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Dating advice


August 13, 2019 by

It’s easy to feel incredibly close and connected with someone you’re dating at the beginning of the relationship, but after a while, the honeymoon period ends, and then you find out whether the two of you suit each other or not.

There are signs that the person you’re with is not “The One.


It happens sometimes when you just come to know in your heart that no matter how perfect and wonderful this person may be, and no matter how much you wish with every fiber of your being that you could actually love this person … [he or she] is not the right one for you. If this is the case, it may be best to say goodbye to love.


If you disagree on major topics, things might not work out, which is why it’s wise to discuss such things in the first year or so. Whether it comes to finances, religion, kids, or other issues. If you two are just not clicking on major topics, you’re not with ‘The One.


If you don’t trust or respect your partner, or they don’t trust or give respect to you, this is a near-impossible problem to fix. Once trust and respect are lost, then so is the relationship. In order for a relationship to be successful, it has to be built on a strong foundation, which includes trust and respect.


Little things and not so little things start to bother you about this person, and many of the personality traits that drew you to this person in the first place are … the selfsame things that start to repel you. If you find yourself unsettled by the way your partner is, and disinterested in being understanding of them and trying to figure out how to make things work, they may not be a good fit for you.


Even if you’re happy together, it’s a sign that you might not be together forever if you can’t really imagine what it would be like to be with them for many years. You just don’t see a future with them. You can’t see yourself growing old with them. If you can’t see yourself living happily ever after — regardless of any challenges that you may be facing, big or small — chances are, he or she is not ‘The One.

For more advice and tips on dating and relationships, please feel free to visit our blog.

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Do You Know When to Start Dating After a Breakup?

August 12, 2019 by
Woman crying over a broken heart

When a relationship ends, it’s so easy to get caught up in loneliness, in the overwhelming feeling of not being good enough, in your self-doubts and all the negative feelings anyone could possibly feel. These are all natural. These are all normal emotions. When a person leaves,  the pain rips you to the core, you begin to question your worth and your self-love is shaken. That is until you start to heal and move on. And to move on, one of the pieces of advice you’ll get is to get back into the dating game. It may have worked for some, but it doesn’t mean it can work for everyone. So, how do you know when to start dating after a breakup?

There’s no specific timeline

No one can really tell how long recovering from heartbreak should take. The process varies per person. Some people take a few months while others take years, and there’s really nothing wrong with that. You can take as much time as you want to fully heal and recover. And when you finally you know you’ve completely let go of the pain, then and only then will you be able to say that it’s time to open your heart to someone again. 

When you’re happy being alone again

It’s not true that people need to be with someone to be happy. If your happiness depends on someone else’s presence in your life, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment and devastation. So whether or not you’re in a relationship, it’s important to be happy on your own. Seek your own happiness. Be comfortable with yourself. This is especially important after leaving a toxic relationship. Do the things you love the most, make yourself happy and do whatever it takes to be whole again. Spend quality time with family and friends. Go on a solo trip. Go on a yoga retreat or do some soul-searching.

When you’re comfortable being single and hanging out solo, it means you’re ready to love again.

When you’re no longer angry

Nobody says you can’t get angry after a breakup. In fact, you are entitled to get angry and feel all the ugly feelings especially when a relationship has left you broken. That’s part of the healing process. Embrace all the crappy emotional stuff while trying to heal. Otherwise, you might find yourself carrying all this baggage into the next relationship. 

When you can own your mistakes that led to the breakup

It takes two to tango. Yes, your ex may have broken your heart because they were the ones who decided to call it quits. However, you can’t blame them for every single thing that went wrong in the relationship. Own up to your own mistakes and shortcomings even if that mistake was letting him take more from the relationship.

When you’ve stopped talking about them

Once you’ve finally stopped venting to your friends about how insensitive and inconsiderate your ex was, it means you’ve finally let them go. When you think you’re done airing out your grievances about the breakup, it means that you’ve stopped feeling bad about what happened and you can welcome a new person into your life. 

