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One of the unique characteristics of using an online dating site and looking for your special Russian woman or Ukrainian lady is that there can be language barriers that require personalized translation and assistance. It helps to ensure that you receive direct and intended messages. In such a case we suggest to have video chats, so both men and women may be sure that they wish to make another step toward a serious communication.

Many ladies depend on local agencies who provide the services to provide translations and to assist the man and the lady to develop a relationship. Many Ukrainian women have busy lives, including working and raising children and, while they genuinely seek a foreign husband, have difficulty finding the time to devote to the serious task of finding a foreign date.

Too often, ladies register at a local agency but then are not able to be the clients anymore and their profile may remain dormant at the agency and on dating sites, for a long time. It can be common for ladies to expect this poor service and give up hope.

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is regularly following up with our ladies to ensure that they know what they can do in next steps with men, ensure that they respond to messages and chat requests and to ensure that the lady is still actively searching, especially if there has been no interest in her profile for a while.

Recently, we have received positive feedback from some of our ladies and this is gratifying to us as it shows that our work is being appreciated. Often, the ladies are not so well looked after by agencies and sites, but to us, that makes no sense. To have a successful dating site requires that both the men and the ladies that use the site are happy and active.

Some of the feedback that we have received is:

Lady Olga (username: Brilliant_Olga) said: “Thank you so much for your help. You are so attentive to me… I appreciate it.”



Especially relevant, Lady Natalia (username: tender_lady_natalia) said: “Good evening. Thanks for your attention to me. I’m very pleased. Yes, my profile is relevant because I’m still looking for my second half. I will be grateful to you for your help. Thank you for the support.

Sincerely, Natalia”



Furthermore, Lady Marina (username: Gentle_Marina) said: “I thank you for such benevolence and responsiveness! I was very pleased to receive such an early response to my appeal. Most noteworthy, it is wonderful to feel such a strong support! It is impossible to give up a dream with such a team. I will be very glad to continue the joint communication and search. With respect and gratitude, Marina”.





Moreover, Lady Irina said: “I did not think that registration would be so fast. Apparently, you have a really serious site. Thanks for your help!”


However, Irina is correct – we are a really serious site and we want all our members, men and women, to receive the best support we can offer and to find success as quickly as possible.

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