Embracing simplicity in international relationships

September 24, 2021 at 9.06am by in International Dating
international relationships

Many couples who are in international relationships have realized that simplicity is very powerful in love and in life.

How to live a life true to yourself:

This world is full of amazing things for you to explore. Yes, there are so many exciting things to experience and the number of missed opportunities is scary.

Human beings are not biologically programmed to stay stagnant forever. We are all programmed to experience what this world has to offer and stay active forever.

I understand that many people work really hard because they want to achieve success in their careers. Meanwhile, the society tells us that we should strike a balance because work/life balance is paramount. However, balance while establishing your career is probably a myth. But you don’t have to be miserable before you can be successful. I mean you can have a lot of reward along the way to success.

How to do less and achieve more:

A controversial regret of the dying is “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard”. This statement was criticized by experts in the United Kingdom (they were complaining, “How can someone even say that?! Where is their work ethics?!”)

Well, but many people in nursing homes have that regret, and it’s a fact.

Truthfully, you can do less and achieve more if you focus on working smart rather than working hard. Of course, working hard is also of vital importance, yet working smart is probably more important, in my opinion. The key is to work more efficiently and effectively and stop focusing on working long hours.

My suggestion is you’d better simplify your work life. Adding more to your life complicates it. Complications cause logistical wrangling which takes too much time and energy that then cannot be invested in things which lead to the most satisfaction and joy, e.g., an international relationship. Simplification will make your life easier. The less your life is bulging at the seams with complications and complexity, the more space you will have to show up for what actually matters. The key question to ask yourself in terms of any area of your life is: Is there a way I can get the desired result with fewer elements or fewer steps or in less time? Your desired result here can be a sales target at work, a revenue goal in your business, a desire you have around your relationship with your children, or a way you would like to feel in your romantic relationship. No matter which area you are looking at, the same question still applies. Provided you begin asking yourself this question regularly, you will realize how much energy and time you have previously wasted making things much more complicated than they actually need to be.

In fact, I’m talking about things like unnecessary meetings at work, trying to make others happy, overthinking things, overmanaging life, taking on responsibilities and duties beyond your fundamental needs and those of your family, multiple jobs or businesses that are probably unnecessary, saying yes to too many activities, living according to others’ expectations, lacking good boundaries, trying to do everything by yourself, etc.

How to simplify your life so that you have more energy and time for an international relationship:

You can consider the following ideas if they apply to you –

  1. Donating things that you don’t need instead of going through the hassle of trying to sell them;
  2. Laundry delivery and pickup;
  3. Agreeing on who does what chores in the household so that it is preset and does not need to become a struggle or a problem;
  4. Getting rid of extra cars that you don’t even need;
  5. Regular grocery delivery;
  6. Batching tasks or time blocking things such as making phone calls, errands and housework so time is not wasted on jumping from task to task/becoming distracted all the time;
  7. Meal planning or ingredient delivery service;

“Strip back what’s not adding to your joy and satisfaction so that you are left with the simple basics of what actually matters.”

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