From John of Christchurch, New Zealand (December 2014)

December 6, 2014 at 9.14pm by in Online Dating

Just would like to say that so far our trip over has been a little overwhelming with the culture change and language barrier but your agency employees have nothing short of fantastic, helping out wherever they can. We would be lost without them. By we I mean my daughter and myself, I bought her over to have the overseas experience and to meet any new possible addition to our family if that makes sense, after all everyone has to get on, it is not just about me. Thanks for the help so far, cheers John

  • kyle

    Hi John ,

    I too am very keen to get across there to visit a lady that I have become very enthusiastic about meeting. I have a question regarding application for entry visa to Ukraine. What was your process?

    Regards Kyle.

  • John

    Hi Kyle, sorry about the late reply but I didn’t realise that my feedback had been posted on the website until today.
    I applied for my visa through the Flight Centre which is a travel agency here in NZ. It takes about 2 to 3 months for the std visa to be processed and I didn’t have the time so paid the extra and had the Flight Centre do a fast one which still took 3 weeks.
    I found the language barrier to be the biggest problem and my advice is to make sure you have enough cash on hand. Most of the places that had visa/mastercard signs didn’t have a working terminal when it came time to pay.
    I am definitely going back.
    Keith and his team are the best as far as I am concerned.

  • Kelly

    Hi Kyle and John

    If it helps any you will need a letter of invitation from somebody in Ukraine. I got the agency to do mine. I then sent my passport and the letter plus the paperwork which you can download from the web to the consulate in Canberra. It takes about 4 weeks to get it back and all i got was my passport sent back to me via australia post in a self addressed envelope that i had to provide with the application.

    You will have a great time in Ukraine, the people and friendly and very genuine. If you go with the right attitude, that is looking for a ‘partner in crime’ and not a mail order bride you can not go wrong.

    If you are genuine and give your girl the attention she deserves there will be no looking back. Old fashioned romance and wooing is the best way. Speed dating is not the way. I wish you all the best in your search, after all that is what it is and not a ‘quest’. Quest sounds like there is a prize at the end))))

  • John

    Hi Kelly, thanks for that, for my visa application all I needed was airfares to and from, medical insurance and proof of where I was staying which in my case was Hotel confirmation. Didn’t need a letter of introduction, went as a tourist.
    You are right about being genuine, there must be a few that aren’t but I can’t see the point in going over if you are not.
    Had a few problems with the translators though, they couldn’t get their heads around the NZ accent. All worked out good for me in the end though.

    • Kelly

      Hi John

      Thats fantastic news))). I have trouble with the NZ accent as well. Although i have learned to count differently 1,2,3,4,5, yes please, 7,8,9,10. Sorry could not resist. Keep us updated on how things are going. It is good to know that we are not all alone))) Cheers

      • John

        Hi Kelly, I think that joke will be lost on anyone not from downunder. Our humour is definitely not the same as up North.
        Do you have trouble trying to understand the translated emails, sometimes they just don’t seem to make sense. Also when replying you have to be very careful that you don’t say something that can be taken the wrong way.
        Looks like you are a little further along than I am, all going well I hope to be about the same place towards the end of the year. I will be heading back before then and should know then where I stand.
        Thanks for the support, next time I am in Aus I’d like to buy you a beer and maybe swap stories. Cheers John.

        • kelly

          HI John

          as i am no longer on the site i do not know when i get a reply so sorry for the late response. I talk with sveta every day using viber or skype. I can not tell you how very frustrating it is with funny words or the reverse of what you are trying to say. I use google translate but i have learnt to speak only in 1 short sentence. i then copy and paste the translation back into google and read what it renders in english. You would be surprised at how different it can be.

          It is very important to make sure you get accurate translations. sveta told me i need to lose weight in june of last year. I was not told, we meet in thailand and i got into trouble because i had not lost the weight. In two weeks i have lost 8kg and 20cm around my stomach.

          I would like to have a beer with you. I have promised Keith to visit him in NZ so maybe we could always meet up then as well. When you find your girl it is worth it)).

          • John

            Hi Kelly, it is good that you are having similar problems to myself, that means it is not just me.
            One thing that I find and I would assume you have the same happen to you is the abruptness of some of the written replies that I get. Some even border on nasty, I put it down to translation errors as I can’t see a normal person replying in such a manner.
            I will be going back later in the year and should know whether I have struck gold or not, face to face is definitely not the same as long distance conversations.
            You are right though, any inconvenience is nothing if you find the right woman.
            At the very least we can say that we tried, nothing worse than a life full of what ifs.
            I will look forward to meeting you at some stage, may not be a beer if you are on a diet but I am sure we can find something appropriate.
            I wish you luck, you seem like a top bloke, cheers John.