When you don’t find yourself rushing

Getting your heart badly broken may compel you to look for a new person to fill that void. However, this only leads to rebounds and another potential heartbreak. When you’re finally healed and ready to date again, you won’t find yourself rushing into getting back into the dating scene. You’re not itching to be with somebody new because you’re loving and enjoying your own company.

When you want to date again for the right reasons

Finding a new relationship shouldn’t be done only because you want to make your ex jealous or you need someone to fill the emptiness in your heart. Instead, you’re doing it because you’re finally ready to move on, meet new people and love again.

It’s true what they say that there’s no easy way to get over a heartbreak and immediately jumping into the dating scene isn’t the solution. Take time to heal and recover. With the help of these signs, you’ll know that it’s time to start dating after a breakup. 

For more tips on dating and relationships, or if you’re ready to take the plunge in dating, please feel free to visit Ukraine Brides Agency.

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3 Surefire Ways to Ace Dating in Your 40s

August 5, 2019 by
dating in your 40s

Let us be honest here – dating in your 40’s is not the same as dating in your 20’s or 30’s. It’s not because you were young then and had a lot of energy to go on a dating spree. It’s also not because you have aged, become pickier, or that the dating pool has narrowed down. Truth be told, the dating pool is still the same way back then as it is today, except maybe you have grown more mature and impatient. 

In your 20’s you were optimistic and full of hope. Dating was the bright thing in your life back then. However, when you are in your 40’s, you have been through a lot. You went through so many bumps and crossroads along the way. For a few, the painful experiences mean slipping into a jaded and cynical place. Some may see dating as a cruel joke – like getting acne in your 40’s, which is a really bad life joke.

Whether you have been divorced, widowed or just got out of a long-term relationship, you will realize that dating in your 40’s is a totally different ballgame. Getting back out there may seem like a drag and a waste of time for some. However, with the right mindset, attitude, and approach, a stress-free dating experience is achievable.

Here are some tips on how to easily maneuver in the seemingly unfamiliar and sometimes shark-infested waters of today’s dating world:

Accept that there will be a baggage

Let’s admit it. When you are in your 40’s, you have been through a lot. By this age, you and your prospective date have already gone through many of life’s struggles. Realize that being single again in your 40’s and going on a date doesn’t mean that you will go on a first dance. Life’s experiences have changed you and made you into a more mature person. Those obstacles you faced and conquered molded and shaped you to become the person you are today. All these are true for anyone who is taking the risk again dating in their 40’s.

However, the baggage you have doesn’t mean you are doomed. Excess baggage doesn’t need to have a negative connotation – it simply means you are different. Be mindful of red flags and deal-breakers, such as lying, addictions, manipulation, cheating, etc. Despite these, always be open to understand and find out the WHY’s, especially if you find the person worth your time.

Stop caring so much

We always hear this, “you are already too old for that crap, why still worry”. To be honest, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes, in an effort to find love and how we want other people to perceive us, we worry too much about a lot of things.  Actually, the most important part in finding love is to make yourself a priority. Rather than sulking, hating your single life or going on a self-pity party, try to attract positive energy. It has been known that people who live a happy, satisfying life are the most attractive and inspiring people. 

Remember, the first person you meet on a date will not always be the person who will complete you and renew your faith in the dating scene. You are not a wrecked and empty vessel who needs rescuing. Focus on taking care of yourself first. Put more attention to being 40, single, and fabulous! This positive mindset will give you the confidence to date again.

Believe in actions, not words

“Actions speak louder than words”. In this stage of your life, you may have already heard that saying a million times. At 40, you believe in the rule of seeking action rather than empty words. Be careful though, as not all singles at 40 will have the maturity badge or diploma in honesty.

