The beautiful love life begins after marrying a Ukrainian bride

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Ukraine brides

A beautiful love life is co-authored by you and your wife. It’s not something that naturally happens without any effort or work, okay? So, it’s your responsibility to manage and maintain your love life effectively 😉

A typical Ukrainian bride is very respectful, but she is not perfect.

Usually, women from Eastern European countries are respectful, yet it doesn’t mean they are perfect at all times. If your wife does something that you don’t like, you should clarify your standards. If it’s necessary, you may even have to indirectly suggest competition because if you can find a bride once, you actually have the ability to do it again – you are a high-value man with options. Once she understands your value, she will change her bad behavior or habits and meet your standards accordingly.

These days a growing number of modern ladies don’t want to have many children (a lot of western women don’t have children at all). But women from Eastern Europe are very different.

For example, the Russian government pays ladies to have more kids as after the break-up of the Soviet Union, the population in Russia shrank by 700,000 per year, which is a problem. From 1992 to 2009, Russia already lost about six million people in total. Consequently, the Russian government now gives extra money to parents on the birth of their 2nd child and 3rd child.

A reason why Russian ladies may not want to have many kids is because Russia doesn’t really have laws that targeting domestic violence. Actually, the Russian government is decriminalizing wife-beating, meaning it’s okay for guys to hit ladies. If a Russian woman has more children, it’s going to be more difficult for her to leave the abusive husband. Small wonder so many Russian ladies are looking to leave Russia and marry western husbands in this day and age.

Interestingly, Ukrainian ladies are very nurturing, caring and loving. They like taking care of their family members and want to have more children. My suggestion is at the initial stage of your romantic relationship with your Ukrainian girlfriend, it’s perfectly fine to ask her specific questions in this aspect and truly listen to what she tells you.

Why do some Ukrainian brides prefer marrying older men rather than younger men?

This is the uncomfortable truth: these ladies actually think that younger men are much more likely to cheat on their wives. Apart from that, many younger men don’t live a stable lifestyle. Because Ukrainian women are practical, they prefer men who can offer more security in life.

By the way, Ukrainian mail-order brides who have children oftentimes want to meet western guys who also have kids, for they think men with children are more mature and compassionate.

If you are keen to meet a Ukraine bride, you should understand that Ukraine Brides Agency is a reputable international dating site which introduces Eastern European women to western men for meaningful, serious and long-term relationships. So, you should be respectful and decent when you interact with single ladies online on this platform.

In terms of how to know whether a lady is reliable or not, here’s my advice:

  1. If her English is pretty good, she is probably well-educated with professional qualifications.
  • If she has high standards and expects her man to meet her standards, she is obviously quite serious and is looking for a real relationship.
  • If the way she communicates is trustworthy and genuine, that means she is an elegant lady looking for love.

Most women from Eastern Europe are more traditional than western women. When you go out on a date with a Ukrainian lady, you shouldn’t expect her to pay for things. If she says she can split the bill with you, she is either trying to be polite or she doesn’t want to have a second date with you. Note that she will appreciate you more if you pay the bills because that’s a sign which indicates you will take care of her in the future.

Of course, in order to showcase your attractiveness as a high-value man, you can identify your strengths and confidently emphasize your positives. I think you already know your strengths and advantages according to the feedback you’ve got from family and friends, right? If you’ve never received any type of feedback, it’s time to get some! You can ask your family and friends for some honest feedback right now so that you will know what needs to be maximized.

For instance, Kevin is a New Zealand guy who is married to a Ukrainian wife. He says his body language is his strength which attracted his elegant lady in the first place.

“I use my body rather than my head to fall in love,” says Kevin, “Never underestimate the power of body language.”

Appreciate your Ukrainian wife authentically.

After getting married, you would be well-advised to pay more attention to the ways your wife contributes to your love life. Don’t take her for granted, please.

In actuality, the ideal way to feel fulfilled and satisfied in your marriage is to consciously notice the ways your wife contributes to your relationship. Now the interaction becomes an upward spiral as the more your wife feels your genuine appreciation, the more she will want to show you lots of warmth and kindness in the long run.

Creative entrepreneur Kate Northrup and her husband Mike Watts are role models in this regard. Each day, they write down 3 things they feel grateful for, e.g. the delicious meals, the romantic kiss, the beautiful smile, etc. These don’t have to be something big or tremendous. Actually, small things are wonderful as well!

Women tend to be more sensitive than men; as a result, they will notice these small things that make them feel very special!

A few years in your marriage, think back to when you met your wife for the first time: What made her so attractive? The reasons that made you like her are probably still true right now. Just focus on her traits which attracted you in the first place & you’ll be a happier man.

Remember to express your gratitude often. If your wife has done something good for you, you need to show your gratitude to her. Then your wife from Ukraine will want to do more nice things for you in future.

For example, you can say this to her, “Thank you very much for looking after the house.” Or “I truly appreciate the efforts you have already made with those relatives of mine. I know they are difficult people and dealing with them isn’t the easiest thing in the world.”

Basically, saying more kind and nice words makes your life a bit easier. So, that’s a pretty good deal, isn’t it?

Yes, expressing gratitude and appreciation often will surely pay big dividends in the long term, as your positive attitude will make you feel closer to your Ukrainian bride and can positively influence your wife’s behavior as well. This is called “conditioning” or “positive reinforcement” in modern psychology.

Appreciation is more powerful than gratitude because gratitude depends on having something nice first, whereas appreciation changes the game – you can appreciate many little things without getting something in the first place.”

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