Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset in this online dating journey?

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Those who have a fixed mindset think that they are unable to improve themselves, whereas people who have a growth mindset think they are able to keep improving themselves each day. Which mindset do you have in your online dating journey right now?

What causes a fixed mindset?

A controversial educator and investor from the United States famously said, “Men who were born in comfortable middle-class families in the United States usually had a very good upbringing. Thus, they generally have a comfortable lifestyle. Yet that’s why they often don’t have urgency. By contrast, those who experienced tremendous adversity when they were young are much more likely to succeed in life because they usually have a sense of urgency – they work harder and want to improve themselves every single day. No wonder I know so many immigrants in America who are high achievers: they are aware of how hard it was to move to America and begin a brand-new life here. Therefore, they have the urgency and the motivation to be successful.”

Apparently, a fairly comfortable life causes stagnation and a fixed mindset, while adversity and challenges help people to develop a growth mindset. In addition, challenges and adversity make individuals find smarter ways to become successful in spite of the adversity, because of the adversity. Well, the fact that you’ve been reading this blog about online dating means you surely have a growth mindset! Congratulations! 😊

Do you have a positive mindset in online dating?

I don’t want to sugar-coat this: dating isn’t easy.

But the fundamental reason why a lot of men find dating hard is because they don’t even have a very positive mindset in the first place. In reality, your mindset determines your feelings and behavior; your feelings and behavior determine the results you get in the end.

First, a man who has a great love life enjoys a virtuous cycle: He feels the good emotions and feelings before wonderful things happen for him. When he feels positive feelings and emotions, his entire vibration energy becomes higher, so the universe gives him things that can match his vibration energy. No, it’s not wishful thinking; it’s Law of Attraction.

In my view, when you are already happy, your positive and upbeat energy attracts ladies naturally. I think the No. 1 attractive trait in a man is sparkling happiness. No one wants to date a man who is unhappy and complaining every day.

What’s more, sparkling happiness creates a playful and fun-loving attitude which is important in online dating. By that I mean although you are serious, your general attitude when you are flirting with women has to be spontaneous and interesting because that is exactly what ladies respond to (though a lot of women might not be aware of that in their logical brain). Every woman says, “I am looking for a serious relationship” – in fact, every successful and serious relationship is best characterized by fun and playfulness. A lady’s intuition tells her exactly that in her subconscious mind.

When you have sparkling happiness, your general attitude becomes spontaneous and your mindset becomes fun-loving. These all lead to intense chemistry and uncontrollable attraction in dating and relationships. 😉

Yes, you are able to build other elements in a relationship; however, you can’t manufacture real chemistry if it’s not there to start with. So, here is the secret sauce: organic chemistry + perceived challenge + perceived value = unstoppable attraction

Positivity and confidence increase your perceived value. An alpha mindset increases your perceived challenge. Sparkling happiness generates Chemistry with a capital C. Now you are ready to be a woman magnet.

Additionally, a large number of people think that when they become wildly successful, they will be happy as well, i.e., success results in happiness. Nonetheless, I would argue that the opposite is probably true: happiness results in success. Here is my rationale: When you are truly happy, things seem easier and the way you present yourself is better; hence, you are more likely to succeed faster.

“A highly positive mindset is the ultimate fast-track to an amazing love life. Sparking happiness is the real fast-track to true success.”

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