Always stay sharp when going on your dates. Never take people’s words seriously, especially if you have a gut feeling that something is off. You might be on a date with sweet talkers who seems to expertly know their ways with words. They could even mesmerize you with stories about how their exes hurt them so bad and that they don’t want to feel that again. Maybe they seem sincere, but don’t get too excited yet. Be cautious, and wait and see if their actions match with what they tell you.

In conclusion, dating in your 40’s is not different from dating at any other given age. However, this is the stage in your life where you are more mature, have more experiences, higher standards, and lower tolerance for any crap. You know what you deserve and what you want. So act on it.

For more dating tips and advice, visit Ukraine Brides.

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August 4, 2019 by

Summer time does not stop impressing us with its gifts and wonderful news.

We are happy to announce our new happy couple Inessa and Travis! 

How did it start

The newlywed couple met for the first time in Kiev. Before the meeting they were chatting and writing each other through The chemistry was there since very beginning, and the face-to-face meeting supported their desire to be together. 
Travis met Inessa at Kiev airport and a beautiful limousine took them on a trip around the city – their first romantic date! They were exploring Kiev and suburbs together. Also,they were building their relationship step by step. More over, on the very first date they were assisted by the interpreter which was convenient for both of them. Inessa was studying English and she was able to use basic words and phrases, so the couple decided to try and communicate on their own.
Several months later, we can witness the power of love that brought these two lonely hearts together! We wish all the best to the new family, let love and wisdom be with them at all times! And everyone who is still in search can be sure that with the help of UBA you will find your soul mate! 

For the latest news please follow our blog.

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Best Online Dating Openers to Get Girls Talking

July 25, 2019 by
Woman using a tab for online chat

Online dating has become the norm in this modern world. People are becoming busier in life and rely on the convenience technology has provided to find dates. Additionally, online dating is not as taboo as it used to be. Almost everyone has tried this method of dating. Most people are lucky enough to find real relationships online. It’s a really convenient way to meet someone. However, talking to some women can be intimidating. It’s not easy, especially if you are dealing with strong and independent women. Everyone who has been on a dating app site knows that online dating openers are the key to make or break a conversation. There are always so much more you can say, so why limit with just “hey, how’s it going?”

There are some proven things that work when starting a conversation. Successful or failed online dates are determined by conversation starters. It all begins with a “hi” or “hello”. Whether you decide to initiate a face-to-face or online conversation with someone you like, it is always nice to have some great conversation starters handy. A thoughtful reference or question about your date’s interests will most likely result in an exchange of information. This can tell you so much about a person and whether you are compatible or not. The holidays are also good conversation starters and provide plenty of material to talk about. Online dating openers can lead to more interesting and meaningful conversations, amazing first dates, and new relationships.

Men should understand that not all women who choose online dating are there because they like the feeling of having a lot of men to talk with. Some actually would like to meet someone nice and sincere. They are not there just to have online friends or have someone boost their ego. So remember that the moment you start a conversation, it should be directed to the goal of meeting them personally and taking things to the next level.

So how do you get a girl to respond to you online? How do you keep her interested? Here are a few simple yet effective online dating openers you can use:

Traditional Openers

We always start a conversation with “hi” or “hello” which can be pretty boring. Everyone uses it and it has become so casual. Why not upgrade the traditional opener and combine it with a compliment (or even a critique if you are honest enough). You can also add another sentence to the normal ones. That is a great way for her to have something to talk about when she responds to your message. 

An example would be, “Hey, you seem like an awesome person. What do you do in your free time?” So that basically gives her a compliment and at the same time, asks about things she likes. From that opener alone, you will be able to know how compatible you two are. 

Profile Opener

This is pretty simple – use something from her profile (a photo or a description) to start a conversation. Comment about something nice or funny on her bio. React to a funny or interesting photo she uploaded. In the online dating world, people create their profile the way they want to. They choose a photo they believe will attract more people. They make interesting bios to make other people intrigued. 

