How to give Ukrainian women compliments without putting them on a pedestal

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Ukrainian women

Before paying someone a compliment, you’d better actively listen to this person first. In dating and relationships, active listening skills play a key role in all interactions. ✨

The importance of active listening in a relationship:

Unfortunately, the majority of men can’t listen because they don’t understand the importance of active listening skills. Therefore, if you actively listen to a Ukrainian woman, you will be outstanding immediately. 💖

The fastest way to improve your conversation skills is to actively listen to what she is really saying. When this is done right, you will be able to respond effectively. When she says something, you should notice the topics that she introduces to the conversation, and then you’ll be able to respond properly.

Here is an example of a typical boring conversation:

Him: “How was your Sunday morning?”

Her: “I went to the gym.”

Him: “How was it?”

Here is an example of a more interesting conversation:

Him: “How was your Sunday morning?”

Her: “I went to the gym.”

Him: “Fantastic. I remember when I was living in Japan, I went to the gym every weekend. It was fun.”

In this interaction, the woman introduced “gym” to the conversation, so the guy could talk about this topic from his own experience. That’s the ideal way to find commonalities effortlessly. As I see it, the quickest way to make somebody like you is using compliments and finding commonalities. Yet note that this theory mainly applies to sales & marketing; thus, in the dating context, the theory needs to be adapted: I would argue that paying too many compliments too soon is oftentimes a mistake as you are not supposed to put a lady on a pedestal. You would be well-advised to find commonalities naturally, particularly at the beginning of a romantic relationship – this is the foundation for a marriage. 💗

The art of paying a woman a compliment:

Many compliments don’t work because of these reasons: A) You pay a woman a compliment because you want something from her – you think if you give her a compliment, she would do ABC for you. B) You pay her a very generic compliment which has been said by other men for 100 times previously – it’s not special.

Sadly, a compliment given in the wrong manner will probably make you seem weak. A misplaced / misused compliment might make a lady feel awkward. By contrast, a compliment given in the right manner will make her want to know you more.

This is why she feels uncomfortable when you are just very nice to her – she feels that perhaps you do not mean what you say. When you give a very generic compliment like ‘Your eyes are so pretty’, she has heard that for so many times already.

So, you have to make the compliment specific. In my opinion, the most memorable compliment should focus on her behavior or personality, e.g., A) “I like the way you do your eyeliner. The wings are so unique.” B) “I love seeing you wearing bright colors. You are a cheerful lady.”

That means effective compliments are specific and personal.

How often should you give her a compliment?

Giving a woman too many compliments might put her on a pedestal. Hence, you are not supposed to overpraise her.

Here’s how to give her compliments without overpraising her:

You may compliment yourself while complimenting her at the same time, e.g., “You’re an avid reader. That’s really good. My No. 1 hobby is reading. I think it’s very important to be a lifelong learner.”

Now you’re showing how you can relate to her as a person, thereby finding commonalities that suggest you’re the right match. That’s why this Ukrainian lady will like you even more.

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“A highly effective compliment is relatable and sincere.”

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