Before finding the right Slavic lady, love yourself first

September 3, 2021 at 10.34am by in Dating advice
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Once you’ve fully understood the importance of self-love, you will be able to proactively and unapologetically build your self-worth. When your self-worth is high, you will radiate sparkling happiness and attract high-quality candidates in your love life.

  • Self-love helps you maintain high standards.

Without self-love, you would expect someone else to make your life complete. Therefore, you’ve written down a list of standards that your ideal partner should meet, but when you start to date someone who might give you what you want or someone who can make you feel better right now, those standards suddenly go out of the window.

In contrast, if you acknowledge the importance of self-love, you will clearly know your non-negotiables. More importantly, you will stick to your key standards. As a result, you won’t have your standards violated and boundaries crossed. Interestingly, because you maintain high standards, your partner respects you more, thereby creating a virtuous circle, i.e., a better partner, a more satisfying relationship, even more radical self-love….

  • Self-love keeps a relationship sparky.

If you are in a relationship, you may wonder how to make a long-term relationship sparky and exciting in the long run. The answer is actually quite simple (but it doesn’t mean it’s easy): self-love keeps a romantic relationship sparky.

Oftentimes, the real reason why a serious relationship becomes boring is because two people rely on the relationship while losing themselves. Indeed, when you don’t know what you want or don’t know how to ask for what you want, lack of clarity leads to confusion, resentment and a stressful relationship.

However, if you know who you are / who you want to be as well as your blueprint and interests, you will surely look after your own needs first. Hence, you are confident, satisfied and independent. This quality makes your partner feel eternally attracted to you. When both of you prioritize self-love, you have much more to contribute to the relationship because your own cups are already full. Thus, this beautiful relationship remains sparky, meaningful and enjoyable. ❤️

  • Before forming a blended family with a Slavic lady….

Be sure to build a solid relationship with your partner. A solid relationship with your partner is the prerequisite of having a satisfying blended family because without a good connection, the marriage won’t be sustainable – a sustainable marriage is the foundation for a happy blended family. ❤️

Prioritize respect. Relationships can’t exist without respect. When people respect each other, they are civil, so everything becomes easier. This is of vital importance in a blended family.

Have compassion for each other. Different members of the blended family may have very different needs. For example, a teenager’s needs are dramatically different from a toddler’s needs. Therefore, cultivating compassion should be done in the first place.

Allow enough space and room for growth. It always takes some time for everyone to get used to the change. Hence, patience is so key – please allow enough room and space for growth: after a few years, everybody in the blended family will feel much closer to each other. 😊

Create more shared experiences. An emotional connection is always built on shared experiences. Thus, you’d better take the kids to the amusement park at times so that everyone can have a good time while spending quality time together. Remember: more shared experiences lead to a stronger emotional connection. 😉

Have realistic expectations. Don’t expect your Slavic lady’s children to like you immediately. You are supposed to play the long game. All relationships require work, so the fact that you are making an effort now means you are investing in this relationship today and the result will come gradually.

In conclusion, without self-love, you may depend on your marriage while losing yourself. Truthfully, self-love helps you build your self-worth and maintain your standards. In this way, you won’t have your boundaries crossed and standards violated in the blended family. In other words, you have to know who you are, who you want to be, what you want as well as how to tactfully ask for what you want, thereby filling your own cup first. Otherwise, you will feel confused, resentful and stressed out. Please note that you can only look after someone else when you are already happy, energized and satisfied.

“Fully understand the importance of radical self-love.”

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