To make yourself stand out, level up the conversation, as she must have heard the same comments from other people she matched with. Let’s say she posted a photo of her dog. Of course, most would ask her about her dog – what breed, the name, etc. Try to be more interesting. Having a photo of her dog shows her love for animals. You can ask her about the best memory she has with her furry friend. Use open-ended questions that will get her to talk more.

Direct Opener

Basically, this is about being upfront. Tell her directly that you are interested. Let her know your intentions and make her feel that you are not playing around. Or tell her that you are only on the site for “fun”.

If you want to find a long-term partner, it is better to lay out what you want at the onset. Rather than waste your time, why not set expectations at the beginning. Most girls will know if you are only messing around or not. Women are attracted to masculine men and showing clear intentions is a pretty masculine behavior. 

Online dating openers are just guides. The ultimate goal is to meet up personally. Don’t keep the messaging on for too long nor push it too soon. Know the right moment when to set a date for a meet-up. For more interesting ideas about online dating, contact Ukraine Brides Agency.

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July 21, 2019 by

Our client Francesco came from Ohio to meet his beloved woman Tatiana. The most important thing for us is to know that our clients are happy and found their second half, their soulmate.

Francesco is happy with our services and recommends men to try our Simply Travel Agency to have a great trip. Also, our client suggests men make sure they have a real meeting with a real lady because only then a man understands whether it is his lady and whether he wants to spend the whole life with her.

However, Francesco gives great advice to men to treat women well, be gentleman, kind, generous and step by stem the relationship will work for both.

More relevant, the most important thing in building the relationship is honesty. Francesco is confident about his deeds and actions towards his lady. He knows she appreciates his kindness and this way of communication will make the relationship better.

Francesco says that to create a great relationship takes time, so please take your time and do not rush. The things will work itself at the right time, at the right place.

For more updates please follow our blog and do not miss the news about our couples, feedbacks and relationship tips.



July 17, 2019 by

If you are going to affair-proof your relationship, you are going to invest in and commit to the relationship. You are not going to think you can do better than the person you’re with or that somewhere out there in the world is a potential mate who will love and adore you when you want them to, will leave you alone when you want them to, and won’t expect you to meet any of their needs (follow these dating rules to start).


Every time you leave one another, whether it’s to go to work, the grocery store, or the gym, kiss good-bye for six seconds. Not one second. Not two seconds. Six seconds. If you want to make out for two minutes, that’s fine also, but the kiss needs to be at least six seconds long. 


Just because your partner now shares your mailbox doesn’t mean dating should end. Make time at least once each week for a date night. Plan it. Prepare for it. Get excited about it, like it’s the first time you dated. Think of new places to go, new things to experience, and make romancing your partner a habit.


Remember when you could talk for hours and you never got tired of learning new things about each other? This doesn’t have to end. There are still things to learn about your partner. Never stop being curious about their inner world. Ask open-ended questions—questions that can’t be answered by a “yes” or a “no.” 


Find some way every day to show your appreciation and gratitude that this person is in your life. Compliment your woman, thank, admire, show your partner with your words and your actions that you love and value her. Tell your partner you desire them. Do something nice for them.


Too often, women will put their own dreams aside for the sake of the family, or the relationship, or because we live in a society where a woman’s dreams are not quite as important—especially if they don’t involve being a wife or a mother. Everyone’s dreams are important. Your dreams are important. Her dreams are important. And research shows that the longevity and success of a relationship depend on each person supporting the goals of the other person because a partner can make or break your career.

For more advice and tips on dating and relationships, please feel free to visit our blog.

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June 26, 2019 by

Welcome to Ukraine Brides agency. Here we are always happy to share our latest news with our precious clients.

Recently, our client Arthur from the USA has visited Ukraine and was glad to share his experience with UBA service.

– Dear Arthur, we are glad to see you in Ukraine. And we would like to ask a few questions about Ukraine, your experience and about your trip in general. At the beginning could you please introduce yourself and tell us how did you know about our site?

