How does an alpha male behave in an international relationship?

international relationship

Most women from Eastern Europe are attracted to dominant alpha men who have confidence and masculinity. Do you demonstrate alpha behavior in your international relationship?

  • How to be a dominant alpha guy in an international relationship:

At the very first stage of dating a woman from Eastern Europe, an alpha guy wouldn’t ask his lady, “Could you please tell me which coffeehouse we should probably go to for the second date?” Remember: A lady from Eastern Europe is attracted to a leader. Therefore, you are supposed to tell her what to do and where to go at the initial stage of a relationship. Basically, your attitude has to be polite and kind; however, your actual message and approach must be very alpha. 😊

I know a very alpha guy who works as a concession store manager in a high-end department store. As the economy isn’t very good, the concession store does not get enough traffic. Rather than waiting for customers to visit his concession store, he proactively approaches every customer near the escalator before the customer walks into his competitors’ concession stores that are closer to the escalator. Then he directly takes the customer to his concession store unapologetically. 😉

A friend of mine was the CFO of a well-known organization. Sadly, he lost his high-profile job during COVID because the company was shut down due to the pandemic. Yet his identity isn’t really built on his fancy job title. Instead, his identity is completely built on his inner confidence: he knows his worth no matter what happens. Hence, now he has started a business by himself and is a successful entrepreneur.

Having unshakeable inner confidence and an alpha mindset is about leadership in life. But how do we develop leadership?

  1. When confidence and growth are combined, you have momentum.
  2. When adventure and growth are combined, you have transformation.
  3. When adventure and confidence are combined, you have excitement.
  4. When momentum, transformation and excitement are combined, you have leadership.
  • How to figure out your personal mission and your values:

Do you love your job? Are you happy with the education you’ve had? What’s your creative outlet? What do you want to accomplish with your life? What do you value and yet feel that you haven’t fully experienced? What’s your unique talent that you haven’t fully explored? What obstacles do you have to overcome in order to achieve your personal mission?

I’d like you to write down your answers to the above questions and then you will see your mission unfold in front of you!

  • Alpha traits VS beta traits:

Here is a list of alpha traits:

  1. You are a visionary man with a personal mission in life and at work.
  2. You clearly know what you want and can ask for what you want.
  3. You give yourself unconditional love.
  4. You are able to read ladies like an open book when the time is right because you have a very good understanding of female psychology.

Here is a list of beta traits:

  1. You are “laid-back” and “polite” because of “the nice guy syndrome”.
  2. When you feel insecure, you judge other people.
  3. Due to laziness, you don’t even have a purpose in your life.
  4. You beg a woman because you want her time and attention.
  5. You wonder whether your lady is attracted to someone else.
  6. You are needy and want to check up on your lady all the time.

Most women from Eastern Europe don’t like beta traits in men. Actually, some ladies may tolerate beta traits for a while because their self-esteem is low, i.e., they don’t even believe they are able to date high-quality men. Nonetheless, if you are keen to date a high-value woman, please note that high-value women cannot tolerate beta traits, partly because ladies want to date men who are stronger so they will feel looked after, and partly because ladies usually have an alpha guy’s image in their blueprint when they are looking for partners – they’ve seen enough Hollywood movies in which alpha guys are super heroes. I know some ladies may say, “I want to meet a nice guy”, yet that’s probably not what they realistically respond to. Truthfully, a high-quality lady always wants to date a high-quality guy who has backbone!

“A high-value man demonstrates leadership in an international relationship.”

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