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One of the points of difference that sets us apart is welcoming feedback and also getting to know our key partners on an individual basis. This includes the men and ladies that use our site and also the agencies that work with us. Having customer support available 24/7 certainly provides the channel for this to happen as we are always interacting with our members and stakeholders around the clock – the world has many timezones.

We also have an interactive blog where we can post interesting news and articles and which can be commented on by anyone. Many sites have blogs but few keep them up to date. It is common to find a blog when the last post was 14 months ago. We dont have that problem and we currently have a backlog of stories and articles to post – and this is due to the willingness of our members to interact with us – and this is awesome.

Last week we posted the amazing video of Robert and Svetlana’s engagement. Since then we have had posts on an almost daily basis.

First there was an informational post on what sets Ukraine women apart from the rest. If you are new to Slavic dating, this post will explain why Ukraine women are sought after as wives and family homemakers. They are recognised as the best in the world at providing a stable home environment and the perfect mother (and wife) for a family.

Ramiro then sent us his thoughts on Alesya, one of our team. Ramiro wanted to point out that Alesya has made the difference for him in selecting his ladies, listening to him and offering advice and helping him to find love.

Michael from Texas posted a detailed history of his experience with internet dating, particularly Slavic dating sites and offered nice comments on how we are different and why he has chosen us as his preferred site.

Krystyna Trushyna, Ukraine Dating Blogger for 6 years agreed to be interviewed for our blog and Krystyna talks about her experiences with dating sites, her marriage to a foreign man and why she decided to become a serious blogger. Krystyna gives her advice on what sets a good site apart and on the future of internet dating.

Yesterday we had the wonderful news about the marriage of Andrey and Lyudmila. We are always delighted to share success and thank Andrey and Lyudmila for agreeing to post their story. Sadly (but understandably) most couples prefer to remain private and their story remains secret.

We have more success stories to post and this is indicative of the last few months where we have had record numbers of men visiting their ladies – and finding love and happiness. I dont believe that this success has been achieved by coincidence – I believe it is attributable to the advice and training videos that we have provided and also the one-on-one skype consultations that we provide. This also explains why we have such a personal rapport with so many of our members.

Our blog is for our members, not just to keep up with information and news but also to personally contribute. It is great that so many take up this opportunity.

  • Johnny m

    Hi team the only concern I have is many of the women in Ukraine and Russia have Children. So what has happened to the perfect homemaker as you put it?. The second concern I have is the time between first and second meeting sometimes it could be 4 to 6 months and the past experience I had The lady concerned ended up losing heart and is now engaged to a Ukrainian Man. So if your team have any tips on ideas for time apart it would be awesome to hear. Good luck to all

    • Keith

      Hi John
      Ukraine women do make perfect homemakers – but it also requires stability and commitment from the man. This is often something that many Ukraine men do not provide and is why so many Ukraine women search for foreign husbands. Please refer to the recent blog post that was the interview with Krystyna Trushyna, Ukraine Dating Blogger. Krystyna talks about this and explains it very well. She referred to many Russian and Ukraine men as being unsuitable for marriage.
      It is unfortunate if there is a long delay between your first meeting with a lady and the second. Sometimes this is no problem if there is a strong relationship, but other ladies may not wait that long if the bond is not so strong after the first meeting.
      Any members are welcome to offer their thoughts on John’s observations

    • Kelly

      Hi john

      Great question)) . I can speak from first hand experience and that might help). My Sveta told the boy’s father that she was pregnant and he took off. They see him now maybe every second birthday for 30 minutes. Whilst every Ukrainian man is different this majority act like this because there is more women than men. It is expected that Ukrainian women should have a family early on and their men play on this. In regards to second meeting and time in my case it was 7 months and the current meeting in Bali was 18 months apart. If the relationship is strong (talk everyday on viber or Skype) you will not have a problem. Talking once a week after you have visited is really not saying to the woman that I want a relationship with you. You need to demonstrate that you are sincere and true and this can not be bought with presents or money but by constant attention and care. I wish you luck in your search))) if I can help just let us know)))


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