– Arthur: Well, I’m from the United States (I know it was difficult to guess) from Colorado. I found about this site through the friend I met in Kyiv in 2015 and we kept in touch by email.  I guess I won’t say his name; I know you know who he is. He’s been in your office. He told me about However, being sceptical especially in the level of scams that we are here about. He says that these guys are really legitimate, these guys are real. I dot online and look at this and say hey let me go ahead. Give this a chance, see how it works out.

– Thank you. And is it your first trip to Ukraine or you were here before?

–  Arthur: I’ve been to Ukraine second time. My first time in Ukraine was in 2004 and 2006. Generally saying, it’s mostly vacation leisure. I wasn’t necessary here in Ukraine for a lady. This is more explore thing as I like traveling. And there was a long gap when I was not traveling to places. So my last time in Ukraine when I come back was in June 2015. And I came back several times since then. And especially being on Ukraine Brides and being working outside of the word it is more easy for me to fly to Ukraine and then go back to the United States.

– As I told you before a lot of our clients do worry whether t is safe to come to Ukraine. Could you please share some information, do you feel safe here?

– Arthur: Oh yes, I was kidnapped in the office =) Kidding. I didn’t have any problems. The only thing is I quickly learned is to take taxi drivers. But have never had anybody try to rob me. ‘Course, I mean I’m careful driving anyways. It doesn’t matter what city you are going to in the world every city has its not good parts. But I’ve never had any issues. I’ traveled all over the Ukraine I’ve been to many cities in Ukraine.

– And according to your experience, I see that you are an experienced traveler, and as you told you was here several times – What do think about Ukraine? Could you please share your feelings, your thoughts about our country, what people you met?

– Arthur: People are friendly. I met some coming to Ukraine, I met some a bit of friend. Course some friends I lost. I’ve made some Russian friends, ‘course I’ve been to Russia too. I just met some good friends that I keep in touch with. In fact, some of them I know living in the United States now. I know one lady, she moved from Poltava and she is a friend, she’s now living in the United States with her husband in Montana. I keep in touch with a lot of people. It is easy here to make friends. People here in general very friendly.

– Could you please tell which of our services you have tried? And which of them you like and which you think are not so interesting? Or you would like to suggest something to improve our work?

– Arthur: I’ve used pretty much almost all the services or maybe not all of them, because I don’t like letter writing. In chats, it limits, because you really can build a personality you are not. The video chat I’ve done before. I mean I’m not really can much on video chat, less is Skype you can use and start again. It’s being expansive starting video chat for hours on in. What are the other services? In fact, I travel on my own. I know there are travel services for those who have never been to Ukraine which I would suggest. Somebody has never been to Ukraine and there are skeptical. I was suggesting using Ukraine Brides travel agency – Simply Travel. In fact, I would just spend some time on the request to get the price, but I’ve never done this. The reason is I’ve really experienced traveler. I usually can make some pretty good deals; I mean the less expensive road. But I would suggest for those guys not to waste their nerves on how to get come to Ukraine, they don’t know anything about the language, about the culture. I would suggest for users to use Simply Travel. Don’t think about everything. They can meet you at the airport, they can seat you in a hotel. Somebody will need a local sim card for the phone or if you what they will get you a phone.

– And what about gifts? Have ordered a gift for a lady? Maybe you like delivery?

– Arthur: Yeah, I like the delivery. I did do a gift, not too many times because I don’t really like doing gifts to somebody I don’t know. I could learn that through experience. I have to meet somebody first before I start doing gifts. My recommendations to those who want to send a gift to the lady they have not met yet – Make it simple, don’t go overboard. Because you may meet that lady and she’s not what she is. Cause I even sent a gift for a lady that I brought letters to and even did a video chat with and it even did not work I would suggest to play a safe and wait to meet the lady then she forgets.

– Some of our clients are just unable to come to Ukraine for a meeting after three or four months of communication. And they are really interested in a lady and they want to show that “I appreciate you”, “I’m interested in you” and we also advise them to send to the lady some small gift: some flowers, some chocolate, like this. Something very simple, just to show your attention: “I remember about you”, “I care about you”.

