First and Second Dates – Essential Tips

June 10, 2016 at 1.23am by in Dating advice

Summer in Ukraine sees many men making the journey to meet their special lady and Ukraine is especially beautiful in summer, as are the ladies. It is an opportunity to meet your Ukraine lady in person and complete the courting and form that special relationship.

First impressions are very difficult to change and it is essential that you come prepared and make that first date memorable – for all the right reasons.

Ukraine women will always arrive for the first date looking at their very best and it is important that you arrange a date that is appropriate – and that you also dress to impress. There are also certain traditions that will help you to create a great impression, including the color of flowers and how many flowers are best, as examples.

We have provided a video to assist you with your preparation for the first date, which is hugely important, but also the second date, where you have the chance to impress in other ways.

Our partner, Svetlana Mukha from Diolli, has produced this video, which is below. Listen to Svetlana’s advice to ensure that your first and second dates create the best impression for your lady.

  • Ray

    Hi Svetlana,
    1) how can I be assured that the women that I’ll be communicating with, on this website are real and not scammer?
    2) When I’m ready to meet the woman that I’m really interested, what will be the reaction or is it Ok to say, “I’ve seen your beautiful pictures, but can I request that when we meet in person, I would like to see you without a makeup”? (I have experience and seen women in makeups that they were good looking, but when they remove their makeup and be natural, they look so different.) Thanks. Ray

    • Keith

      Hi Ray
      You can be assured that the ladies on the site are genuine as we vet them when they register with us. We speak with them, we get copies of their passports, including their marital status and we frequently call them to ensure that they are still genuinely searching for a foreign husband.
      Our site offers 5 free minutes of video chat with every lady so that you can see it is actually her that you are speaking with.
      If you suspect that the lady is not genuine, we offer a money back guarantee if the lady is shown to be less than genuine.
      Regarding your second question, yes, you can ask your lady to speak with you on video chat without make-up or to meet with you without make-up, however she is unlikely to do this until she is comfortable with you. Ukraine ladies place great importance in looking their best at all times, which is why their profile photos are always so beautiful. Natural beauty is very much a fact that makes Ukraine women different and she will want to be noticed on the site. Once a relationship develops, she will feel more comfortable about relaxing her appearance and appearing casual.
      If you have any requests of a lady, we can assist to make the request reality, such as making some casual photos for you.
      Ray, thank you for your questions. Please let us know if we can help in any way


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