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I was recently alerted by a couple of members to a discussion forum specialising in Russian (and former Russian states) Dating Sites and all things about these.

I read a number of pages going back several months and could not help but notice how negative the comments on the forum were. Anyone who had anything positive to say, including success they had, or a site they had found to be offering good service was immediately besieged by any number of contributors who stay logged on endlessly and seem to have no other useful purpose in their life.

I wrote a short article about our site and some of the positive things we had done recently and I was immediately replied to by any number of writers who have never heard of me and had never even visited our site. I have followed up with several other replies – all on a positive note.

When I looked a little closer, I see that many of these writers mention a particular site occasionally – not the same site, they all had their own little favourite that they mention every so often. I began to wonder…..

Could it be that these forums are used as a marketing ploy by other sites to speak badly about any site that may be mentioned in positive tones by a contributor? I guess this would be classed as negative marketing and a sign of desperation. Political elections seem to run along the same way.

I will not stoop to this level and will continue to contribute positively about the changes and improvements that we are making in the hope that the tone of the writers may change and they may realise that there are alternative sites that may just offer something better – I love a challenge.

  • Piefbret

    Je confirme. Je suis d’accord avec tout plus haut par dit.


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