Could you please give advise to our customers how should they act on the site to get success? For example, what did help you more: messages, video chat, real meeting? What was better for you and what would you recommend to our clients?

– Arthur: It’s a hard question. In order, somebody has a success with the lady on a site? I would say first of all for me it should be realistic. If you are sixty don’t think you going to get twenty y. o. It may happen but such cases are pretty rare. I would say I start of a small first like see a lady you might be attractive to. First, send a nudge. See if she nudges you back or reacts on you back. If you don’t hear anything, give her a few days maybe even a week. Send her another nudge, whit a couple of days. If you don’t hear anything, then send an introduction letter. To should introduce yourself to the lady. And if you don’t hear anything after that then probably she may haven’t the interest. She might be kind and nice and send you some kind of respond saying you not the gentleman she’s looking for. I’ve never had such a situation. Usually ladies… they respond… I got some kind work out of there. You can really go there and find the lady you like and book a chat. So she will get a note you really want it, so or book a meeting. If you just book meet with the lady she will just think “this guy just booked a meeting, this guy is serious if he wants to meet”.

– That is really good because a lot of our clients they don’t know how to start, what to start with, send a message, or maybe an introduction or book a chat or what to do. And this is really helpful advice. So, how to go to your dreams step-by-step? How to meet your lady match, then maybe an introduction, then maybe a video chat?

– And another thing is too that a lot of times that I got the case that you just get bombarded with letters and messages. I mean, I have and I just lose track cause a lot of times I can’t be on the Internet all the time, cause I got to work and do things. So, I lost track of the ladies I was interested in and a couple of months later I realize “Oh, this is the lady I really wanted to get to know”. So, in a lot of cases, you probably won’t have sent a message or something, cause a lot of ladies will send you messages.

– Yeah, you can just check the messages from these ladies, check their profiles and choose one or few of these ladies who might be a good match for you.

– Yes, and kind of on a personal note to is when I get so many letters from the ladies and from somebody that I am not really interested in, I kind of feel bad because of that. Well, I can be kind and write her back but it can get expensive though if you got to write back to every lady. So then, I really talking to somebody else right now, but thanks, I mean I do not want the lady to think that I’m ignoring her.

– We have such a button…

– Oh, do you?

– Yes, we have it.

– I did not see that.

– You can, when you open a message from a lady – you have a few options there, and you can send her a message that you are not interested in her right now in such a way that “I’m sorry, but I’m in communication with another woman and I wish you good luck in your search”. And this message is free.

– Oh, okay. See, I never knew that, that is new for me.

– We are always here, as you know we work 24/7, so many of our clients can contact us via LiveChat, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype or email. And it can be even a simple question, any questions – we will answer it in 24 hours after receiving. So, if you just wondering how you can reject the lady’s message without paying for it – you can contact us and ask it. We will answer.

– Okay.

– And how do you think what is the best age difference to create a strong and happy family?

– And that’s kind of a judgment call, I would say. For some people maybe 10 years, maybe the most. For some people it may just be 5 years, for some, it’s like 15-20 or more years. I would just remember that the bigger the age gap the more difference they probably going to have, especially when you get to the generation gap 20+ years. And we talking of generation gap when your goals going to be different from her goals, she is going to want kids, you are going to be older – you already have kids, maybe they are already gone. And she going to want to start a family in most cases. So, I would just keep that in mind. My advice is to be real.

-Yeah, that’s right because it depends on the person and his or her views because sometimes the lady in her thirties’ have a mind of the lady in 20. And sometimes the lady in 20 has mid of the lady of 35 years old. So, yeah, that’s right, it depends on the person that’s first and also, you have to be realistic, that’s a good idea.

– I kind of notice that too. Lady that in her 20ies’, usually, I think different from the ladies in their 30ies’ or 40ies’.

