From a long-distance relationship to a satisfying marriage (international dating advice)

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I understand that most men who met their Ukrainian brides on this website started their relationships as long-distance relationships online, and then they meet their ladies in person later on. Therefore, I’d like to talk about some surprising benefits of a long-distance relationship. 😉

You are more likely to get a clear view of whether this romantic relationship is actually worth it.

In a long-distance relationship, you wouldn’t spend sufficient time face-to-face, but it also means when you spend some quality time together in person, you can easily see whether this romantic relationship is worth it.

Let’s say you only see your lady once every 4 months, yet find yourselves disagreeing with each other tremendously or arguing constantly – you should know the relationship is not worth the wait. ☹

By contrast, if the quality time that you spend in person is actually great, you know she is the right candidate! 😊

You’re more likely to carefully plan for the future in a long-distance relationship.

As you and your lady live in two different countries right now, this situation forces to you to make plans ahead into your future and think of what you actually want in the long run.

Does she want to change her career plans in order to be with you in the future? What are you happy to give up in order to marry her?

Very soon, you can find out what you are willing to do for your future with her. I’m pretty sure that if you and your Ukrainian girlfriend act as a strong team, you will be able to overcome the challenge and will love each other deeply for having put in the efforts in order to make this relationship work. 😊

In a long-distance relationship, you would truly appreciate your quality time together in person.

The majority of couples that I know tend to take their alone time for granted – they have their routines and they don’t know how valuable their quality time is.

Yet if you are in a long-distance relationship, you would surely make the time together actually count. You would plan exciting dates in advance. You would prepare gifts, write love letters and cherish each moment. 😉

Meanwhile, a long-distance relationship makes you learn independence, which is very, very important. It means apart from your love life, you also have your career, your social circle and your hobbies.

Truthfully, a lot of individuals use their romantic relationships as shelter from having to create a solid social life. Nevertheless, if you have a long-distance relationship, you do not have that type of excuse – you must know how to build an amazing social life, right?

In other words, you must invest time away from your girlfriend to create a wonderful lifestyle with significance and meaning outside of your partner. As I see it, this is very healthy because it means you also have friendships, interests and business/career that excites you and enriches your soul. All of these will enhance what you are able to bring to a romantic relationship. 😊

Basically, when you do not merely depend on your girlfriend to give you attention, connection and fun, you automatically build core confidence and inner strength which surely makes you a great guy!

Incidentally, when you are in a long-distance relationship, you have to become a better communicator, which means you would be better at communicating your emotions and feelings as your romantic relationship is restricted to online video chat – now you would learn the value of real communication as well as honesty.

Because offers online video chat (a unique feature) with translation, men on this international dating site can learn all types of things about their ladies from many hours of real conversations. Moreover, they build an emotional closeness.

Indeed, you can set aside high-quality video chat dates where you talk about your day, your hopes & dreams as well as your deepest emotions and feelings.

I know a long-distance relationship isn’t easy, but these surprising benefits should be acknowledged properly. What’s more, you will meet your Ukrainian lady in person soon, right?

What not to do on a first date (when you meet her in person):

Yes, you are going to see your girlfriend. You will have a real first date in person. Now you have to know what to avoid on the first date, okay?

Firstly, please do not give boring answers to standard questions. Remember: boring questions do not require boring answers. If she asks, “What do you do for fun?”, you are not supposed to say, “Watch TV.”

Instead, you should expand your answer, e.g. “I like watching TV shows such as Mad Men because these shows make me think and I’m a thinker.”

In my view, if a guy doesn’t really have the ability to be excited about his hobbies or career / can’t tell a story / can’t passionately describe something that he is currently learning, then the lady might begin to look at her watch….

Secondly, do not be rude on the first date. Some rude behaviors can be talking with your mouthful, being too loud in public, not saying “thanks” to the waiter or waitress, etc.

Truthfully, lack of manners is a big turn-off.

Thirdly, do not rock up without proper grooming. Lack of effort in your appearance indicates lack of morale. That’s a negative message.

You are not supposed to go to an upscale restaurant in jeans and sneakers. You should look elegant on the first date.

Being 5 minutes late is better than going out for a date underdressed.

Finally, please do not bring emotional baggage with you. That means you should avoid talking about your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend on the first date! That also means you are not supposed to talk about any drama or trauma on the first date. You have to show your positivity!

The truth about the age gap in a romantic relationship:

Many women from Ukraine are happy to marry men who are much older than them because in the Ukrainian culture, an age gap isn’t a big deal.

Well, I think all ladies on our website are above 25 years of age because we interview all Ukrainian candidates and filter them properly – we select ladies who are elegant and mature so that men who join our dating website can find the right partners in record time.

Now if you are a senior dater looking for a younger woman in her 20s, please look at the questions below:

  1. Do you want children? Does she want children?
  2. What type of lifestyle do you prefer? What kind of lifestyle does she want to have?

I would argue that it’s not the chronological age that actually matters – it’s the stage of life people are in currently. So, you have to find out your lady’s blueprint sooner.

But of course, ladies from Ukraine on our website are all looking for meaningful, serious and long-term relationships only. It’s just a matter of specific details in their plans.

“Having a sense of humor makes your lady relax on the first date.”

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