4 Relationship Stages Most Couples Go Through

November 10, 2017 at 4.42pm by in Online Dating
Relationship Stages

Just like life, relationships also go through stages. It is because love grows. It doesn’t stay at just one phase. The stages are what’s going to test how strong your relationship is. So if you think that some things change and your relationship evolves, that is just pretty much normal. And if you want to know and understand the stages you go through as a couple;

Here are some helpful points to navigate each stage successfully.

1. Romantic stage

Many people would agree that the romantic stage is the best stage there is because this is the most exciting and fun part. This is where you are just falling in love with each other while you get to know each other more. It is like you can’t stop thinking of your partner and you would always want to be with them. Even if you have just separated for minutes, it makes you miss them right away. When you are in this stage, it feels like you’re high when you are together and you can’t wait to see each other again when you are apart. Love seems like it is always in the air.

2. Struggle stage

This stage is when the couple begins to realize that romance is not forever; that it may also fade into the background especially when problems and conflicts start to arise. This is happening because the couples are becoming more and more familiar with each other and they are beginning to discover some things they have noticed about their partners before – both good and bad. As time passes by, you begin to focus on your partner’s flaws and imperfections and because you don’t like some things about them, you will try to change them to a new person or to the one whom you thought they were. When this happens, resentment and tension start to build up, and you will feel unhappy of the relationship.

This stage can last for months to years but the most important thing that you need to do in this stage is to meet halfway be able to survive. Know that you and your partner are both unique individuals. Both of you are also imperfect. And the only way for you to get along well and make your relationship last is to see each other through your imperfections and embrace each other’s flaws. Let the weakness of one be the strength of another. In this stage, couples either break up or survive.

3. Stable stage

You will finally get to the stable stage once you have overcome the most difficult challenges when you were at the struggle stage. And the nice thing about it is that you will rediscover love once again and it will even become deeper than before. In this stage, you will also realize that you should not change yourself nor your partner because your relationship is about meeting halfway, knowing how to compromise, and more importantly, knowing how to respect your differences.

4. Blissful stage

Because you have finally accepted the reality that you and your partner are both human who also commit mistakes and have shortcomings, your relationship is on its way to being blissful. You know that despite and in spite of everything, you will choose to be with your partner and you are committed to your relationship no matter what. Here you are already able to experience a balance of love, respect, trust and freedom, and every important element to make a relationship last.

Therefore, your relationship is blissful again, and is ready to move on to the next level. This is the part when you can confidently say that you can already start a family and begin the rest of your life with this person. You feel like you are more of a team now than individuals.

Each stage is different and they are not a linear process. It means that you may circle back to the same stages in your relationship and that’s normal. The most important thing is that you know how to navigate each stage to overcome the challenges and be able to move to another. You just need to grow, evolve and be mature.

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