– What do you think of that Ukrainian ladies that you have already meet? Either are they intelligent? How do they look like? Are they beautiful in their age? What do you think about them?

– Oh, they are great, very smart. The lady that I had a date last night – she has 2 degrees, very smart, beautiful and she has some good goals and hard-working. So, I mean I was impressed. Maybe some gentlemen had some bad experience with other ladies, but this lady that I’ve seen – she was a really nice, really kind, mature, good character.

– And one last questions, why did you decide to search for your woman in Ukraine? What attracts you in Ukrainian ladies?

– I get that question a lot, you know don’t you stick with American girls? First of all, I’m always traveling, so a lot of times I’m not even home in the United States. And, so I’m always moving around. My job, you know, inquires me to do that. So, it is difficult, to begin with, to meet American women in general. I meet more foreign women than do American women. American women, their mentality is more progressive, they are more interested, not all of them, there are some good ones, but a lot of them are more interested in a career, not really interested in a family. And for the Ukrainian women are the polar opposite. They are like very interested in family. Sure, they are great hard-workers too and they care about their family and they work and I consider them probably in general more responsible in many cases than Western women.

– Thank you for your time, for your answers. It will be very helpful for our clients and also, us. Thank you very much.

This is great when clients are honest and open-minded people who are happy to share with us, their experiences and appreciate our assistance.

We would love to share with you more feedbacks on our blog

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June 22, 2019 by

Let me start with that everything is meant to be as respectful as possible to all prospective men that decide on joining Ukraine Brides Agency.

Prior to joining UBA, I did as much research as possible to find real comfort in believing in a site like this one. I am here to share this because any agency that decides to follow laws of safety for these fine women offer travel services through an approved International travel group, and translation services helped me decide to join. Safe to say this is an investment that you can place trust in.

Yes, this is an investment of time and finances. Everything in life has a cost to it. It still dating any way you look at it. What is worth to you? 

That said, let’s move on to the treatment and quality of people here and then to how well served you will be by the office of UBA.

Before anything, do some research and read the enlightening information UBA offers in the Dashboard about the culture and people. Look online as well for more info in print and videos. Get a feel for the region as much as possible.

Hopefully, you will begin to grasp and understand better how we are different but still similar. I being a son of immigrants myself believe I still have a barometer for having a good sense of culture and understanding. However, everything comes down to one thing.

We need to begin with a sense of respect for our fellow humans. Even, immense respect. If, you want to play stay home and find your playmates. If, you seek a serious relationship then read on.

Ukrainian women young and older all deserve to be treated just like as we men need. With mutual respect. Please, enter with an open mind. Analyze every letter of every word if you must. Analyze every word muttered. Develop trust. This is key!

However, Do Not disrespect these women. I have given much thought to our similarities as different cultures. I determined we as citizens of this great world seek the same thing…most of us. We seek companionship and the love and friendship that comes in the form of genuinely caring for another person’s well-being. This is what we would call being in love with the one we resonate with. Please, understand this!

Many of the women I have dealt with are fine women. Finding common values and focused on the same target is key. Determining the target is the process we need to seek and pursue together and find that common ground. Therefore, I have come to understand even further how the vows of marriage transcend the borders of everyday life. It applies to everyone. Yet, looking deep within is key before embarking on this important endeavor.

I have finally had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman who sees value in me. Ukrainian women have a very astute character. An ability to analyze and still accept one’s faults or experiences. We all have a past they reply. We are not perfect and we need to look beyond and never backward. It’s a new day when we engage a new person.

Generally speaking, this has been a learning experience from the standpoint of careful analysis. Again, our similarities and differences. We can overcome anything if we wish to put the “Patient Effort” into learning by reading in chat, listening in video chat, listening when a mutual desire to meet is organized. Paying attention to details.

Personally, I have patience since I had parents from Italy. A life experience that has trained me for this endeavor. You have to love, to listen carefully and enjoy the accented voice like any song you love. Enjoy every moment. Patience (a marital vow) is key!

