The Do’s and Don’ts When Dating a Ukrainian Woman

November 9, 2018 at 1.00pm by in Slavic Women
Dating A Ukrainian Woman;

Ukrainian women are popular around the world because of their positive qualities. These women are devoted, faithful and smart. This is the reason why a lot of men desire to date a Ukrainian woman.

If you consider  marrying a Ukrainian girl, it’s important to learn more about them, as well as their culture and background. Read on for some of the most important points you need to take note of.

People of Ukraine are known to be traditionalists. It means that they give their traditions and family values an utmost importance. They are family-oriented. They concentrate on starting their own family, raising their own children, and maintaining healthy relationships with their spouse. So, if your goal is to win the heart of a Ukrainian woman, you need to speak to the family about your intention.

Ukrainian women do not leave their country to be married to foreign men. The reality is they love their country and their families too much to leave them behind. Ukrainian women have their own dreams and ambitions and they are   into businesses and charity programs. They love being given opportunities to find themselves in the crafts they enjoy and love.

If you’re planning to pursue a Ukrainian girl, here are the dos and don’ts of dating one.

Know what you want

If you plan to  talk to a Ukrainian girl, make sure that you know your purpose. Also, let your potential date know of your intentions. Expressing that your intentions are pure and you include her as part of your future plans will give her the impression that you are a matured person.

Be presentable

While Ukrainian women look beyond the physical attributes of a person, how you dress up and present yourself is still important. You don’t need to be the best-looking man in the world. You have to make sure you also look neat and tidy when you see each other in person.

Be a man

For Ukrainians, they have a firm belief that the man is the breadwinner and the woman is the housekeeper. Gender roles are well protected in countries like Ukraine. In their country, the man is still the one who provides for his family. The woman is the one who stays at home to take care of the kids, as well as the household chores. Make sure you are ready for the role and responsibilities if you consider getting married to a Ukrainian woman.

Be intelligent

Ukrainian girls find intelligent men attractive. They want men who are smart and the ones who can keep the conversation going. That’s because Ukrainian women themselves are also smart and witty. They need someone who won’t make them feel bored and can spark interesting conversations.

Give her space

We all need some time alone and the same thing goes for Ukrainian ladies. Learn how to respect their personal space and time. Even if you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman, be sure to allow her to do certain things on her own. Especially if these are the things that make her happy and complete.

Be generous

Ukrainian women still practice the traditional ways of dating where men are expected to take care of the bill. Make sure not to ask your Ukrainian date to split the bill when you invite her out for dinner. This gesture of paying for the activities and meals during your date is a sign of chivalry and courtesy. Ukrainian women value this a lot.

Be assertive

Ukrainian women are swept away by the kind of men who know how to stand by their principles and beliefs. It doesn’t mean you have to disrespect her opinions, decisions and points of view. It only means that it’s important that you also show her that you have character. Your are  someone who can be respectful and assertive at the same time.

Make her laugh

Putting a smile on the face of your Ukrainian date can go a long way. So don’t hesitate to use a little humor and make her laugh. Think of some funny stories to break the ice. Conversations are going to be more interesting if they are less serious and are injected with a little humor and fun. It will make her appreciate your company even more!

Show your interest in her culture

People of Ukraine treasure their culture a lot. They value the traditions passed on to them by their ancestors. When dating a Ukrainian woman, one of the worst things you can do is show no interest in their culture and background. It will make them feel that you are not interested to learn about the things that matter to her. Her culture is a significant part of who she has become. So make sure to take time to learn more about it and embrace it.

Show her affection

Any man doesn’t need fame and fortune to impress a Ukrainian woman. These are not the things that will make her fall head over heels in love with somebody. Instead, shower her with love and affection. They don’t need to be with any wealthy man to be happy because they are independent and career-oriented. They are very much capable of establishing a lucrative career for themselves. What they need is a life partner who can take care of them, love them and treat them right for the rest of their lives.

Build trust in your relationship

The best way to build a happy and healthy relationship with a Ukrainian woman is to earn her trust. Trust is one of the most crucial foundations of a successful relationship. It starts with honesty. Don’t keep anything, even secrets, from her. Don’t be afraid to show her who you are. Don’t fear to be judged. If you want to have a serious commitment with her, you’d want her to know and embrace everything about you. No pretensions and no keeping of secrets.

Be sweet and romantic

Like most girls, Ukrainian ladies appreciate men who are thoughtful and sweet. However, it doesn’t mean they are materialistic and you need to shower them with gifts. All they need is to feel that you care for them even in little ways. For example, find out what her favorite dish is and cook it for her. Or buy her favorite flowers and surprise her. At the end of the day, what matters is how you show your affection through actions and sweet gestures.

Stay away from vices

Pursuing a relationship with a Ukrainian girl may mean that you have to let go of your vices, if there’s any. If you have been drinking or smoking, it’s about time to stop. Most Ukrainian women do not appreciate men who keep vices like smoking and drinking. They are looking for a person they can consider as husband material. Someone who is responsible, caring and loving altogether.

Stay loyal

A Ukrainian woman is an ideal life partner.   She isn’t only going to be your wife and a mother of your kids, she can also be your best friend. She is someone who will support you all the way, in good times and the bad. Therefore, it’s only right to reciprocate her loyalty. It isn’t something you can find in everybody every single day.

There are many good reasons why men from around the world are looking for a Ukrainian bride. If you are interested in dating a Ukrainian woman, be sure to use this guide to help you find success. Also don’t hesitate to visit a reputable dating website like Ukraine Brides Agency.

  • Mike Storm

    I with a Ukrainian woman . We are starting to become serious . I scared a little because she seems so perfect . Too good to be true scenario . But she lives a modest life and exhibits herself as she says she is . What hooks her in more? She seems perfect anyways .


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