Flirting with Girls Over Chat – Do You Know These Five Tips?

December 6, 2016 at 7.02pm by in Dating advice
flirting with girls over chat

It won’t be a stretch to say that men these days have it easier. In the flirting department, that is. Gone were the days of boys walking up to pretty ladies and striking a conversation in spite having no prior knowledge of their interests and pet peeves. Such scenarios can be a little heartbreaking, particularly when you’re the shy type who gets tongue tied when the girl you fancy is only several inches away from you.

Some guys are at their best when they are expressing their thoughts and emotions on paper. In typical old Hollywood fashion, love letters are handwritten. Receiving handwritten notes these days are still adorable as long as the guy’s penmanship is intelligible. But love letters require more effort than normal from both parties. Barely anyone writes longhand. However, the struggle to compose romantic and meaningful letters remains the same. The story becomes more tragic when the lady simply has no time to read your letter and write a reply.

If you’re in school or work in an office, you can ask the person beside you and the person seated next to them to pass a short yet sweet note to your lady. There is also the added thrill of seeing their reaction, an instant gratification. But we rarely find ourselves in ideal situations like this. Other than that, it can be problematic because passing notes tend to distract people from either their studies or work.

Modern technology has blessed us with the ability to communicate instantly no matter the distance that sets lovers apart. Guys can chat up girls over Facebook, Skype, and other messaging platforms. Dating apps also provide guys the opportunity to meet girls outside the perimeter of their work place.

But do guys these days truly have it easier? In some ways, yes. But the truth is flirting with girls who are not in front of you has its own challenges. These challenges, though, are not devoid of fun and excitement that characterize the old way of flirting.

So, you are flirting with girls over chat. Do you know these five tips?

1) Commence flirting with a playful joke.

Back in the days, a written greeting mostly began with either “dear” or “my.” That’s just how they rolled. These days, however, girls might actually get turned off when you prefix their names with those words, especially if she is a girl you have known for only a few hours.

Instead of mimicking your granddad’s flirtation techniques, open a conversation with a playful joke. Let’s say you met this girl online. Take a closer look at her profile picture and look for details in the background that can you can use as material for a joke, which will later elicit a laugh from her.

Remind yourself who you are sharing this joke with. Raunchy jokes are fine when your friends are the audience. Go for a lighter joke when flirting with a girl to avoid offending her or, worse, scaring her away.

2) Shower her with compliments.

This is one of the most important bullet points not just in Flirting 101, but when dealing with girls. Ladies put a lot of effort toward looking pretty. Some do it to attract men and some do it solely for themselves.

When flirting, prevent yourself from going overboard with the compliments. They must still feel genuine. Otherwise, the girl you are interested in will only feel like you’re making fun of her or that you’re borrowing a line from a flirting manual, one that you have used with dozens of girls before.

Again, take some time to look at her profile. What are her interests? What is she doing in her picture? Say something as simple as your appreciation of her taste in music opens up opportunities to get to know her better.

Limit yourself when it comes to compliments, though. A few here and there seem sincere, but inserting a compliment between every sentence seems ridiculously fake.

3) Take advantage of emojis.

Flirting with girls over chat allows you more time to think about what you say. Nothing is final until you press the send key. This allows you to revise or even entirely change your message.

The downside of flirting this way is there is a higher risk of miscommunication. A playful remark can come off as an insult while a sincere thought can be interpreted as a polite gesture.

Emojis are the solution to this problem. Send her a smiley when you say hi. Add an emoji with its tongue sticking out when something funny is told. Use a heart emoji when you tell her something sweet. There are many more emojis to express emotions and facial expression that are nearly impossible to be translated into words.

Keep in mind, however, that purely emojis are not an unacceptable way to communicate. When flirting with girls over chat, strive to strike a balance between words and emojis.

4) Think of a nickname for her.

Referring to a girl by her given name is the flirting equivalent of referring to a business partner using their last name. Whether her name has five syllables or one, giving her a nickname is sometimes what is needed to take things up a notch.

Nicknames create a sense of intimacy. Your family gave you cutesy nicknames while your friends have branded you with maybe inappropriate ones. And you have thought up nicknames for them, as well. No matter what, such nicknames suggest a deep bond between people, and that kind of bond is what you must strive for when flirting with a girl.

“Honey,” “darling,” “sweetheart,” and “babe” are fine. But, to be honest, they are a little too overused. Fire up your creative side and come up with something original, something she will appreciate and remember. If the apple of your eyes’ name is Michelle, you can call her Misha or Chelle. If she’s an Anna, your choice of nickname ranges from the simple Ann to the edgy Annakin. Don’t be afraid to test a few nicknames to see which one will become her favorite.

5) Express genuine interest in her life.

This one can be a bit tricky. Ask her too few questions and she might think that you have no absolute interest in her and are only asking out of politeness. Ask her too many questions and you run the risk of giving her stalker vibes.

When you have just started flirting with a girl, textbook questions like her favorite movie or how she likes her coffee can go a long way. Eventually, when you are talking and flirting regularly, ask her about her day. This particular question serves as good starting point for a meaningful conversation for as long as you pay attention to what she says. Go beyond telling her that you’re sorry that her day couldn’t be as beautiful as she is. Relate to her, tell her what you think, but be careful about monopolizing the conversation. Let her talk for as long as she desires. This is how you begin to gain her trust.

Flirting with girls over chat can have different outcomes. Some last an eternity, some end after the second conversation. When you and your girl have established an emotional connection, it’s time to ask her out on a date.

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