I cannot say enough about how my choice to come here was an eye-opening experience in a positive light. It takes time to meet someone that truly is serious about making a life-altering move. Marriage and moving, after all, is a major commitment. Don’t sell yourself. Be your authentic self.

Certainly, commitment is something we must emphasize here before I end. It is truly lacking in the world. Help it, don’t add to the mess. If… are here to play then stop reading this and just leave the innocence alone! No one likes their feelings messed with. And, if you are one of those men without a heart then Stop. Don’t tarnish the name of the rest of us men. Men that have great intentions to try and bring some joy into another fellow humans life. Don’t misrepresent the male gender.

I believe I have truly found a woman who understands me and fits me like a glove. Now, this could be you. Be an honorable man. Have great intentions. Be a real man as these women are seeking. Treating them with the utmost respect is the right thing to do. Understanding also the traditional values most still possess and are known for is something to not be disrespected (Emphasis added).

Speaking on the level of service and courtesy of this agency I must give high marks. UBA has been in my strong opinion an agency that has built this company with integrity. I have always had courteous assistance and Never been rudely treated. Helpful and kind. Everyone I have had a chance to deal with has been a wonder for me. An experience that we should all model all over the world on a daily basis. I actually love to correspond on any issue I may have because of their gentile manner.

Let’s not forget the translators. Let’s give them high marks for the value of this service that bridges us as people. The job they perform is phenomenal and they should all be praised, too.

Moreover, the travel agency is also hugely helpful for those of us that do not have the skills to read and speak Russian and Ukrainian. Get your Google Translator app and venture out. I was in Zhytomyr and Kyiv and felt at ease. Do the research and you will see that it is a very safe place. I cannot forget my new private driver Michail! Get ready I am coming back in 2 weeks. High marks to the whole team at UBA!

Just as an FYI… I am not getting paid for this review in case anyone is wondering. My payment will be the day I have my committed relationship which is well above the morning crest of dawn. It is on the cusp of commitment. 

Men, let’s spread some greatness in the world and make it a better place. Make love not war through the gift of giving and taking. Let’s truly understand that we cannot expect to have true love if we as men mistreat what a woman is capable of delivering.

Peace and love through the act of real kindness, respect, patience, and a gentle demeanour – it must be mutual. If, it is not then obviously she is not for you and vice versa. They are not our slaves. They are our mirror of goodness. Create the team to a happy home life that is possible. Spread the love guys. Spread the love!

Please, do not hesitate to make the first step to your success. More information you can find on our blog.

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Love is an innate feeling that fuels the biological and neurological condition. We all have a desire for a strong connection and to be with someone who fulfills our heart, soul, and mind. We do not want to feel empty.

Messaging women on a dating site is not always easy. Competition can be tough, especially if you are admiring for an attractive woman. Here are the five golden rules to keep in mind when you are composing your first message to the possible woman of your dreams.


Ladies always read a man’s profile attentively. A good photo is obviously a must. You will miss your chance to win her and those beautiful messages will not help if your photo is not appropriate.


Different women are going to respond in different ways to different messages, but the vast majority of women prefer to be treated with respect. It is fine to be a little bit cheeky and flirty, but there is a fine line between that and being rude or nasty. Although, do not discuss her appearance in a direct way and do not send any weird photos.


Look carefully at the lady’s photo’s and have a good read of her dating profile. More relevant, start the conversation in the best way you can. Studying her profile will help you to write her not just an ordinary message but a nice and interesting one.


Do not write essays. A couple of paragraphs will be enough. However, try to include some interesting questions in your message and show her your curiosity.


Moreover, it is hard to impress on a dating site, but trying too hard to be cool can often change the situation. Do not try to make yourself to be a superhero, be yourself. Most women hate when men show off.

We hope that the advice given in this article will help you to find your Ukrainian lady through our dating site. You can find more tips on our blog.