Dont Give Up

I receive many emails from men who have been ripped off for years and they are in despair – the entire Ukraine dating industry is a scam they say.

Yesterday I received an email from Norway and an excerpt follows;
I know there are many who are sick of all the crap scam on dating sites. I know many people who are tired due to 99% scam. If you manage to get a date site 100% scam free and genuine with honest beautiful ( not sexy ) girls I believe you can do well. With the right price and good honest employees you will get a good and profitable business. but the way things work today is not good enough. As you know yourself, it is huge with scam in your industry, how to fix it? Yes it is up to you.
Well thank you for you answered me and for your understanding of my and others’ frustration about all dating scam.
I know many people who are upset over all scam. There are many men who have given up trying to meet some girl from Ukraine because off scam.
Messages like this are sent to me constantly and the message is the same…… if you can set up a 100% scam free and genuine Ukraine marriage site with beautiful, normal Ukraine girls, at the right price, with honest employees, you will have a good and profitable business.

It is extremely difficult to prove that you are different from the rest and that you are genuine because all the sites, even the worst scammers, say the same thing. The only way to prove your intentions is to respond personally and quickly to each and every question and statement that is emailed through to you. Just sending a personal answer back from the site to the man is something that most sites cant be bothered doing.

Use our site and you may finally find that beautiful Ukraine bride that you have been searching for.

  • Giorgios

    First say what a great article, it is good to other people’s opinions on a blog “but not positive”.
    I know that in Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, South America, there are plenty of scam.
    Why women so beautiful, with university degree, seeking a man out? As they love their country, everything about them but not their men, say they drink alcohol, so do men in the United States, England, Canada, Germany ….,.
    For example I live in Greece, and Greece most of us like to party and drinking alcohol, and I’m no better or worse than a man Ukrainian
    A good way to make a safe place, is that women pay a monthly fee.
    You give all your data, address, phone number, place of work …. I believe that Ukraine is a country with a very high level of corruption, and all measures are few, but it’s just my opinion.
    Thank you for this article, I personally liked it.

    • keith

      Great reply. I am pleased you like my articles.

  • Jim

    I have used this site for a while and I’m generally pleased and happy with the service I have received but, writing of scams, I must say I am unhappy with the fees that are charged for translators at meetings.
    $20 an hour is ok if you use the interpreter for only a few hours but if you use this service for an all day meeting, let us say 8 hours, it becomes very expensive and $160 is a ridiculous price to pay for this, especially if you meet your lady for several days.
    A set fee should be charged for a full days service and should be perhaps only $70-$80 maximum.
    One more minor but annoying detail.
    When I used this service the translator was constantly using her mobile phone and a few times I had to stop speaking mid sentence because she was not listening and too engrossed with her phone.
    You run a good agency Keith but would be so good if you could address these issues.

    • keith

      Hi Jim
      Thank you for your comment.
      yes, we agree with you and we have started working on fixing this.
      The interpreters work for the agencies, not ourselves, which is why you pay them directly when you use them. However, they are representative of us and we agree that this needs to be rectified.
      We are negotiating with the agencies now to set a half day and a full day rate – which is much fairer, as you say.
      Further, when you arrange a meeting, we supply you with a guideline for interpreters which outlines what is expected and what is not acceptable. An interpreter wasting time using her cellphone is not permitted, unless she is arranging something on your behalf.
      Also, at the end of each meeting, you should be supplied with a meeting feedback form, which you complete and we receive a copy. Please state on this any issues you had during the meeting and we will ensure it never happens again.


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