Financial Management in a Marriage with a Ukrainian Wife

November 21, 2019 at 9.24am by in Slavic Women
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Money is a taboo topic in western culture. But in many other countries, money is not a taboo topic. Frankly, because money is a taboo in the West, people avoid talking about it. Consequently, a lot of people in western countries don’t have a good understanding of personal finances. If you are going to marry a Ukrainian bride, you may want to read this article today.

Have a money date with your Ukrainian wife every two weeks.

If you get paid every two weeks, you should have a “Money Time” fortnightly. That means when you get paid, you sit down and organize your finances carefully.

When you get married, you probably need to sit down with your wife and look at your finances together. Let’s call it “a money date”.

On the money date, you create a romantic ambiance first. If you do it at home, you can have a money date while drinking champagne! You may even want to put on some jazz music in the background.

Then you sit down with your Ukrainian wife and do the following tasks together:

  1. Check how much money you’ve received from your employer or your business.
  2. Pay yourself first (save as much money as you can).
  3. Check the transaction history of your bank accounts and review every transaction & receipt. Get rid of receipts that you don’t need to keep.
  4. If you have any online income via PayPal, you can transfer your online revenue to your business bank account. (This is very common nowadays because a lot of people have side hustles on the Internet.)
  5. Complete bank reconciliation if you have your own business.
  6. Pay your bills.

Note that successful people always pay themselves first and pay their bills last.

Clarify Want VS Need:

There is an effective way to manage your money – only buy things you need; don’t buy things you want. Whenever you are about to buy something, ask yourself, “Do I need this? Or do I want this?” If you want it, don’t buy it; if you need it, you can buy it. That’s a great way to save money if both you and your Ukrainian wife are frugal.

Nonetheless, what you want isn’t always unnecessary.

Actually, if you buy something that you absolutely want, that usually means you will use it. Therefore, you aren’t really wasting your money. I would argue that money enjoyed isn’t money wasted, as long as you have a practical financial plan and you can stick to it. Similarly, time enjoyed isn’t time wasted either.

It’s not beneficial to save all your money when you are young. Let me explain.

Learning how to save your money is certainly useful in the long term. Nevertheless, if a 25-year-old person is always thinking about how to save 50 cents while buying a T-shirt, chances are this person will probably still think about how to save 50 cents while buying a T-shirt when they are 35, 45, …. What I’m saying is you have to invest in yourself when you are young (e.g. investing in your education & buying things/experiences that can benefit you in the long run). In fact, a financial expert even claims that you might benefit more if you spend all your money in your 20s on the right things so that you don’t have to worry about how to save 50 cents in your 30s, 40s, …. Yes, knowing how to save money is important, but you should only focus on saving money when you are older, not when you are 25 years old.

Those who dare not spend money also can’t make real money. You have to learn how to take a calculated risk. When you are still young, you can afford to be involved in high-risk, high-reward activities (e.g. hiring a mentor). Invest in yourself now if you are a young man under 30 years old. If your Ukrainian wife is an intelligent woman, she will agree with this idea.

If your Ukrainian wife doesn’t have a job yet because she just moved to a western country recently, you may help her find a job.

Now I’d like to talk about how to stand out from the crowd during a job interview.

Many NLP experts have recommended this strategy:

Some candidates don’t know where to put their hands during the interview.  A basic principle is: do not even think about your hands when you are having a conversation with the employer.  hence, an advanced principle is: you should follow the employer’s habit – if the employer is animated, you should also use more gestures; if the employer doesn’t have any gestures, then you should move less!  This is because people like those who have similar habits and behavior. 

Obviously, this principle comes from Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) which is a well-respected modern psychological concept, and it can be utilized for a job interview as well!

Therefore, if your Ukrainian wife is attending a job interview which may bring more income to your household, she should assess the employer’s habits/gestures and then model herself on them!

Furthermore, this strategy will help your Ukrainian wife stand out from the crowd and get the dream job that she deserves.

Lastly, I’m going to end this article with a final suggestion regarding why you should have more than one skill.

You’ve heard the popular saying “Don’t be a jack of all trades.”

Certainly, this idea is valid. Yet I’d like you to really think about this: If you only master one skill, is that really beneficial in this day and age?

In fact, the time when you graduate from university and find a job to work for 40 years until you retire is already gone. Nowadays, more and more people are freelancers! Certainly, if you are a freelancer with only one skill, that means your risk is very high because you probably only have one source of income.

Therefore, in order to lower your risk, you should consider mastering some different skills and combine your skills in creative ways.

For instance, you know two languages. Great. Become a translator and an interpreter.

Consequently, if you know the translation, consider becoming a writer as well.

Hence, diversifying your revenue sources is the best advice in modern-day society because this will make your career more sustainable in the long term.

Today you may ask yourself, “How many skills do I have or should I develop? How am I going to combine my skills creatively?”

Certainly, your Ukrainian wife will probably like the above-mentioned recommendation as well.

Bonus tips:

  1. “Manage your finances with your Ukrainian wife and achieve financial freedom together.” Taking breaks is just as important as working hard. Certainly, making money is important, but looking after yourself is much more important.
  • We actually learn more while having fun. More relevant, when education is combined with entertainment, a much bigger impact is created.  Consequently, we always remember the most humorous teacher at school and the fun textbook we read. That’s why I mentioned that you should make your money date fun!
  • Doing more stuff creates a gateway to new opportunities.  When we get stuck, one way to get out of it is to do more stuff, because stuff leads to stuff (Sorry for not writing it in a more elegant way).  Hence, just do stuff!  Then we’ll see new opportunities rock up.  

“Manage your finances with your Ukrainian wife and achieve financial freedom together.”

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