that the internet is the primary way for single people to meet each other these days, particularly during COVID-19 pandemic. Research shows that the No. 1 reason why people can’t find love is because they are not motivated enough. Are you motivated in your love life?

  • How to stay motivated

Motivation is important, but it’s slightly overrated. Please let me explain.

Everyone may lose motivation at some stage. That’s very, very common and should be expected. Don’t blame yourself when that happens to you. Just get back on track immediately. 

Frankly, when you rely on motivation, you are basically relying on willpower which has been proven to be limited. Now I’d like to introduce something new – When you have a new identity, you don’t need to worry about motivation anymore.

For example, if your goal is to become a successful business owner, your new identity has to be a successful business owner. Be that person now. Behave like a successful business owner. Think like a successful business owner. Feel those powerful feelings and emotions now.

Let’s take internet dating as an example. If your goal is to find a Ukrainian girlfriend, you need to look at how often you log on to our website and how frequently you speak to Ukrainian women who are looking for men just like you. Your new identity is an online dater! 

Your identity drives your behavior, thoughts, and emotions, so the first step is to have a new identity that aligns with your values. This new identity will propel you into action. The results of your action will then bring you to your goal. Now, motivation becomes automatic because commitment comes before motivation.

Your beliefs and values are underpinned by your identity. Before finding out your why, find out who you are. Who do you need to be? Find out three identity characteristics you will need in order to succeed & act, behave and think like that identity now.

internet dating

How do successful people think? They all have something in common – they think big. More specifically, they know that success is always outside their comfort zone.

In order to think big, you must get comfortable with discomfort. Try something new. Be different. Take a risk. Don’t wait until conditions are perfect. They will never be perfect because perfection is a joke. Please expect future difficulties, challenges, and problems and solve them as they arise. Look, ideas alone can’t bring success. Ideas only have value when you act upon them. You can use action to cure fear and build confidence. Do what you fear, and fear gradually disappears. 

Think success. Don’t think failure. Successful people let the main thought “I will succeed” dominate their thinking process. 

Thinking about success conditions your mind to generate plans which lead to success, whereas thinking about failure does the exact opposite.

Believe big. The size of your success is totally determined by the size of your belief. When you think of small goals, you can only expect small achievements. But when you think of big goals, you will win big success.

  • The power of saying no

Have you seen the very inspiring movie ‘Yes Man‘ ? Well, that’s a great movie if you are looking to expand the possibilities in life and explore new things regularly. But after a while, you will have to say no.

  1. Say yes when you need to experience more; say no when you become more discerning.

There is nothing wrong with saying yes when you should experience more. For example, when you start a business, you are supposed to say yes to almost every potential opportunity.

However, as you get more and more opportunities, you have to be more discerning. You will need to decide which opportunities are right for you and which opportunities are distractions. And say no to every distraction!

2. Saying no shows your standards.

If you can’t say no, usually it means you don’t know what you want or you don’t have high standards. In internet dating, a guy with high standards says no when something doesn’t satisfy his expectations.

“Thinking big helps you to stay motivated in the internet dating era.”

Remember – Don’t let the lack of motivation dampen your spark! Head over to Ukraine Bride Agency to find and speak to your next match and for more useful dating advice.

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