Dating Eastern European women: Insights into Singles’ Mindset

March 11, 2020 at 1.09pm by in Slavic Women
Eastern European women

Statistics show that nearly 50% of the population in big cities in western countries are single in this day and age. Meanwhile, because there are many more women than men in Eastern Europe, a lot of Eastern European women are single nowadays. No wonder more and more western men are marrying Eastern European brides these days.

Why is dating a mature lady from Eastern Europe a good idea?

If a single woman is above 40 years of age, having children isn’t really on her to-do list; therefore, she is free to fall in love with the right guy!

No matter how old this mature lady is, she has opportunities to fall in love and get married. Every day is a great day. That means she isn’t worried about her partner’s status, age, etc. – that’s very liberating.

As a result, if a mature woman from Eastern Europe loves you, that’s probably true love.

Do you still need to leverage offline dating if you are already doing online dating?

Let me begin this topic with a business analogy.

Those who understand business are aware of the difference between earned income and passive income. If you are an entrepreneur, you create something bigger than yourself, meaning you own a business which is automated by managers and employees. The system generates passive income. For example, I’m sure Bill Gates does not have to go to his office every single day so as to make a profit from his company as his managers and employees are already working hard for him.

However, if you are a freelancer, you aren’t an entrepreneur, although in today’s day and age, many people think they are entrepreneurs when they are actually freelancers. Well, there is nothing wrong with freelancers (actually, Seth Godin is a freelancer as well). As a freelancer, you make earned income because you only get paid when you are working.

Similarly, an employee works for a system and trades hours for dollars, so the employee also makes earned income.

Now let’s look at online dating.

Joining an Eastern European women dating site means the platform will send qualified candidates to you automatically, so this process is just like making passive income.

By contrast, if you only do offline dating, the process is just like making earned income as you must do the work by yourself.

So, if you are already on an Eastern European women dating website, you may wonder whether you still need to try offline dating or not. I can give you a very simple answer – it depends.

Well, I can also give you a more specific answer – You can combine two methods.

If you’re making passive income / leveraged income already, why not make some earned income as well?

As a matter of fact, joining a dating site and meeting women in real life can complement each other. With 2 approaches working for you at the same time, you will surely get results faster, right? Also, in order to find a high-quality bride, quantity certainly matters in the first place.

Okay. If you are still keen to try offline dating as well, you may have some female friends first. Actually, many women want to have more male friends as in their opinion, having a male friend is pretty much like having a boyfriend minus the stress. Therefore, you would be well-advised to believe that women already want to be your friends.

Remember: your female friends already have other female friends. Compared to you, a lady is much more likely to know a lot of other ladies and some of these ladies are qualified candidates for you.

For example, you’ve noticed that your friend Lily’s friend Lucy has some good photos on Instagram & you really want to meet Lucy. Now you can say this to Lily, “Lily, you haven’t met Lucy for a while. I think she probably wants to see you again as she cares about your friendship with her. Should we catch up with Lucy so that you will know more about her new career?”

Lily will feel that your suggestion is literally beneficial to everybody; therefore, she will probably say yes to your suggestion.

Improve your online dating skills.

If you are on an international dating site to meet Eastern European women, you need to have a good online dating profile with high-quality photos. Besides, you also need to know how to be a great conversationalist when you are chatting with Eastern European ladies online.

First of all, you would be well-advised to give juicy answers rather than boring answers.

Most guys aren’t very good at conversations with women. Yet you aren’t one of them as you’ll learn something helpful from this article right now.

We are going to compare 2 conversations below:

Conversation I

MAN: “Hey. How are you doing?”

WOMAN: “Hey. I’m doing okay. What about you?”

MAN: “I’m good. Thank you.”

(Now this Eastern European woman is bored as many other men have sent her the exact same messages on the same international dating site).

Conversation II

MAN: “Hey, Anna. I’m really impressed by your online dating profile. How have you been?”

WOMAN: “Hey Michael. I’m great. Thank you. What about you?”

MAN: “I’m actually planning to go away for a vacation for the summer.”

WOMAN: “Really? Where would you like to go?”

MAN: “I’ll go somewhere that is not hot in July, so perhaps I’ll go to Brisbane.”

WOMAN: “That must be good fun. Where is Brisbane?”

As you can see, in the second conversation, this guy’s juicy answer is just like a delicious dish with aromatic seasoning. It indicates what he is into as well as his attitude. Saying some extra words gives this Eastern European lady more information about him. Next time when this lady sees something about Brisbane, she will surely think of this guy instantly.

By the way, Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, Australia. If you know Savage Garden, you probably know that this band is from Brisbane.

By contrast, a boring answer only leads to a boring reply as there isn’t any conversational links for the Eastern European bride to keep the conversation going.

Second, you should be more assertive.

Generally speaking, there are 3 types of individuals in terms of communication: aggressive people, assertive people and submissive people.

A submissive guy isn’t attractive at all as ladies want to be protected by strong alpha men. Aggressive guys will scare ladies and many of these aggressive guys are actually weak inside (they use an aggressive shell to look strong).

Hence, the ideal option is to be an assertive guy. When you’re assertive in your communication with an Eastern Eur0pean woman, you become more empowered. So, ladies will feel safer when they’re with you. Please don’t be afraid to communicate your standards and your needs.

Next, you need to be an active listener.

Many people ask, “Why women can’t read maps & men can’t listen?” Well, most guys can’t listen to their wives. So, if you’re a great listener, you will become special instantly. When your Eastern European girlfriend is talking to you about something that bothers her, she is possibly not looking for a solution right now. Instead, she is probably looking for connection. Therefore, you just need to tell her that you understand how she feels and be there for your lady. Then you may give her a solution if it’s necessary.

“Women look for trustworthiness in men.”

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