Elena, Agency Manager, Ukraine – February 2015

March 8, 2015 at 3.39am by in Testimonials
Dear Keith, every day I think how to improve my business, how to make my employees more professional and successful, how to reach goals in time and get pleasure from what I do) So it is a great pleasure for me to give you some info how to make your site more interesting and attractive for women and men. More and more new sites appear every year on this dating market, I get lots of propositions to start cooperation with them, but when I start to ask about details – I realize that it is just a scam and making money without a real result for participants of these sites. As for your site – I see how much you involved in making real and true relations between people, your managers are real professionals, sometimes even more than needed))) I see how your managers give all themselves to this work and how they check every my client, without any exceptions, you can be proud of them. This shows me that I found right partners for cooperation.
best wishes to you also, it was nice to hear from you,
Have a nice Sunday,
  • Robert Wheeler

    Guys, if you are hesitant or reluctant to use the Ukraine Brides Agency, don’t be. They are for real!!

    14 months ago, I was exactly where you are today, wondering if all these beautiful women were for real, and most importantly, is the Ukraine Brides Agency a sincere operation or are they a scam? I have that answer for you.
    I had met a wonderful woman on this site the second day that I joined the UBA. Needless to say she captivated my heart and soul and I fell in love with her very quickly. We communicated via the Agency for nearly eight months and then I decided it was time to make the journey to meet this woman face to face. But during the eight months prior to the trip, everything seemed to be clicking right along, things felt so perfectly. So perfectly that I knew that I was about to meet my future bride face to face.
    So, I made the trip to Ukraine and I met this woman, we spent the next nine days together and things seemed ok. I noticed a few minor things but tossed it up to culture differences. After the visit, I returned to the United States and we began communicating and planning my next visit for July of 2015. I felt for sure, this was it, this would be the time that I propose to her. After all we had been discussing applying for her visa and her immigrating to the USA to be with me.
    Well, things changed suddenly only a few months prior to my scheduled trip to visit her. I had to reach out for help from another couple, who run the UBA office in California to deal with the situation. They called and spoke with my lady at which time she indicated that she did not feel anything between us and that she wished for a much younger man. Can you believe this?
    The folks at the California office contacted Keith, the owner of UBA and discussed the situation with him. I as well e-mailed Keith and requested that he take a look at this individual to ensure that she was the type of person that should be associated with UBA. Well, it wasn’t long and things started moving.
    I soon received an E-mail, multiple actually, explaining to me the actions that UBA had taken on my behalf. He also explained to me that he had reimbursed me every penny of what I had spent over 13 months communicating with this woman! I was in shock, as I did not expect this, nor did I ask Keith for this. Guys, don’t take me wrong here, I am not saying that with every failed situation that you will receive a refund. But I GUARANTEE you that if you have problems with a lady who is a member of UBA, Keith and his team will definitely rectify the situation and make certain that you, his client is happy.
    Do I trust Keith and the UBA? You bet I do, and I explained to Keith that I would remain a client until I find my destiny thru the UBA. So do not hesitate to become a member, put your faith in Keith and his entire UBA team, as they definitely have your backs, and they will take care of you from start to finish.
    And last but not least, if you have questions about anything, do not hesitate to drop Keith a message. He will respond to you and answer all of your questions. I have done this a few times myself. Keith is a very sincere man and he cares about your interest and happiness. Good luck guys, now join up and go search for your destiny,, she is waiting for you!!!

    Robert D Wheeler.
    Texas, USA


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