How to Find Out if Someone is Attracted to You

Couple Attracted to each other

You can be considered lucky if you are naturally good looking and gorgeous. You probably won’t have to exert so much effort in making people notice you. However, even if you are a good looking girl, someone else might not see you the same way. And if you have a crush on somebody, it could be hard to tell if they also find you attractive.

That is because people’s opinion about beauty also varies on what they consider attractive. Each person has a different perspective on what beautiful means. It means that even if you think and your friends and family think that you are pretty, does not mean that that is how other people look at you, too.

If you like someone and you want to find out if you look attractive to them, here are the signs you should be looking for:

1. He keeps an eye contact with you

One of the biggest signs you should look out for is how he keeps an eye contact with you. If he does this, then it means that he is attracted to you and that he is trying to get your attention. And it’s because of only one thing, and that is the fact that he finds you attractive.

2. He smiles at you

If a guy smiles at you, it simply means that he is happy to see you. If you didn’t go noticed, then you won’t his smiling face. But since he smiles your way, it can also be his way to catch your attention.

3. He flirts back

If you want to know if your crush shares the same feeling, you can try flirting with him and see what will happen. However, you have to be careful not to overdo it, and just make it a little friendly, too. If he responds with the same gesture, then you know what it means.

4. It shows in his body language

Aside from making a lot of eye contact, another way to find out if a guy likes you is by observing his body language. If he learns or turns his body toward you, or find a reason to touch you for a second, then it could be a huge sign of attraction. On the other hand, there are also some gestures that might give you a clue that he is a little nervous. If he is tensed when you are around, then it also means that he likes you.

5. He fixes his appearance every time you are around

When a guy likes you, it is natural for him to make an effort to look good in front of you. That’s the reason why you will notice him fix himself when he sees you. He will straighten up and try his best to look as pleasing as possible. Sometimes, they do not even realize they are doing it. It just happens naturally when you’re around.

6. He teases you

Teasing is one of the most common ways guys use to get your attention. It is also one of their classic flirty ways. If a guy incessantly teases you then that tells you that he is attracted to you. It is just his way of making sure that you are engaged with him.

7. He asks you questions

Someone who is interested in you and finds you attractive will want to know you better. He won’t waste his time doing so if he doesn’t, right? So what he will do is that he will start bugging you and asking you questions because he is interested and he wants to start a conversation with you.

8. He makes an effort to make you laugh

Laughter is one of the fastest ways to connect with a person and if he tries to make you laugh, that only means that he wants to get closer to you. He wants you to feel comfortable with him and enjoy his company. If he likes you a lot, he will try his very best to entertain you and to give you a good laugh until he sees that you start to feel at ease around him.

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