Free Speed Dating Event will be on Thursday October 11 at 8pm Ukraine time (London 6pm, New York 1pm, Los Angeles 10am)

The next Ukraine Brides Free Speed Dating Event will be on Thursday October 11th at 8pm Ukraine time (London 6pm, New York 1pm, Los Angeles 10am).

The aim of the free speed dating event is to give members a free opportunity to chat with as many members as possible and fast-track their search for that someone special. Our custom built video/audio chat system works on any device, anywhere, at any time and we wanted everyone to be able to try this and see why this is such a unique feature in the Slavic dating industry, in fact, the entire dating industry.

We received a great deal of positive feedback from members, both men and ladies following earlier events.

Something we noticed was that most people continued to chat after the event had finished and there have been a number of successful relationships formed from the event. These couples are still communicating and some of these men are planning visits to meet their lady.

While the event is free and we encourage everyone to take advantage of it, we do recommend that you add a few credits to your account before the event so that you can continue to chat with a new special lady after the free chat period has ended. We had some men have to leave their chat and try to come back, but, during the event, another member had started chatting with the lady as soon as his chat ended. In most cases, the man was able to reconnect with the lady again, but it is much better to be prepared.

If you have not taken part in a free speed dating event please remember that it is very easy to qualify. You just need to register (free) and complete your profile to 90% or greater, including your photo. It couldn’t be easier.

We have set some guidelines to make it fair for both the men and the ladies. The ladies want to be able to see who is calling them, which is why you must have your profile completed. We have also set 5-minute timeframes to allow as many speed dates as possible during the event.

The guidelines for the event are:

  • The event will last 60 minutes
  • You can chat for free with any online lady for 5 minutes (only ladies you have never chatted with previously)
  • You don’t need to have credits to chat – it is free
  • You need to be registered (which is free) and have your approved profile 90% or more completed, including your photo (don’t leave it until the last minute!)
  • The free chat will last 5 minutes and your credits will be used if you continue chatting longer than 5 minutes
  • If you dont have any credits, the chat will automatically stop after 5 minutes
  • You cant exchange your contact details in the free chat – we must abide by IMBRA law. Also, a genuine lady is unlikely to give you her details without knowing you.

We will be sending reminder emails as we get closer to the second event. We suggest you login now and update your profile early.

Contact us at any time if you have any questions. We are available 24/7 and we would love to hear from you.


    “You cant exchange your contact details in the free chat – we must abide by IMBRA law” !!! … ABIDE BY THE IMBRA LAW???

    That’s totally false!
    An IMBRA form is ONLY REQUIRED when applying for a “K1 Fiancee Visa” for bringing a lady to the USA … and it’s only required and applies to USA citizens.
    There’s nothing in the IMBRA form that says a woman cant FREELY give any of her contact details or not communicate with someone!

    • Keith

      IMBRA law is The International Marriage Brokers Act of 2005, found at 8 U.S.C. 1375a. That law provides: Any entity that provides dating services if is principal business is to provide international dating services between United Stated Citizens or United States residents must abide by this Act. There are substantial criminal and civil penalties for violations.

      Additionally, IMBRA law was implemented to safe-guard the ladies and advise them if the man with whom shoe is corresponding is listed on the sex offenders list and to ensue that she has the contact details for people and agencies who can assist her if there are problems after she relocates to USA.

      We are concerned about a ladies safety so we will enforce the IMBRA Act on our site for US citizens and ask non-US men to complete similar documents.

      If you are genuine about finding a Ukrainian lady as your future wife, and you are not on a sex offenders list, why would you not be concerned about her future and complete the forms?


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