Good First Messages for Online Dating with Ukrainian Girls

June 3, 2016 at 3.00pm by in Slavic Women
Ukrainian girls

Making a good impression is probably the first step to start attracting a lot of beautiful woman. But how can you make a good impression on online dating? The answer is by making a great first message.

The best way to start a conversation, is to ask a question.

Ukrainian girls love it when men ask them questions. Asking questions is an indication that you care about what they think and that you like to know more about them.However, in online dating, it can be challenging to write a good message and get her to reply.

Therefore, here are some of the tips to level up with your first message and get a reply from the Ukrainian girls:

Quality over quantity

Instead of looking for their best matches, a lot of men send messages to a bunch of random girls. They don’t exert any time and effort to create good messages. What’s even worse is that they send the same messages on these random girls. This is a big No! No! If you really looking for a serious relationship that could turn into marriage, you must look for Ukrainian girls with common goals, interests and beliefs as you.

Go straight to the point

If you have found that special girl, get her attention and say hello! You can also say something funny. After that, you can start asking her questions like “What’s your favorite food?” or “Do you know how to cook?”. Make a way to know her interests and hobbies so you’ll have a lot of things to talk about.

It’s alright to bring the cheese

Ukrainian girls like to be pursued. They fall in love with romantic men with a good sense of humor. Therefore, you should start sending her sweet messages and pick up lines or funny jokes to capture her heart. But don’t make her feel like you are a needy or creepy guy.

Avoid asking her too many questions at a time.

You are only allowed to ask one to two questions in one message. Avoid throwing up a long list of questions about various topics. Give her time to respond and do not pressure her.

Compliment common interests and personality- not her looks

Most girls are getting tired of hearing the same things from men over and over again like “You are so beautiful”, “ You are so sexy and hot”, or “You have a nice complexion”. Ukrainian girls do not fall in love with men who only focus on a girl’s physical appearance. Ukrainian girls appreciate those men who are caring, gentleman, conservative and loyal.

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