Dating Disasters With Ukrainian Ladies: How To Avoid Them

dating disasters

Dating disasters can happen at any given time. You won’t know what had happened, and it catches anyone and everyone off guard. Avoiding them may be close to impossible, but it is still possible.

Dating has been going on for a long time. In some cultures, you’ll need to offer something to marry off your daughter to a son. This can also happen vice-versa. However, times have changed for the better and now almost everyone has the freedom to choose who they want to spend the rest of their lives with. As difficult as it may seem, it’s possible to go off and date in the real world. This could mean possibly dating your potential wife. However, as technology has become much more imminent in today’s world, online dating has risen.

Although online dating can have its perks and shared glory, it can also have disasters. Yes, everything you could’ve poured your heart into could end up in a sham. So, if these disasters happen to you or at least starting to happen, you may need to start rethinking and help yourself to avoid them at best.

Story #1

There was this time I decided to try dating Slavic ladies, so I paid a huge amount of money to a matchmaker. The matchmaker had me meet a few ladies. I might be using few to loosely as it may be like two or three ladies to be correct. Nonetheless, I met a couple or more of ladies through this matchmaker. I traveled to Ukraine to meet them. I had a good time with some, but I didn’t really get to connect with the others.

I got upset though when I found out that it was a scam. I basically paid thousands of dollars to travel to Ukraine and meet the ladies this matchmaker had set me up with. However, I found out that there are actually Ukraine tours that have beautiful women give you a tour of Ukraine. Yes! These included going around the whole city of Lviv. They even cooked me breakfast, and we even had “romantic dinners” complete with the candlelights. In my head, it was just too perfect to be true. Lo and behold! I was right. The matchmaker itself owned the tour business, and the girls that I went out with work for them.

So, besides making a big fool of myself, I’m down a lot of money.

Story #2

I tried online dating three times just to make sure that I didn’t make any mistakes. Online dating seems to be the best bet for me as it’s going to be easier to find out whether or not I’m being scammed. What I didn’t know was that scams are so elaborate nowadays that you wouldn’t know what a scam was until you’re done with. This is actually a very scary reality on my part as someone who’s just trying to find his soulmate. It’s even more bothersome that I have to go through these things or that people actually do them! Anyways, so my first approach was signing up for a dating site. I didn’t pay anything to sign up, but I did have to pay like 85 dollars so I can send messages to at least 50 women (thinking that it was reasonable). This goes in for the record as the site actually had empty profiles. They had full profiles of girls, but these girls were fakes. I think the site had put them up, and they drain the credit just so you’d have to buy again. Many of the women had online statuses, but they never replied to my messages.

At this point, I was thinking that at least I only lost 85 bucks unlike the other stories I’ve heard right? Well, I left that site, and signed up to a new one a week later. This site was actually nice. I didn’t have to pay anything to sign up. So, I was able to check some profiles and pick out some Ukrainian girls I could talk to. I got excited. Maybe this is it, I could finally find someone (well at least of higher possibility). I found it funny that I was stupid that there were some girls actually chatting with me. The site had its own chat feature, so there were girls that would chat with me. In my head, they were either desperate or I was too naive to see the scam. So, they’d message me like, “Hi.” I’d reply back to them, but I never did get a reply back. It was a waste of time basically. I didn’t know whether I wanted to stretch my unlucky streak, but I’m not the type of guy to quit.

I think what they say is true. The third time’s the charm! Like, it MF is! The third site I went to made me want to give up on my love life entirely. Here I was registered and paid for whatever. I was able to chat with only one Ukrainian lady. We talked on Skype and whatnot. I found her so desperate. She said that she wants to leave Ukraine because she can’t keep living on a $400 schoolteacher’s salary all her life. Plus, she wanted to get away from Ukraine and stop living with her mom and dad. I felt like she was putting all her burden of everything going on in her life to someone who has money, so she doesn’t have to do anything. Basically, I would have been used. I didn’t think about this overnight. I actually thought about this for a week, like maybe this girl was the one. But, come on!

Anyways, all in all, I just gave up on everything.

Enough is enough

These two stories we shared may either sound similar to yours or very far from it. If you have other stories, you can send your stories in the comments section below. So, let’s analyze these two stories, shall we?

In the first story, well, you see. It’s easy to get scammed when you show off that you have this money or at least have money to spend. Finding a matchmaker is okay. However, the important thing to do is do research. We’re unsure if the guy in the first story was able to do some background check before shelling out. If he was able to, then it might have ended a different way. Speculating from the story, it seems that he was only able to do his research later on as he found out about the tour agency that the matchmaker had. Furthermore, when you have money, even if you have a lot of it, doesn’t mean you just go on purchasing because you “need” to meet your soulmate. Finding your soulmate doesn’t take overnight, so ease up on spending cash and simply spending it because you think it will work. Although dating does take some money, it doesn’t mean that you have to give it up right away.

Next, onto the second story. In the second story, there are so many things to tackle. It is a very broad aspect of online dating and probably not finding a legitimate dating site. We highly suggest reading our Anti Scam Policy. This will help you ensure, even when signing up to other sites, that you won’t get scammed.

There are so many ways to fix a disaster. One way of doing that is preventing it. Let us know in the comments section below how you avoided a possible disaster!

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