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As Ukraine Brides Agency offers an online audio/video chat feature, men and Eastern European women can connect with each other on the Internet effortlessly. We have summarized the most effective tips regarding how to interact with ladies via online audio/video chat below.

Think very romantic thoughts.

About 8 years ago, when I went to a clinic for a health check, the doctor could see my anxiety, so he said to me, “Think happy thoughts.”

Immediately, my state changed. That’s the power of thoughts. My thoughts directly influence my feelings which could influence my performance and results in life.

Therefore, when you think loving, romantic thoughts, you will communicate with Ukrainian women in a more effective manner online. Your facial expression and your eyes will look more loving and romantic as well.

If you are nervous, you can look at the area between a Ukrainian lady’s eyebrows. That makes her feel you are making eye contact with her, and you won’t feel nervous.

During the video chat, you may slightly nod your head to indicate your approval while using your loving eyes to smile like the sunshine in Auckland. The lady needs to prove herself to you, right?

Throughout the video chat, you would be well-advised to maintain eye contact, but at the end of the video chat, it’s okay for you to break eye contact first as this increases your perceived challenge and perceived value… under the radar. In a conversation, the individual who breaks eye contact first has higher value and more power, for this person is more willing to walk away – this person is not needy.

You only accept a Ukrainian woman who meets your standards. Period.

By the way, during the video chat, please do not tilt your head because you don’t want to come across as feminine.

If you want to flirt with her, you can raise an eyebrow naturally as you’re talking. 😉

Fill your brain and body with oxytocin.

Research shows that oxytocin makes people feel better and relaxed. A study indicates that there are a lot of ways to fill your brain and body with oxytocin. For instance, you may take three deep breaths, drink a cup of hot chocolate or dance to the music for 40 minutes before the online video chat.

Whenever I need to feel happier, I just do the following: 1) eat well; 2) sleep well; 3) read a good book; 4) dance; 5) do meaningful work. Everything seems to be easier when all of these are done!

Previously, I mentioned that your smile is supposed to be as beautiful as the sunshine in Auckland. Now I’d like to share with you how to make this happen: Your smile shouldn’t be generic. Your smile begins from your lips and gradually goes to your eyes, and then it becomes a flood on your face.

When you start the online video chat with a Ukrainian woman and you notice that she is drinking something, you can ask her, “What are you drinking now?” This is a quick way to break the ice naturally.

During the video/audio chat, you have to show an upbeat and positive attitude throughout the interaction. A Ukrainian lady may not remember everything you have said, yet she will remember how you made her feel. That’s why your attitude is absolutely paramount.

You’d better show her something that she can comment on. That can be a beautiful photo on the wall or an interesting tie. That’s a natural conversation starter.

Show the positive vibes.

Your headspace determines your vibes. Perhaps before the online video chat with a Ukrainian woman, you can watch a romantic movie or listen to a love song. This will help you get in the right headspace quickly.

If you are keen to flirt with her, you can even say, “Ask me a question.” This will make her work harder to impress you.

To help both of you relax, you may even put on some romantic music in the background, e.g., Norah Jones’s songs. Now the ambience will look like an upscale coffee house.

By the way, you should totally end the video chat at its highlight so that she will want to talk with you again soon. At the end of the video chat, you must mention her name, e.g., “Goodbye, Victoria.” She will like you more because her favorite word is her name.

“During a video chat, you can elevate your laptop’s screen – when the camera is at a slightly higher position, you look better. A lot of Instagram models are aware of this technique – you can use this technique as well.”

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