Big Changes Coming!

You will recall that I mentioned in last weeks email that I was in Ukraine meeting with my partners and we were discussing improvements to the site and making a better product for you.

The minutes and action plans from the meetings totaled 10 pages as we dissected the site, how it works and what is offered. We talked about how we can better what we currently do but also new initiatives for the future.

We have already started working on the changes and I will tell you about these over the weeks as we roll them out – it will take quite a while!

I understand that there is much scepticism about Ukraine dating sites and from the stories I have heard, this is much warranted.

We know that if we can offer the most genuine site and stand by our promises then we will build a reputation with men that this is the site of choice. This reputation will also spread through the agencies within Ukraine that we will not tolerate dishonesty and they will pay heavily if this is detected. We started this process late last year.

Anyone that has written to me knows that they get a personal reply and that I dont sidestep the difficult questions.

The measures that we will be implementing will make this site the most difficult for any potential scammer to infiltrate. The rigorous registration process that we are implementing will make our site unattractive to any lady who is not genuine.

I will describe this as we implement the improvements as I dont want to let the cat out of the bag yet.

However, this is only one aspect of the site that we have looked at – there are many of others and they are all geared toward giving you a better experience with us. More later.

On another note, I receive emails from guys asking how they can limit the letters and nudges, or alter the age range of ladies trying to contact them, etc. Can I please remind you that you have control over what happens on the site. You can alter many settings so that you only communicate with who you want and when you want.

Please go to your control panel/settings and you will see all the on/off switches available, as well as checkboxes to alter many of the standard settings. This is your site, please feel free to use the settings to your preference.

Also, there is a tab on the site called BLOG. You can go to the blog and enter any ideas, discussions, questions etc that you may have. Maybe you want to start a discussion on a topic that fellow users can add to. Please use the blog, it is there for you.

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