  • joe

    Was curious im from th US an was wondering did you guys set everything up through the agency? Im planning a trip soon been talking to a couple of girls an was wondering if i should narrow it down now or meet them an then decide.

    • keith

      Hi Joe
      Thank you for your post.
      We set everything up through agencies as we can offer greater service and support with local managers maintaining the ladies details, maintaining professionalism and arranging communication equipment to enable accurate and genuine ladies profiles on the site. Too often with ladies who are not registered with agencies they lose interest and dont delete their profile – or they start to make their own rules, most of which goes against our fundamental ethics.

      Also, for the men, when a man visits the ladies, he can be supported throughout his time in Ukraine, with 24 hour assistance, translators, travel and accommodation, taxi’s, translators, guides, activities – and making sure that the lady is ready to meet with you.

      Your time in Ukraine is precious – best to let someone else do the running around while you concentrate on the ladies you wish to meet.

      Yes – it is better you intend to meet more than 1 lady on your first trip. If you find you are not right for each other (with the one lady) you have wasted a trip. However, by having several to meet, you have a greater chance of success and can maximise the purpose for your visit. Hopefully, when you get back home, your toughest choice is which lady to choose and move forward!

      I hope this answers your questions. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

    • John

      Hi Joe, what Keith said, I booked my own airfares and accommodation through my local Travel Agent.
      Had Keith and his crew take it from there, his team are simply the best.
      I am not sure on the numbers of women though, I went with the backup plan as well but the one that I was keen on turned out to be just what I hoped for, she wasn’t to happy about me seeing another woman and she still brings it up every now and then.
      To be honest looking back now I wasted time, time that would have been better spent with lady number one.
      But of course that is my story, yours could be totally different, I still can’t believe my luck picking the right one first time.
      Cheers John.

      PS; message to Keith, what is the chances of setting up a chat room only for the guys, so that we could share our experiences and maybe help each other out

      • ajbeaven

        Hi John, my name’s Andrew and I work as one of the developers for UBA. A chat room isn’t a bad idea – I’ll keep it in mind for future developments.

        There are of course a number of forums out there that are good for that sort of thing. As you know from various threads I’ve seen you’ve read, it is wise to take a lot of what is said with a grain of salt!

  • Daniel

    It appears to be more simple than all that; correct me, please, if I am wrong.

    The Embassy write that AU & NZ citizens do not need supporting documentation and US & UK do not even need a visa. AU & NZ require . . .

    – 2 colour photos of applicant (size 30×40 mm) stapled to application form;

    – Money transfer receipt for visa fee and a copy of it (payment referrence is applicants surname, separate payment should be done for each visa application);

    – Proof of means for stay in Ukraine (bank statement) along with travel insurance.

    Really bank statement? bah 🙂

    I was concerned because I was not sure if I wanted a set departure date because I have a bit of time and thought I might go to England afterward to see family or I might just stay longer in UA if I was having a good time. I wanted the option to leave by train across Europe to London or take a quick flight back home if need be. And I didn’t want to set in stone all the motels and activities before I set foot in the country.

    I am pleased that it doesn’t seem necessary to have exact departure dates, letters of invitation, or confirmation for every night’s motel. The don’t even ask for one confirmation.

    What I am curious about still is; Is a multiple entry pass required to cross borders by train during the stay? I have an old Hungarian friend who used to stay as an exchange student when we were teenagers. I was thinking about going over to see him and coming back. Probably need a multiple entry.

  • kyle

    Greetings guys.

    Sorry only just realized I had posted for information. I am just in the last phase of preparing to go ,I have my Visa in and accommodation /Airfares sorted And will definitely be using the sites services.I have traveled extensively so not too worried about language barriers ect, nothing that a good kiwi smile can’t fix. What I am intrested in finding out what the process was like in to actually bring someone into New Zealand. My understanding reading through the imigration Web site information is you have to be in a recognized relationship for over 12 months , going by there information it looks almost impossible to bring your partner into New Zealand unless you marry and or are in a relationship with them outside New Zealand for a year or more!! Has anyone been through this process? ? Regards Kyle


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