Don’t Just Prepare For Meeting Your Ukraine Bride; Prep For The MARRIAGE, Too

October 4, 2016 at 8.08pm by in Slavic Women

A lot of men make the mistake of merely preparing for the moment of finally finding that one woman he hopes to be with for the rest of his life. I’m sure he isn’t interested in the froufrou and the hustle and bustle of the wedding, but he sure is interested in sharing the rest of his life with that woman that he can finally call “his own.” If that woman happens to be a Ukrainian girl, I’m sure he won’t mind it, either.

However, the flaw with that kind of thinking is what makes a doomed marriage for men and women alike: The expectations of a “happily ever after” or an unrealistic forever may be too starry-eyed. It is these unrealistic expectations that lead to a marriage that may soon fail.

So, as a man who wants to keep his slice of heaven on earth “till death do thee part,” or forever and a day, how do you go into a relationship with your Ukraine bride in a way that ensures that you stay together, forever?

  • Set realistic expectations. In all things on this planet, setting realistic expectations could spell the difference between a disaster and a successfully-pulled-off endeavor. It’s the same thing with interpersonal relationships, especially those that you hope would lead to marriage. When you know what to expect, and prepare yourself emotionally, you would be better able to manage realistic, or even disastrous, outcomes.

To guide you, here is how to be realistic with your expectations:

  • Know that there’s always a possibility of things not going your way. We don’t encourage pessimism, but always think that there’s a chance that things won’t work out. Brace yourself for that possibility, and work towards coping well if it does happen.
  • There is no perfect woman, nor a perfect marriage. She will burp, even belch. Her farts will smell atrocious. Yes, farts are made of methane, and they smell just as bad. So deal with that fact. You guys will fight. The important thing is how you choose to resolve those fights.
  • There will be cultural differences. And you will have to adjust. Yes she is gorgeous, but you also have to learn to cope with the cultural differences. Her statements in her native Ukrainian or Moldovan may translate poorly to English. And you will have to make allowances for those. Forgiveness: Constant, daily, multiple-times-a-day forgiveness, is key. Hey, no one likes to travel through life with atrocious amounts of excess emotional baggage, so “pack light,” forgive constantly and easily, then experience the benefits.
  • Learn their culture. As said in the previous point, there will be misunderstandings. The frequency of those may be higher in a multicultural marriage. However, there are pluses to this cultural difference: Ukrainian women are not as emotionally tied to their careers as most Western women, or women from Western-influenced cultures are. Ukrainian girls’ highest aspiration in life is to become a wife, and to nurture a thriving family. This is definitely a plus for you, especially if family-oriented values are what you require, too. However, there are caveats. Take this: Ukrainians are notorious for their myriad of superstitions. If you can embrace the odd superstitions and customs, then you will reap the benefit of a loving wife who will be attentive to you and your children.
  • Be your best self, too. Please, you are not acquiring a slave here. You are wooing and pursuing a wife, a woman you hope to be your equal. So it is only fair to bring your best self to the table. Have a temper? Get rid of it, stat. Been told that you’re so rough around the edges? Enlist the help of friends to help you refine your manners. Better yet, find a charm school where you learn the finer points of acting well in social situations. They still exist, and you may be able to benefit from enrolling in a class or two.

The “ritual” of courtship, a wedding, and eventually, marriage, is no simple pursuit. A life-changing decision will delineate “now” and “forever.” Once that decision is made, some things can never be undone. And when it is undone via divorce, the “undoing” may become messy.

So as you dive into a relationship with your Ukrainian bride, bear in mind that she is no doll. She is no paragon of perfection. She has flaws. The best thing you can do for her is to love her, accept her, in spite of those flaws.

And if she’s throwing a hissy fit, here’s a tip: Ukrainian women love the finer things in life. So you may want to keep a stack of jewelry handy for those exact moments.

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