At Least I Am Honest

I am continually told by guys that one thing that differentiates our site from others is that we reply to any queries or requests – apparently this is not so common on other Ukraine marriage sites but seems to me to be great customer service that you should expect when you use the services that the site offers. We try to answer within 12 hours, but sometimes it is not that simple.

Often it is a question on how something works, why something did not work, or where you can find something. These are easy to answer – unless a bug or an internet connection is causing the problem.

As the owner of the site and having experienced many things, from both the men and the ladies point of view, I am often asked my opinion – which I also find easy to do. Based on experience, or my own feelings, or a little understanding of what makes Ukraine ladies tick, I can offer my opinion on most things. Sometimes I run the question past my 2 Ukraine partners, who are both women and seek their advice before I respond.

I will then respond with “in my opinion” or “according to my partners, we feel that ….” And this is sent off to the fellow who sent the request. If my opinion agrees with their opinion, everyone is happy. However, if I have a different point of view, it is amazing how many men write back, sometimes quite angry, that I see it that way.

If I am asked my opinion, I will give it – warts and all. Would you want anything less from me? Do you want me to reply knowing that is what you wanted to hear and therefore you will be happy – albeit misguided? I am afraid my ethics don’t allow me to do this.

One of the most common questions is what is an acceptable age difference between the man and the ladies. It is very common to receive a message that says “I am 58 and the lady is 23 – do you think there will be a problem?” My answer every time is….yes, there will be big problems. “But she seems so sincere…” – yes, but there will be big problems. The problems caused by age differences could be published in several volumes of data and psychoanalysis and I will not go into it here – but will address it further in future blogs.

The point is that if you ask my advice, I will give you my true opinion based on experience or just gut-feel. If you don’t like my reply I am sorry – but when you asked, at least 50% of you must have suspected I would answer that way – or you would not have asked. You may not like my opinion – but at least I am honest.

  • Giorgios

    It is always good to start a new article from a blog that I am putting honest.
    It is very difficult to find a good website in Ukraine, I have found numerous blogs and a high number of scams both girls like websites, would write an encyclopedia.
    When a man of 52 years is in contact with a girl of 22 years, for example, I can be very sure it will be a problem, it’s not because she’s from Ukraine, Holland if I would say the same.
    I understand that there are people from other places looking for a partner in Ukraine have their reasons, but first try to get information about the country, culture, traditions, positives and negatives …. especially, I think is the best way , if you want really a Ukrainian girl.

    • keith

      Thank you again for your contribution. I appreciate the support


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