Dating Etiquette for Men on a First Date

Dating etiquette for men

Going on a first dating is not easy. It is nerve-wracking, confusing, exciting and terrifying all at the same time! You spend time choosing what to wear, thinking about what to do and where to go. You worry about how to keep your conversation as enjoyable as possible.  You focus on doing all the other preparations to make that first date just perfect.

But, if there’s one thing you must pay attention to when going on a first date, it should be your dating etiquette. There isn’t anything more impressive than a man who has manners. Want to make a good impression during a first date? Here’s a list of dating etiquette to live by.

Arrive Early

Ukrainian women appreciate a man who knows how to value their time. You shouldn’t keep your date waiting. You have to make sure that you are the first one to arrive at the venue.

Be a Gentleman

Being a well-mannered person doesn’t mean that you have to be formal or stiff. Good manners are something that should come as a second nature. You can be a gentleman by simply holding the door open for your date and pulling out a chair for her. Be polite and make sure you attentively listen to her. Don’t forget the magic words “thank you” and “please”. They can go a long way.

Dress Well

Depending on the venue of your date, make sure you are dressed appropriately. Taking your Ukrainian lady to a fine dining restaurant? You need to be in formal clothes. Having your first date in a more casual venue like a café? Planning to do some other activities? Then just make sure you are dressed accordingly.

When dressing up for a first date, you don’t have to wear something extravagant. The most important thing? Wear clean, comfortable clothes which fit and make you look neat, decent and presentable.

Compliment Your Date

Ukrainian ladies love it when they know they are being appreciated. So don’t hesitate to compliment your date if they look lovely in their outfit. Of course, you have to make sure that you don’t do it out of obligation. Your appreciation must be something that comes from the heart. It must be sincere and genuine.

Be Mindful of Your Table Manners

If you want to increase your chances of a second date, be mindful of your table manners. It may seem very basic but it can make a huge difference. First and foremost, wait for your date’s food to arrive before you start eating. Pace yourself during the meal and make sure you’re not eating too fast. Chew with your mouth closed and do not talk while your mouth is full.

Avoid Using Your Phone

It is incredibly rude to keep checking your phone when on a date. It will make your date feel that you are bored or not interested. Instead, concentrate on and give your undivided attention to your date.  Focus on your conversations and listen attentively. If you need to take an important phone call, make sure to excuse yourself politely.

Treat Servers with Respect and Courtesy

There is nothing more unattractive than a man who is rude to the server or wait staff. You must treat everyone with the same level of respect regardless of who you’re dealing with.

Take Care of the Bill

You’ll be the one to take care of paying the bill on the first date. No questions asked. It is even a better idea to excuse yourself after your dinner to pay the bill out of her sight.

Don’t Drink Too Much

A glass of wine or a bottle of beer during a first date is perfectly fine. However, make sure not to drink excessively. It doesn’t send the right message. You don’t want to end your first date getting drunk. You surely won’t be getting a second date.

Because first impressions are important when it comes to first dates, follow these dating etiquettes tips. Make sure you are making the right impression to your Ukrainian lady. If you want to meet and Ukrainian women, please visit our international dating site – Ukraine Brides Agency.

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