Disrespectful Habits in Marriage that should not be Tolerated

August 25, 2017 at 6.00am by in Online Dating
Disrespectful Habits in Marriage

Love is not enough to make a relationship work. If you want to have a happy and healthy relationship, there should also be respect for one another. Lack of respect between a couple is one of the biggest reasons why many relationships, especially marriages fail.

Being married is not easy. It is not a promise of rainbows and butterflies or bed of roses. While there are many happy and romantic times, there will also be a lot of challenges and obstacles along the way. However, no matter how hard the trials, you need to stand by your promise to love, honor and respect your partner like what you have vowed on your wedding day.

If you think you are doing your part in your marriage, your partner must also do the same. It will never work if the effort only comes from just one person in a relationship. While couples fight and argue every now and then, there are certain things that are way too beyond the boundaries and should not be tolerated.

Here are some of the disrespectful habits in a marriage that you should watch out for.

1. They constantly hold and use their phone even when they are with you

Cell phones are important but there i a right time and place for using it, especially when you are spending quality time with your spouse. If your spouse never puts their phone down even when they are out with you on a date or when you are out for movies, then that is a sign of disrespect and that should never be tolerated.

2. You are never introduced to other people they know

There are times when you bump into some people that your spouse has met before. If they respect you, you should be introduced as the husband or wife. It will make you feel uncomfortable to just be standing there and wait until they finish talking.

3. You are being insulted

No one has the right to say bad and insulting things to anyone; not you, not even your spouse. This is one of the things that should not be happening to any relationship, most especially to marriages. Regardless of your flaws, imperfections, and shortcomings, no one should be putting you down. If this is being done to you, you should already be alarmed.

4. Your family is being avoided

No matter what happens, your family will always be in the background of your marriage. Although they may not directly meddle in your relationship with your spouse, they still matter because these are the people who loved you first. And because they are your family, your spouse should make an effort to respect them and reach out to them, and not avoid them. If your significant other refuses to spend time with them and get to know them better, then that is also a sign that he does not respect the people that matter to you.

5. They don’t respect alone time

Even when you are already married, you don’t necessarily have to have your time all to yourselves, with just the two of you. You also need some time apart to spend with the other people who matter to both of you, with your friends and family. This is what you call space. If you fail to do this and you don’t know how to strike a balance between alone time and quality time together, you might end up feeling suffocated in the relationship. Your spouse should respect your alone time and they can’t demand you to spare all of your time for them.

6. They don’t appreciate having you around in their lives

When your spouse respects you, they should make you feel that they appreciate you are there and are part of their lives. They even should feel fortunate and should treat you right because you are valued. However, if they make you feel that they are doing you a favor because they chose you, then that is not respectful. It’s like they are putting you down and making you feel that you are unimportant. And that is something you should not tolerate if you still also have some respect for yourself.

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