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May 16, 2018 at 11.06pm by in Online Dating

Ukraine Brides Agency is pleased to offer our first free speed dating event which is unique to the online dating industry.

We have developed our own in-built chat system, both text chat and video and audio chat and we wanted to make this available to showcase a feature that very few dating sites have available and also to provide an opportunity for you to try our site and services and start your search for that special lady.

We have promoted the event to the ladies and there will be many ladies online wanting to meet their special man. We encourage you to try it for yourself.

man chatting to her bride

We have set some guidelines to make it fair for both the men and the ladies. The ladies want to be able to see who is calling them, which is why you must have your profile completed. We have also set 5-minute timeframes to allow as many speed dates as possible during the event.

The guidelines for the event are:
• The event will start on Thursday May 17 at 8pm Ukraine time (London 6pm, New York 1pm, Los Angeles 10am)
• The event will last 60 minutes
• You can chat for free with any online lady for 5 minutes (only ladies you have never chatted with previously)
• You don’t need to have credits to chat – it is free
• You need to be registered (which is free) and have your approved profile 90% or more completed, including your photo (don’t leave it until the last minute!)
• The free chat will last 5 minutes and your credits will be used if you continue chatting longer than 5 minutes
• If you dont have any credits, the chat will automatically stop after 5 minutes
• You cant exchange your contact details in the free chat – we must abide by IMBRA law. Also, a genuine lady is unlikely to give you her details without knowing you.

We are delighted to offer this service and we welcome your feedback after the event.

We will be offering regular free speed dating events and we will advise you of the next upcoming event closer to the time.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions. We are available 24/7

  • Lowell Nelson

    What’s new vip allows 5 minutes chat? Isoend thousands of dollars on chat an I can’t chat with my favorites on this so called new system. Tell Kieth take care of the core client. How about a monthly flate fee or reduced rates for usage.

    • Keith

      Thank you for your post Lowell
      Speed Dating is an opportunity for those who have never used our services, nor our chat system to try it out – including the ladies It is available for anyone including those who dont qualify for VIP status and have never purchased credits. It is a 5 minute free dating chat to try the system and meet potential partners. No-one is excluded from taking part in this, including yourself.
      If you are in a serious relationship on the site already, then this service may not suit you, but it does not mean we should not offer it.
      We already offer discounted chats for those chats over 30 minutes (5 credits refunded after 30 minutes, 10 credits refunded after 60 minutes, 15 credits refunded after 90 minutes and 20 credits refunded after 120 minutes). This is a larger reward than the free speed dating offers and is provided to users of the site, including yourself.
      As a regular user of the site, you already qualify for VIP status (as you point out). This means that you are able to have your own speed dating session with any woman who you have never chatted with previously, at any time you want, rather than waiting for a speed dating event to be arranged.

      • Lowell Nelson

        Have I been credited with credits for usage
        5 credits 30 minutes
        10 credits 60
        15 credits 90
        20 credits 120

        • Keith

          Yes, your email is being answered at this moment
          If you refer to your transaction history on your dashboard you will see the refunded credits after every video chat that exceeds 30 minutes

          • Keith

            you can see our full pricing and benefits on our prices page
            this is available for anyone to see – unlike almost every other site
            The benefits for video chats are listed as:
            Extended video/audio chats Varies
            Reward for having a chat that consists of at least the following number of video/audio chat minutes. Credits are automatically applied within 10 minutes after the completion of your chat:

            30 minutes: 5.00 credits
            60 minutes: 10.00 credits
            90 minutes: 15.00 credits
            120 minutes: 20.00 credits

  • Lowell Nelson

    Moderation? Awaiting?

    • Keith

      Your comments have been posted and a reply has been posted


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