Conversation skills that you need while interacting with women from Eastern Europe

May 24, 2022 at 12.40pm by in Slavic Women
women from Eastern Europe

When you ask an Eastern European woman why she chose her profession, you’d better find out 2 things: A) what motivates her at work; B) her feelings and emotions about her work. So long as you understand her motivation and emotions, you’ll master her psychology quickly. After she tells you why she chose her profession, you would be well-advised to mentally step into her shoes and then imagine her feelings & emotions, doing what she does. Then you ask her a deeper question.

A real example:

WOMAN: “I always wanted to be an accountant because that’s the easiest way to have high-quality clients. I can do accounting and offer business coaching, so my clients are ambitious high achievers who inspire me every day.”

MAN: “You must be truly passionate about what you do. Do you also use your left brain most of the time after work?”

This is a significantly deeper question. You must listen to her answer carefully. When you see things from her point of view, you ignite her inner life and her personal passions. By the way, when she talks about whether she uses her left brain most of the time after work or not, you will also know how she operates in general – can she switch off her analytical brain and be a feminine woman after work?

That’s exactly how to have connected and sparkling conversations with a woman that you like.

Small (but important) details:

i)         Ask fewer questions and say more statements when you are talking to a woman. You look more confident when you use more statements. You look less certain when you ask too many questions. Most men only do small talk with women and usually ask too many questions. Sadly, asking too many questions gives too much pressure to a woman. In order to have a comfortable and relaxed conversation, you need to remember this structure: 85% statements + 15% questions = a natural conversation.

ii)        When you ask her a question, ideally, this question should be deep and meaningful if you can achieve that effect.

iii)       The majority of the statements that you say should be some sort of comment on this woman’s feelings, emotions and motivations. Women are much more emotional than men; as a result, it’s easy to build a solid emotional connection with her if you directly connect with her emotions.

Here is an example:

WOMAN: “I love working early in the morning before everyone arrives at the office because I’m always in a flow state when the environment is quiet.”

MAN: “I’m impressed. That makes me want to be a morning person, too. Tell me more about that feeling.”

When you say “I’m impressed”, you are pre-framing the interaction, i.e., this woman is supposed to impress you, so she must prove herself to you in the first place.

Remember: a longer statement is often more expressive; hence, you will have a dynamic and real interaction with her.

Connecting with an Eastern European lady actually means you have to go deeper and try to understand her inner world more than the dull facts that you can see on her Facebook profile.

Note that most guys can only have boring and dry conversations, so you should totally elicit emotional content in the conversation with a woman who is passionate about something. Topics that could help you to achieve this result include her childhood, her future plans, her family, her friends and her hobbies. Usually, the easiest topic is her hobby. Please take a look at this example:

WOMAN: “I like writing.”

MAN: “I’m very impressed. Writers are thinkers. It’s refreshing to meet someone who values knowledge and wisdom.”

This is a powerful response as you are empathetic no matter you are a writer or not. As a result, it’s a good way to build strong rapport with her.

iv)       How to break rapport and build intense attraction:

If you just build rapport, you’ll become run-of-the-mill. Our suggestion is you should break rapport strategically, so she will feel more attracted.

No, this doesn’t mean you are going to argue with her. It means you could mention a contrary point of view or challenge her at times. For example, you ask her, “Can you cook?” and then she will want to prove herself to you during the interaction.

Now let’s have a look at another example here.

MAN: “There are three things I look for in my partner.”

WOMAN: “Which three?”

MAN: “The first thing is intelligence.”

WOMAN: “And the second?”

MAN: “The second thing is kindness.”

WOMAN: “What about the third thing?”

MAN: “Well, no, I’m not supposed to tell you right now.”

WOMAN: “Why?”

MAN: “Because you might fake it. 😉”

“This example shows you exactly how to challenge a woman in the right way. Now in this woman’s subconscious mind, she wants to be your ideal partner as women are competitive, too. What’s more, it shows your high standards, so your perceived value is higher as well.”

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