From the very first date to the fascinating wedding: an online dating journey

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This blog discusses all topics about dating and relationships, especially online dating and international relationships, because our members are looking for genuine relationships here. 😊

  • The most important thing on the first date….

In my view, the most important thing on the first date isn’t you looks or your conversations. Of course, those are very, very important. But what’s more important is finding out whether there will be a second date or not. 😉

I know most people who read this blog are men. But if you are a lady reading this blog, I’d like to let you know that this article is probably the single most important article on this blog for women because it teaches you something extremely valuable – you can find out if there will be a second date by asking one question….

Let’s say you are on the first date with a guy that you’ve met via online dating. You like him, but you don’t know whether he likes you or not. At the end of the first date, you can ask him, “Will we see each other again next week?”

He might give you three responses:

  1. I’m going to be very busy next week because a big client is coming to this city for a range of meetings and my family are moving houses next week as well….” That means he isn’t interested and he doesn’t want to see you again. You know the first date is also the last date, which is okay, because you can move on and meet someone else.
  1. Yes, we’ll definitely see each other again next week. How about next Tuesday? What time will you be free?” That means he likes you and wants to see you again for another date! 💑
  1. Next week there will be a paramount project at work and the deadline of that project is drawing near. I might be free on Friday night, but I’ll let you know if we can see each other on Friday or not by next Thursday.” That means there are two possibilities: A) he doesn’t like you and won’t see you again, so he is using an excuse; B) he likes you and he will be actually very busy next week, but he can confirm the time for the second date next week. In this case, if you haven’t heard from him by Thursday next week, you can text him and ask, “Will you be free tomorrow?” Of course, you only do this if you like this guy.

Well, if you are a man reading this blog, I’d like to point out that on the first date, your job is to figure out whether you like this woman or not. Does she meet your standards? Do you like her behavior? Can you connect with her naturally? Are you able to communicate with her easily? Your job isn’t to impress her at all costs!

  • After dating for a while, you are ready to get married….

Before you get married, you have to clarify a few things with your lady:

  1. Who will do the housework?
  2. Where does each person in the marriage spend lots of money on? (e.g., education, travel, etc.)
  3. How are you going to manage your finances after getting married? (If you can’t discuss money with your lady, that means this relationship isn’t good enough. Sadly, when money is the elephant in the room, it also becomes the third person in the relationship.)
  4. Will you have children? If yes, when?
  5. Who will look after your children after birth? (e.g., your wife, both you and your wife, a baby-sitter, etc.)
  6. How are you going to interact with your parents and her parents after you get married? (e.g., are you and your lady going to your parents’ house for Christmas or will you and your lady go to her parents’ house for Christmas?)
  7. Where are you going to live? (Are you going to buy or rent a house or an apartment? Or if you already have a house or an apartment, is that place ready for the marriage?)

I know! I know! These aren’t the most romantic topics in the world, but a marriage is different from dating because a marriage has to face a lot of realistic aspects in life. 
“Online dating gives you the opportunities to meet a genuine lady and get married.”

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