Great News on Australian and New Zealand Entry Visa’s to Ukraine

October 6, 2016 at 10.36pm by in International Dating


Great news for Australian and New Zealand citizens – you can now get a simple visitors visa on arrival at Borispol airport in Kiev.

Until now, Australasian citizens had to apply for a visa via the Ukrainian Embassy in Canberra which often resulted in concern about whether the passport would be approved in time, or even approved at all. The Embassy processes visa’s at their pace and, unless you have allowed plenty of processing time, meant that you may not receive the visa before your trip.

We have had several members miss their trip because they did not receive their visa (or their passport returned) prior to the scheduled departure.

Now, Australasian citizens can arrive at Borispol and receive a 14 day visa for just US$26.

Please note that:
• This only applies to Borispol airport in Kiev
• It is only for a maximum visitation period of 14 days
• You must have your departure flight details from Ukraine pre-arranged
• You must have your accommodation pre-arranged and have evidence
• You must have enough cash, or access to funds, to show that you can support yourself – around US$200
• You must have 2 passport sized photos of yourself available
• You must complete the application form at the visa booth at Borispol airport

This is a vast improvement on the previous system of visa application and frees up the ability for these citizens to travel to Ukraine at their convenience.

If you are not an Australian or a New Zealand citizen, you may wonder why all the fuss over this change, but if you speak with someone who has experienced the time, cost, inconvenience and worry with applying for a visa via the Canberra Embassy, they will explain in usual Australian vernacular the nightmares that they have encountered.

However, if you plan to visit Ukraine for longer than 14 days you will still need to apply through the Embassy – sorry!

  • Wayne

    Thank you for the article on the changes to Visa’s for Australian and New Zealand citizens wanting to Travel to Ukraine.
    There are also some issues that come with getting your Visa on arrival in Ukraine. Firstly these Visa’s are issued at both Kiev and Odessa International Airports, These office’s only work between the hours of 9am and 6pm local time. So if you were to arrive and say 11pm at night, I guess you are sleeping at the Airport until the morning and they process your Visa.
    I have traveled to Ukraine 3 times so far, and each time I have had my Visa well before my intended travel date. Things that I have learned is give them all the information they require, sometimes giving them a bit more also helps. So your confirmation letter, from your Hotel, travel insurance, means of support while you are there, ie Bank statement. Go the the Ukraine Embassy of Australia’s website and read the information that you are required to provide and the process, in relation to costs and postage.The Embassy will not process Visa applications 3 months before you travel.If you plan on travelling be reasonable, don’t expect to send your application 2 weeks prior to travelling, as you won’t be going. Give plenty of time. Finally I have never had a problem with the Embassy of Ukraine in Australia, they have always processed my Visa application quickly and promptly. I guess it is better to have your Visa prior to arrival, yes it costs a bit more but at least this way you know you should be granted entry.


    • Keith

      Hi Wayne
      Thank you for your reply but please note – YOU CAN NOT GET THE VISA AT ODESSA – IT IS ONLY AVAILABLE FROM KIEV. Odessa is not geared up to handle the new visa system and they have no intention of handling these until their new airport is completed

      • Wayne

        Thanks Keith, the information on the Smart traveler and Ukrainian Embassy website state that they can be obtained at Odessa, so I am glad you cleared this up for me. This will not be a problem for me as I will apply for my Visa first, just in case 🙂

  • John

    Hi, how long does the visa process take at the airport in Kiev?
    I am looking forward to the simplicity, after having to apply through Australia and waiting a couple of months.

    • Keith

      Hi John
      The approval process at Kiev takes about 30 – 45 minutes. Please make sure you have everything required – as listed in the post

      • ben

        Hello Keith

        Would this visa at the airport allow me to meet with my lady?

        stated about saying around $200 USD funds required is this $200 a day or $200 total for the 14 days?

        • Keith

          Hi Ben

          Yes, this visa allows you to visit Ukraine for 14 days. You dont need to state your reasons for visiting – you can just say you are a tourist or vacationing.
          The requirements say that you must prove you have access to enough funds to support yourself during your stay. As your accommodation is already booked (part of the requirements) then it is really only money for food and essentials. A sum of $200, for the entire 14 days, has been mentioned as sufficient. It is not per day

  • Oliver Craig

    Can someone please help me in regards to finding the application form etc on the australian website? i cannot find any links where and how to apply etc.

    • Keith

      Hi Oliver
      Thank you for your question. Visitors from Australia and New Zealand can now get a VISA on arrival at Boryspol airport in Kiev (not Odessa) but this is only for a visit of 14 days or less.
      They need to go to the VISA desk, not through passport control and produce the following:
      your foreign passport;
      2 photos (35 mm х 45 mm);
      confirmation of the accommodation and hotel bookings;
      travel insurance;
      your flight tickets or travel bookings for departure from Ukraine;
      travel insurance;
      Proof that you can pay for your visit (cash or credit card);
      Pay the VISA fee – about US$100

      If you wish to visit for longer than 14 days or you want multiple entry, you need to apply at the Ukraine Embassy. In Australia (and for New Zealand), this is in Canberra
      The link is

  • Dan

    Hello is their any updated information on whether you can apply for a VOA iat Odessa now? I’m not sure if this thread is still opened or not. I can’t seem to find anything up to date. Thanks

    • Keith

      The obtaining of Visa is now available in Odessa.
      But only single-entry short-term (C type) visas valid for 15 days.
      The foreigners holding passports of 33 specified countries who enter Ukraine with a tourist or business purpose.
      Foreigners holding passports of these 33 countries may apply for their single-entry short-term (C type)
      15-day tourist or business visas on arrival:
      1.Australia 2.Antigua and Barbuda
      3.Bahamas 4.Bahrain
      5.Barbados 6.China (PRC)
      7.Dominica (the Commonwealth)
      8.El Salvador 9.Guatemala
      10.Grenada 11.Honduras
      12.India 13.Indonesia
      14.Kuwait 15.Malaysia
      16.Mauritius 17.Mexico
      18.Micronesia (FSM)
      19.New Zealand
      20.Oman 21.Palau
      22.Peru 23.Qatar
      24.Saudi Arabia 25.Samoa
      27.Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
      28.Singapore 29.Timor Leste
      30.Trinidad and Tobago
      31.Tuvalu 32.UAE

      Here is the link to the required documents description :


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