Dating Advice for Introverts: How You Can Finally Start Dating

dating advice for introverts

While dating can be fun and exciting for most people, it’s not very easy for everyone. In fact, there are times when the dating scene can get complicated and exhausting. But do you know who finds dating even harder? An introvert. For introverts, taking the plunge into dating can be a struggle for many reasons. Besides the fact that they’re comfortable spending time by themselves, they’re not the type who typically enjoys small talk and socializing. However, if you’re an introvert who has decided you’re finally ready to take a step towards finding the love of your life, you should know that it’s never hopeless. Keep reading for some helpful dating advice for introverts.

Understand the importance of small talk

Introverts hate small talk because they don’t understand the value of small talk. To them, small talk is superficial. It’s less complicated to cut to the chase and get to the real conversation. However, if you want to start dating, it’s important to understand why small talk is needed and that it makes connecting with other people a lot easier.  

Small talk doesn’t have to be profound and meaningful. You don’t have to start a deep conversation or have to worry if it comes off as flirting because that’s exactly the goal.

Stay true to yourself

We always want to make a good impression, especially when out on a date. But be careful to make sure you don’t present yourself as someone that you are not just to impress someone. Stay true to yourself. There’s no point in hiding the fact that you’re an introvert. You are out there on a date to find a person who will compliment you, someone who will be a perfect match and who will appreciate and accept you for who you are. After all, you should always be honest. 

Start with something you’re familiar with

Introverts don’t necessarily abhor the idea of being exposed to a large crowd or groups of people. It’s just that their social energy doesn’t last very long when hanging out with others. To help you enjoy dating, choose something you’re already familiar with. Think of a fun activity that will give you the chance to get to know your date better without draining all of your energy. Pick a place that will be comfortable for you. It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant, it just needs to be something that will show them who you are and what you like.

Welcome random conversations

The next time you go out for a peaceful, quiet time at your favorite cafe, don’t be too quick to shut the world out by putting your earphones on. Give yourself the chance to engage with others by opening up to conversations, even with strangers. Who knows, the person you’ve been waiting for could be just around the corner?

Consider online dating

Introverts tend to be less comfortable when trying to converse in person versus in writing. So, if you think you can better express yourself in written words, online dating may be your best option. Online dating is a very popular way for meeting new people and finding a match. Technology gives you ample opportunities to find people who share similar personalities, preferences and interests without using so much of your social energy. The best part? It can be done in the comfort of your own home. 

Find a hobby

Going out of your comfort zone, even for a short time won’t hurt. Try to find a hobby or an activity you’re interested in to increase your chances of meeting new people. This way, making connections won’t be as hard as when you go out on a formal date. 

If you’re an introvert and you’re craving a transformation in your romantic life, don’t worry. It’s never too late to take the plunge into dating!

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